CBA Loop App

CBA Loop App

CBA Loop App offers you a new way to save, manage and spend your money right from your phone. CBA Loop the app is where investments, saving and loans can be done from the palm of your hand.

There are no branches or charges; The App gives your money more power by rewarding you on what you spend.

Unbank yourself with the CBA Loop App that helps you take back your time. Banking that gives back to your life and your money.

CBA Loop App

Download CBA Loop App and eliminate the need for visiting a physical branch for any of the core banking services. The app offers more than any other traditional banking App out in the market today.

Many banks are moving away from the traditional banking to Mobile App based banking. The mobile App banking enables you to access the core services such as access to account balance, payments of bills, generation of mini-statements, payment of goods and services from partner merchants, deposits and withdrawals through mobile money like M-PESA, access limited amount of loan without visiting a bank and much more.

CBA has not been left behind, that’s why it has launched CBA Loop App to give them an edge over the competitors in the market.

CBA Loop has integrated a personal Financial Management tool, to enable customers track, plan and analyse their income against their expenditure on a regular basis. The analysis is presented using graphical tools for faster interpretation. Using the App makes it easy for customers to plan and finance personal goals.

Becoming a Loop Customer is easy. Millennials and tech savvy do not need to visit a banking hall. All you need is to Download CBA Loop App from the Android or iOS App Store. Enter your registration details and collect your cards from specially created retail outlets called Loop Stores. After that you can top up your account and start transacting.

Loop Stores are conveniently located at the City Centre and selected malls. The loop stores are equipped with Wi-Fi and designed as both work and social spaces. Customers can interact with their financial services partner as well as amongst themselves.

Get CBA Loop App Download Today. Start enjoying the services!

Download CBA Loop App from Google Play Store for Android here
CBA Loop Download from App Store here

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