Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard

Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard

Get the Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard. Cardboard provides the simplest and cheapest way to have virtual reality.

VR is gaining popularity. Each day more and more people are searching best Cardboard apps and games for Android. There are many apps out there. New and improved VR apps are being developed.

Best VR apps for Google Cardboard

Here are the best VR apps for Google Cardboard.

1.    Cardboard

This is the official Cardboard app from Google. It puts virtual reality on your smartphone. It enables you to set up your cardboard viewer as well as functions as a portal for compatible apps and videos.

Cardboard app one of the amazing VR apps, it comes with a number of VR experiences which include a tour through Versailles, Google Earth, photo sphere, built-in video player and much more.

Cardboard app

The app also comes with a directory of VR apps and games. This makes finding new apps much easier.

Therefore the Cardboard app will help you launch your favourite VR experiences, set up a viewer discover new apps and more.

Download Cardboard app for Free Here

2. VaR’s VR Video Player

VaR’s VR Video Player is a compatible video player that enables you to watch or play VR content. A large number of content is either in apps or streamed. There is a high demand of downloading and watching offline. This is where the VaR’s VR Video Player is useful.

VaR’s VR Video Player

VaR’s VR Video Player features the ability to play a variety of VR video content, which includes 180 degree and 360 degree videos.

Download VaR’s VR Video Player (Free) Here

3. YouTube App

YouTube app is mostly installed in your smartphone, and is one of the great VR apps. It is one of the largest sources of VR content on the Internet. It provides a lot of videos to watch and channels that follow.
You tube provides everything from entertainment to educational videos. The YouTube VR is free. Search “360 video”, you will discover a wide range of content optimized for VR viewing.

YouTube APP

YouTube App also offers a View in Cardboard option for standard videos. Although, this does turn them into 360 degree videos, instead it activates something like a virtual theater mode that fills your view with one giant cinema screen

Get the YouTube app for Android phones and tablets. View what the world is watching

Find you YouTube app Download here.

4. Fulldive VR

Fulldive Network is compatible with both Daydream headsets and Cardboard. It is a VR navigation platform. Fulldive VR app will assist you find and view many VR content from around the web.

Fulldive VR

Fulldive VR is 100% user generated virtual reality (VR) navigation platform and also a social platform that lets you to follow what your friends watch and play, and share your favorite reacted videos.

Fulldive enables you to browse and view a new generation of media. You can watch 3D and 360 photos and videos, as well as browse the Internet at an entirely new angle.

Download Fulldive VR

5. AAA VR Cinema

AAA VR Cinema is a VR video player that enables one to play downloaded content or stored content on your device.

AAA VR Cinema

AAA VR Cinema is simple to use. One will require Google Cardboard or compatible VR headset. The app features 180 degree and 360 degree video support, support for NAS as well as head tracking. The app is free

AAA VR Cinema Features

•    Unlimited video length
•    180º Head Tracking: Side-by-side stereo 180° VR
•    360º 3D: Left and Right eye 360 movie for a full 3D VR experience
•    Superview 180° VR
•    Side-by-side stereo 3D movie
•    360° panorama video
•    Top-bottom stereo 3D movie
•    Single video
•    Screen size options
•    Graphic option enables non-high performance devices to play videos
•    4 Head tracking modes
And much more

Download AAA VR Cinema App Here

6. Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera is one of those must have VR apps. The app is great and fun to have. It’s main focus is to take VR pictures that you can view in VR.

Cardboard Camera

It enables you to create your own cardboard images. You can shoot 360 degree stills to share. You can be an expert in your own creation by adding some sound.

Cardboard Camera App is easy to use. No sign ups are required. Download the app and start using.

Download Cardboard Camera

7. Titans of Space

Titans of Space App, is a guided tour of our planets and a few stars in virtual reality. It is one of the most popular VR apps for Google Cardboard.

Titans of Space

With Titans of Space App you tour the solar system as well as compare the sizes of planets and moons.

Learn more about various planetary bodies and more using Titans of Space App. Most of the features on the App are completely free.

Download Titans of Space App

8. Google Street View

Google Street View enables you to discover natural wonders, explore world landmarks and step inside locations such as museums, restaurants, stadiums, and small businesses with Google Street View.

Google Street View

It provides 360-degree views. You can also create photo spheres to add your own Street View experiences.

Download Google Street View

9. Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture App enable you to explore the world around you. It allows you to visit the places, Meet the people and learn about the events that shaped our world.

Explore some of the collections that are curated by experts from the most famous museums.
Be moved by stories depicted in thousands of photos, manuscripts, videos, and artworks on every type of screen and in virtual reality. You can also find your favorite artworks, make your own collections and share them with friends.

Google Arts and Culture has partnered with over 1,200 international museums, galleries and institutions from seventy countries to make their exhibits available for everyone online. The tours have been made available for hundreds of museums, heritage sites, and landmarks all around the world.

Download Google Arts and Culture

10. Expeditions

This is a virtual-reality education tool that lets you lead or join immersive virtual trips all over the world. It allows you to get up close to historical landmarks, visit outer space and even dive underwater with sharks.

Google Expeditions app is meant to be used in a classroom environment or small groups, although it can be used anywhere.


Expeditions app has more than 200 expeditions that you can view. Explore along with a guide in immersive VR by putting your Android phone into a Google Cardboard viewer or use an Android tablet or phone in 2D “magic window” mode.

Download Expeditions app

Best Cardboard Games

Many Cardboard games are short and simple. Some are inspired by other titles.

11. Minos Starfighter VR

Minos Starfighter VR is a first person arcade space shooter made for virtual reality. It enables you to use a head based movement or flying with a gamepad, to pilot a small space fighter via intense space battles defeating progressively harder waves of enemies.

You fire your ship’s lasers with your headsets trigger button. If there is no trigger fire with gaze based targeting.

Minos Starfighter VR delivers the most immersive and compelling VR experience available on Cardboard as it features triple AAA graphics and the use of 3D positional audio. The app has been fully optimized to squeeze out every bit of performance to provide a fluid and smooth VR experience.
Minos Starfighter VR is built specifically for Google Cardboard type VR headsets and requires your smartphone to compatible with the Google Cardboard app.

Download — Minos Starfighter VR (Paid)

12. Chair In A Room

A Chair in a Room app works only on powerful handsets because of the high-quality 3D graphics.
The app works in Google Cardboard or similar device. The screen is split and not playable without lenses.
The game is about how to unravel the mysteries in the stories and about the atmosphere, have some jump scares.

Download Chair in a Room

13. Proton Pulse Google Cardboard

Proton Pulse is well known name in virtual reality from the early days of the Oculus Rift VR headset.
Download – Proton Pulse (Paid)

14. InMind VR 2

InMind 2 is an action or arcade VR game. It has a bit of decision making strategy and neuroscience of the human brain.

The app enables you to take part in the process of one teenager named John becoming an adult. It lets you shape John’s future self, at the same time as experiencing an exciting journey inside the unusual micro world of the carefully recreated human brain. The game places emphasis on the chemistry behind human emotion

Download — InMind VR 2 here

15. Caaaaardboard!


A VR that allows you to Dive off of buildings, a custom-tailored version of Aaaaa! Dive from a skyscraper, Spray paint buildings. Flip off protesters, and much more.
It offers you an amazing mobile VR experience!

Download Caaaaardboard! (paid)

16. Sisters

Sisters App VR is perfect for horror games. It is an old school ghost story full of creaking doors, children singing, and strange apparitions.  It enables you experience a true horror. Players watch the terror unfold around them with immersive 360 degree visuals and audio.

Download Sisters here

17. Whispering Eons #0 VR

Whispering Eons #0 VR is 100% free, No ads and No in-app purchases. It is a VR game designed for Google Cardboard and also playable in plain 3D mode.

Whispering Eons gameplay was inspired by the classic point-and-click adventure games.

It Features immersive puzzles, Breathtaking scenes and cinematics, beautiful ambient sound track and much more

Download Whispering Eons #0 VR

18. Gravity Pull

Gravity Pull App is an immersive VR puzzle experience for Google Cardboard and Daydream which uses an innovative input technique called VR-Step.

Gravity Pull

The game is about solving 16 mind-bending physical puzzles by maneuvering objects through space. It requires you to carefully explore each room and view things from multiple angles.

Download Gravity Pull here

Best Cardboard Apps

19. Within

Within lets you discover the best VR content from the world’s finest VR creators. It enables you to discover from gripping tales set in worlds of pure imagination to documentaries. It brings together premium story based immersive content in a variety of genres.


Within Works with Google Cardboard and Google Cardboard.

Download Within

20. Bohemian Rhapsody Experience

The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience App offers a journey through frontman Freddie Mercury’s subconscious mind. It recreates the sensation of being onstage with the band. It offers visual and audio elements that respond to your movements.

Download Bohemian Rhapsody Experience  for Free here

21. Coastiality VR

Coastiality VR App offers you a unique and high quality virtual reality experiences. It is viewable with and without VR glasses.

Download Coastiality  for free here

22. Inside Abbey Road

Inside Abbey Road lets you feel like you have stepped inside one of the world’s most iconic musical landmarks. It allows you to step into the studio room. Discover the studios where the Beatles, Coldplay, Oasis, Muse and Adele have recorded tracks.

Inside Abbey Road

The experience starts with a nine-part guided tour narrated by Giles Martin who shares some of the secrets and history of the studios from 1930s to the current day. Then after the tour, you can move around the studios at your own leisure to view hidden treasures.

Discover more with Inside Abbey Road.  Download Inside Abbey Road  for Free here

23. Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR - Virtual Reality

Jaunt VR offers more than 150 premium content to Cardboard users.

Download Jaunt VR for free.

24. Public Speaking VR

Public Speaking VR provides you with a photo realistic virtual reality environment to train in. It helps you practice for public speaking events and job interviews.

It places you in various situations such as on stage in front of a crowd, boardroom table or interview room.

Download Public Speaking for Free here

25. Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR app enables you to have a taste of space exploration. It is based on the 1971 Apollo 15 Moon Landing. The app will offer you a chance to land and walk on the moon before driving around in the Lunar Rover.

Download Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR for free here

Which is your Best VR Apps for Google Cardboard?

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