Open Loans Kenya App : Business Loans Kenya

Open Loans Kenya App : Business Loans Kenya

Open Loans Kenya App is a social network that enables borrowers to access loans from millions of lenders in Kenya.
The app also allows lenders to have direct access to millions of borrowers.

It gives information from M-Pesa lenders to traditional salary advance companies to instant mobile loans in Kenya.
Open Loans Kenya connects borrowers and lenders all over the country; it does not matter where you are. The idea of Open Loans Kenya is to create an efficient marketplace of loans in Kenya: Business Loans Kenya.

Open Loans Kenya App

An individual in Kenya with excess cash can use the app as a way to invest. They can lend the money to other borrowers or person they find on the platform and earn an interest. To ensure they are secure they can take possession of items such as title deed or car as a security. What a great opportunity to invest. Get the app Today! Get a small business loan application on Open Loans Kenya.

Open Loans Kenya enables borrowers in Kenya to borrow from private persons as well as banks and other financial institutions in Kenya that they find on the platform.

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It’s legal for anyone to lend money in Kenya. The Banking Act (CAP 488 of the Laws of Kenya) only regulates people who take one person’s money for onward lending to another person. If you are lending your own money you do not a banking licence.

Find the Open Loans Kenya App Here

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