Xender App – Faster Mobile File Transfer App – Download Xender App for Android, Windows & Iphone

Xender App – Faster Mobile File Transfer App – Download Xender App for Android, Windows & Iphone

Xender App is an app for your File Transfer and sharing. It is one of the best apps for your file sharing needs.

Xender offers the users convenience to transfer files of different sizes and types between mobile devices. The transfer does not require mobile data usage, cable connection, Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection.


Quick facts about Xender

•    Share any type of files in any places at any time
•    200 times Bluetooth transfer speed
•    No usage of mobile data
•    Cross-platform transfer, it Supports IOS, Android, Windows, PC / Mac
•    Does not require USB connection and PC software installation
•    Wi-Fi files transfer master
•    Over 100 million files transferred daily
•    Play all music and videos

Xender Features

Share all kinds of files without restrictions

You can share all kinds of information, documents, pictures, music, apps and videos. There is no restriction on what you would like to send.

Transfer files with flash speed

It enables you to send images, videos in seconds. Its highest speed can reach 10M/S.

You can Send Large Files

There is no limitation on the size of file to send.Send large files without limitation. Share music, photos, documents, apps and any other type of file of unlimited file size.

No Network Connection Required.

You can transfer files to friends anywhere and anytime. No Network connection is required. You do not require internet, cables, or data usage to send.

Supports cross platform transferring

Xender supports cross platform transferring. It makes connection of tablets and phones, PC/Mac. It also enables you to share files between different operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows)

File manager

Xender App acts more like a file manager. It enables you to view, delete or move files you have received. You can also make a backup copy.

Check connected friends’ mobile apps

When your phones are connected, you will be introduced to your friend’s apps, in which you can share if you like them.

Replicate your Smart phone

Changing phones, Xender App enables you to replicate all the contents from your old phone to the new one. Replicate contacts, pictures, SMS, videos, music, games and any other files from the old phone to the new one in easy steps.

Share photos by sliding

Share photos by sliding to your friends.

Friendly design

Xender is well designed to enable you to use the app with ease.

Download Xender App here from Google Play Store here, Download from App Store here and Download Xender from Windows store here

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