5 Time-Saving Tools for Managing Your Documents

5 Time-Saving Tools for Managing Your Documents

5 Time-Saving Tools for Managing Your Documents. Remember how work looked like 30 years ago? Back then, people were still using typewriters, fax machines and the good, old pen and paper. Then the PC came along and all of this changed for the better. The way we did work instantly became more efficient and less time consuming. And it was only the beginning.

Soon enough, the Internet era begun and with no more messy office desks filled with papers, our productivity dramatically increased. No wonder that the document management changed as well. The usage of paper started declining and it came to a point where it’s now being completely replaced by digital formats.

All of us know them by heart. These are MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CAD and the sturdy PDF. Needless to be said, with these superstars on our team, our work became cleaner, faster and more efficient. Today is 2016 and, unfortunately, the software these formats brought along was not enough to resolve our every work-related problem.

To overcome today’s problems at work, people seek help from various tools to finish their daily tasks. However, the choices on internet are endless and it has become almost a nightmare to find relevant and quality products. Having this in mind, we’ve found some really usable productivity tools (both paid and free) that will help you organize your work and save hours in the long run:


A perfect tool for people that want fast, reliable and instant sharing service.  If you’re sending large online files daily, search no more. Sendspace is a simple file sharing platform that you can use with a click of a button. It can save you hours of sending all your large files manually. You can upload all types of files including documents, photos, videos, music and share them with your colleagues. A much needed friend, don’t you think?


Really useful tool if you are working with online payment. You can create and download any type of invoice in no time. It is actually making billing and invoicing creative and fun. With easy to use interface, the tool is saving you precious hours on manual invoice writing. You can write down all you information, data and numbers, the tool calculates your VAT and you are good to go. Not to mention that you can easily save and download your document when you wish to print it.

Able2Extract PDF Editor

Able2Extract PDF Editor is a powerful PDF tool that lets you perform complicated edits in no time. With a couple of clicks, you will be able to make instant changes to your PDF content and images. Some of the features include adding and deleting text, merging PDFs and even extracting individual pages. All changes are made directly inside the software and they are immediately visible. The tool provides a 7 day free trial, so feel free to check this all-in-one PDF productivity software.


This is one tool that you’ve probably at least heard of. Their green elephant logo has become pretty popular over the Internet. Evernote is a cross-platform tool that helps you organize your information, thoughts, and ideas in a meaningful way. The app is a huge time saver since you can easily create to-do lists, write down reminders or just make a “note” as text. From small post ups to big work ideas, you can share it all with your friends or colleagues. Everything is stored online, and accessible on all your devices, whenever and forever.


When working with various documents, your inbox is probably full of important, but also junk emails. Also, we believe that you have stumbled upon an email newsletter at least once in your life. Some of them are useful and interesting, while others are irrelevant and boring. Here comes Unroll.me, a tool to identify you email subscriptions and collect them all into one rolled-up list. The perfect app for all people that are tired of their daily inbox cleaning. Unroll.me creates a special place for all those unwanted emails and newsletters, so with one click you can check or delete them.

As Thomas Edison once said: “There is no substitute for hard work”. We can agree with these wise words and add that you need to work smartly, as well. The help we get in digital form is in no way substitute for hard work, but rather a smart, modern way to save yourself some time in your everyday work and be more efficient while doing so.

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