mPoint App

mPoint App

mPoint App is a cashless payment Application in India. mPoint gives customers a swift and smart cashless payment through their debit / credit or bank loyalty points. One can shop at any store of their choice, get any products or services and make instant cashless payments via a simple scan on their smartphone

mPoint enables merchants to accept payment via phone-to-phone scanning of a QR code. The customer generates a QR code for the amount they wish to pay. Using the mPoint Business App, the merchant will simply scan the customer mPoint QR Code and the merchant’s bank account is instantly credited with the payment.

mPoint Consumer App

mPoint Consumer App enables you to go cashless. Pay your products or services with mPoint Consumer App. Escape that present cash crunch with mPoint App. Whether you need a haircut at your regular salon, medicines from a chemist, groceries from your neighbourhood store, make payments by simply generating an mPoint QR Code using your debit/credit card or bank loyalty points. You can also redeem your bank loyalty points using mPoint instead of using your money.

mPoint Consumer App

All you need is to generate an mPoint QR Code for the amount you wish to pay. Show the mPoint QR Code to the seller, who will scan it on mPoint Business app. Amount will be instantly transferred into the seller’s bank account.  That’s it. You are good to go and sorted with cashless payment. Get mPoint Consumer App Download Today and enjoy easy and cashless payment.

mPoint Business App

mPoint Business App makes payments easy, instant, safe and pocket-friendly. If you have a smartphone you can use the app to make payments. The payments are 100% safe and secure. Process of generating an mPoint QR Code and making the payment takes less than 20 seconds. There is the option of paying by any bank’s debit or credit card or pooling together points from several bank loyalty programs to make a payment.

mPoint Business App

With mPoint Business App, it enables you to receive cashless payments across India from customers who wish to make payments through their credit cards, debit cards, or redeem their bank loyalty points.

As a business, it gives you a competitive edge which translates to more business.  Get mPoint Business App Download or Download mPoint Business App and get more customers.

What is mPoint QR code?

mPoint QR code is a type of barcode that has the customer’s information required to settle payment for a product or service.

How to Make Payment using mPoint Consumer App

  • After choosing a product or a service has been rendered.
  • Generate an mPoint QR Code on your phone for the amount to be paid
  • Show the QR Code to the cashier or Seller
  • The seller will scan the QR Code on his phone using mPoint Business app
  • On a successful scan, the money will instantly be transferred into his bank account and your bill is settled.

mPoint App Download: mPoint Apps

Download mpoint apps below

Download mPoint Consumer App from Google Play Store Here
Download mPoint Business App Google Play Store Here

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