BriskBard Windows Program

BriskBard Windows Program

BriskBard is the new all-in-one Windows program with great features. BriskBard Windows program  includes an email client, news aggregator, media player, contact manager, an FTP client, newsgroups reader, instant messaging, and several web developer tools.


What is BriskBard?

BriskBard is all-in-one Windows program that simplifies many of the most common tasks in Internet integrating in one program a web browser. BriskBard makes your Internet experience easier and more productive by using only one program.

BriskBard: All you need in one program

BriskBard has all the features most of the people use and some advanced features for web developers. The user interface is easy, fast and intuitive with many configuration options.

BriskBard Downloads : BriskBard for Windows

BriskBard is available in a fully featured 30 day trial in English and Spanish. Those searching other languages, they can be added easily by users thanks to the language manager.  Download BriskBard

BriskBard also has on-screen notifications for email, newsgroups and feeds. In the development of BriskBard user privacy, security and open standards were very important factors. The user interface was specially designed to be intuitive, easy to use and fast.

What are the minimum system requirements to use BriskBard?

•    Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or better.
•    Any CPU with SSE instructions (Pentium III or better).
•    20MiB free disk space.

Features of BriskBard Windows Program

•    Navigate the Internet safely
•    Send and receive your email messages easily
•    Listen to your music and watch your favorite movies in one place
•    Chat with your friends in the most popular IRC networks
•    Stay up-to-date with the RSS and Atom reader
•    Upload and download your files quickly in Internet
•    Access to the usenet newsgroups servers from all over the world
•    Store and find contact information easily

Download the trial version clicking here

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