8 Unique Ways to Edit Your PDF Files

8 Unique Ways to Edit Your PDF Files

Working as a blogger, content writer or a freelancer usually involves handling a lot of different documents. And we all know how a majority of that documentation comes in Portable Document Format (PDF). This is not by accident, as the PDF is the most reliable format available — the fact that it retains the original look of the files on any device or platform only adds to its popularity.

As a writer, you may encounter PDF documents in a variety of places: university resource pages, yearly company reports and public datasets are just some common examples. You would usually use that information for researching blog post topics or brainstorming some ideas for an infographic. Whatever the case may be, it will probably involve some sort of PDF management, either conversion or editing. Remember, the goal is to use the information from publicly available PDFs to write your epic piece of content.

But is that an easy thing to accomplish right away?

As it turns out, it isn’t. The software you’d commonly use for viewing PDF, also charges a significant amount to provide you with PDF editing and conversion features. Therefore, the logical solution is to find a more affordable alternative, which does the job equally well.

Bingo! In today’s post, we are exploring Able2Extract 11, an all-in-one PDF editing tool. Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, it offers a variety of editing features that allow you to quickly manipulate PDFs for all sorts of uses: from data journalism to content topic research.

Without any further ado, here are 8 PDF things you can do with Able2Extract:

1) Add Text, Images and Vector Shapes

Able2Extract 11’s PDF editor can perform a number of different document edits, no matter how big or small are they. You can change the text, insert images to your document or add up to 9 vector shapes to make your content more unique.

2) Remove Text Blocks

Besides adding text, it is always useful to delete unwanted words, sentences or even entire paragraphs. Select the delete button to remove text blocks with one click. To make your life easier you can remove images, as well as any other content in your PDF file.

3) Combine Several Files Into One Document

Using Able2Extract, you can merge multiple documents to create a completely new original file, which you could use to create a content upgrade for your blog post for capturing more email leads. Edit your content by inserting new pages, rearranging current ones and save the edited PDF.

4) Extract Pages and Get Rid of Unnecessary Content

With this option, you can extract any PDF page from your original document and save as another PDF file. This is a useful when you want to get rid of blank pages and make your PDF content more appealing and professional. You can also use this to pull out pages with data sheets from a bigger yearly report, for example.

5) Add More Than 10 Different Annotations  

Collaborate with your teammates by adding annotations such as comments, sticky notes, watermarks and stamps to your PDF content. Within seconds you can highlight text, underline sentences and strikeout unwanted words. For adding an external reference you can insert attachments and hyperlinks.

6) Scale and Resize Any Page

If you would like to adjust content size within your document, use the scale feature and adapt entire pages. With the resize option, the pages will be resized but your content and annotations well remain untouched.

7) Move, Rotate and Delete Your PDF Pages

In this latest version of Able2Extract, there is also the possibility to delete, move and rotate any page within your document. With one click, select and rearrange pages across the document and when needed, rotate them by 90° and 180°. You can also use this feature to adjust images, graphs or tables.

8) Redact Sensitive Data

Last but not the least, you can use Able2Extract’s redaction feature to permanently remove any sensitive content from your document. Simply black out text, sentences or entire blocks and keep your private information safe and sound.

If you are a freelance writer or a blogger, you know that file management can be daunting at times. This is doubly important if you’re the one doing the research for your content. So, next time you’re doing research for an infographic and you’re stuck with PDFs, give Able2Extract a try and you’ll save both time and money in the process.

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