Kodi is an award-winning free and open source software media application that enables you to play videos, games, music, pictures, and do much more. Kodi app is developed by a non-profit technology consortium known as the XBMC Foundation.

Kodi is available for multiple operating-systems and hardware platforms. Kodi runs on Linux, Windows, iOS, OS X, and Android.  Kodi platform features a ten foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.


Kodi allows users to play and watch most music, videos, podcasts as well as other digital media files from local storage devices, network storage media and the internet.

Kodi Features

Kodi Music

Want to play your music but cannot figure out which format to use. Kodi can play all your music. It includes formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, WAV and OGG. It features a cue sheet, a tagging support, Music Brainz integration and smart playlists for the complete control of your music collection.

Kodi Movies

Wondering if it can play your movies? Kodi can play movies. It supports all the main video formats and sources. It includes streamable online media, 3D, ISOs, H.264, WEBM and HEVC.

Kodi can import movies with full posters, disc-art, fan art, actor information, video extras, trailers, and much more.

Kodi TV shows

Kodi TV shows library supports episodes and season views with banners or posters, watched tags, TV show descriptions and actors. The Video nodes or tags and smart playlists can also organize your library for special interests. It can make specific screens for sci-fi, animation, etc.

Kodi Pictures

Kodi enables you to import pictures into a library and browse the different views. You can start a slideshow to view, filter or sort them using your remote control.

Kodi PVR and Live TV

It enables you to watch and record live TV from the GUI interface. Kodi works with a number of popular backends which includes MediaPortal, NextPVR, MythTV, VDR, Tvheadend, Windows Media Center and much more.

Kodi Add-ons

The add-ons enable you to take Kodi a new level. There is a wide selection of add-ons that are available though kodi repositories.

The add-ons are for different functions. There are Add-ons for music, videos, changing Kodi’s behavior, adding more artwork, controlling your lights, popular web services, and much more.

Kodi Skin

You can completely change the whole GUI in Kodi. It has a highly customizable skinning engine that allows you to change the skin.  You can also select from dozens of community created skins. Community created skin come with their own set options. There is room where you can create your own UI depending on your taste and preferences.

Kodi Downloads

Kodi Download is available as a native application for Linux, iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. It is able to run on most common processor architectures.

kodi android here
Download for windows here
Download kodi for ipad here
Download kodi for android here

•    The official Kodi version does not contain any content.
•    The content is provided by the user from a local or remote storage location, Blu-Ray, DVD, or any media carrier the user owns.
•    Kodi allows the user to install third-party plug-ins that may provide access to content that is freely available over the web.
•    Kodi does not endorsed watching or listening of illegal or pirated content

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