ShareCab App

ShareCab App

ShareCab App is a professional taxi pooling application that offers the customer an experience to share a ride with other customers headed the same direction. This enables them to and you to save on the fare through rewarding discounts.

Why Choose ShareCab App

  1. Offers you the ultimate experience to share a ride with other customers headed the same direction and get to save on the fare through rewarding discounts based on shared rides.
  2. The share model enables you to select the share ride option on the app and the number of customers you wish to share the ride with to a maximum of 2.
  3. Ability to see the profile of the driver and fellow customers and their ratings if you opt to share a ride.
  4. The privilege to either accept or reject share ride requests as per your wish as the first customer.
  5. Has a simple sign up process, a ride is just a few minutes away.

Getting a ride with ShareCab App is easy:

  • Choose your destination.
  • Whom to share the ride with
  • The number of passengers you wish to share the ride with.
  • Track your cab as it approaches your destination and also get to know how far the driver is away from your destination time-wise through a time countdown.
  • The driver is able to locate your location on the map.
  • Once your trip ends you are granted the chance to view your fare cost and make payments via Cash , Lipa na Mpesa and Euro money Mastercard Visa( EMV)

ShareCab App mode of payment include: Cash, Lipa na Mpesa and Euromoney Mastercard Visa( EMV)

How ShareCab Works

To access ShareCab services, one must download the Sharecab App via Google Play Store and sign up.

  • Drivers can download the ShareCab Driver App here
  • Riders can download the ShareCab App here

How the App works

  1. When you are ready to pick a ride, get to your app’s home page and enter your destination. Should you want to share your ride, click on the icon “Share Ride” and it will open a notification box to confirm decision.
  2. Choose the number riders you want to share your ride with.
  3. Fill all the marked field click on the button “Request pick up”.
  4. You can also view the fare estimate on this page.
  5. On arrival, choose your mode of payment either cash, Lipa na Mpesa or Euromoney Mastercard Visa.


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