Catchy Abstinence Slogans and Taglines

Catchy abstinence slogans: Abstinence is the form of restraining oneself from the indulgence of something especially sexual and drinking activities.

A good number of people practice abstinence for a number of reasons. No one has been pushed to do it.

Irrespective of age and gender anyone can practice it.

Today we are going to look at abstinence slogans that have been used to sensitize people.

Catchy Abstinence Slogans

Below are some Catchy Abstinence Slogans and Taglines that have been used to encourage abstinence.

We waited for each other.

Way to go, Abstinence

True love waits.

Think different, Abstinence

The real thing awaits

Sex can wait, set a date!

Say no! It’s worth the wait!

Nothing tastes as good as abstinence

If you are hit by cupid, don’t do something stupid

Have sense or face the consequences.

Have sense or face the consequences.

Don’t jump into bed, until you are wed.

Don’t go knocking around, or a baby might open the door

Don’t do a thing without that ring!

Do not do a thing without that ring!

Do not confuse sex with love.

Condoms don’t protect the heart.

Choose your future, choose abstinence.

Children shouldn’t raise children.

Being sexy does not mean you have to have sex.

Babies don’t come with a return policy

Abstinence stands above the rest

Abstinence is the best way

Abstinence is my choice

Abstinence is a journey, not a destination.

Abstinence is 99.99% effective.

Abstinence can be challenging, it’s more advantageous

It is a good choice to abstain

Don’t be ashamed to abstain

Abstinence Make you safe.

Don’t raise another child while you are still a child

STDs are terrible.

It is not cool to have STDs

Indulge yourself in abstinence

If you want a better life, abstinence is the way forward

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The route to success is abstinence

It is not expensive to abstain, babies are

Abstinence is the key if you want a better life.

Abstinence is the best way

You need to feel it; Abstinence

There is nothing better like Abstinence

You can’t compare Abstinence with anything else.

If you want a new life, try Abstinence

Abstinence is life

Abstinence is practiced across the world

Abstinence will always win

You can manage abstinence

Don’t fear, abstinence is so easy

Abstinence is not written on your face

There are great things that abstinence can do for you

Don’t reinvent the wheel, abstain.

Let’s discuss about Abstinence

All the answers lie within Abstinence

Abstinence is the real deal.

Abstinence truly works

There is no hurry in life, abstinence is the key.

There is no harm in waiting for each other, abstain.

Abstinence cannot make you sick

A day with Abstinence fills your heart with happiness


There is one thing that you need to do, Abstinence

Do all that you can do just for Abstinence.

Better things all come with Abstinence

Abstinence is way better than anything else in the world.

There is that one person that you admire so much, but if you love them you have to Abstain

Let’s all advocate for Abstinence

I practice it, you practice it, and we all need Abstinence.

Abstinence, once you practice it, you feel great.

See it, feel it, practice it – Abstinence

You feel happy within when you abstain.

Abstinence is the cool kid in town

Don’t resist Abstinence

The secret lies within Abstinence

It couldn’t be much better than Abstinence

Abstinence refreshes the soul

Open the door to Abstinence and see what the future holds for you.

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Abstinence helps you plan your future

Abstinence can do the unimaginable

We are here to guide you through Abstinence

Best Abstinence teachers

Your Abstinence mentors

We will help you start your Abstinence.

Abstinence Taglines

We all need it in life, Abstinence

Abstinence can do wonders

There is more to Abstinence

Check out for our Abstinence inspiration words

Abstinence for a brighter future

A good life comes with Abstinence

The sweetness of life will come after Abstinence

Abstinence makes you lift your head high

The sweet things you can enjoy after Abstinence

It is always the right choice no matter which side of life you look at it – Abstinence

It is not hard to abstain.

Always look forward to Abstinence

We make you understand Abstinence better

We don’t resist Abstinence, it is the best choice

With Abstinence, you dream big

Abstinence makes you go places

Abstinence makes you travel to the furthest end of the world

Abstinence makes you chase your dreams.

We are the Abstinence team

It all that you need in life – Abstinence

Abstinence to the last day

Abstinence to the right time


With Abstinence, there are Endless possibilities

The way to go is Abstinence!

This is the right time for Abstinence!

Abstinence has been there for ages, you will not be the first to do it!

Just Abstinence!

Abstinence gives you the confidence you need.

Abstinence is not for a certain gender, but for all.

Abstinence is not meant to make your life unbearable, but enjoyable.

Be confidence with Abstinence

You will just be ok with Abstinence

Make Abstinence your choice, your life.

Sometimes it can be tempting but always choose Abstinence

Abstinence has good results

Enjoy the fruits of Abstinence

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Make Abstinence your decision

The best route to a better life is Abstinence

Abstinence is 99.99% effective.

Abstinence Taglines

Abstinence works

Babies don’t come by accident, take action through Abstinence

It can be expensive if you don’t abstain.

Abstinence… is extremely valuable.

Enjoy life but remember, Abstinence is all you need

At this point of life, you need Abstinence.

Don’t bring up children while you are still a teenager. You need to practice Abstinence

Choose your future, pick Abstinence

Condoms aren’t 100% protective. Abstinence is.

Don’t confuse your feelings with love, you need Abstinence

We will be with you all the way

Don’t fully commit your body without a ring on your fingers

Not yet ready, follow Abstinence to the latter

Abstinence is the key if you want a better future

Don’t jump into it, unless you are married

A child may come anytime if you don’t abstain.

Step out from the crowd, be unique and an example to others

Before you find your purpose in life, Abstinence is the key.

True love always waits.

Abstinence is not wrong. It is the right thing to do

Don’t rush. Wait for the ring

What you see might not be gold, abstain.

You might not love the outcome – Abstain

Abstinence is better than having something else that you didn’t expect.

Keep your life in order with Abstinence

Your life might be messed up without Abstinence

A better tomorrow with Abstinence

If you fall in love, don’t do something stupid


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