How to Add Additional Time Zone Clocks to Windows

This article shows you how to How to Add Additional Time Zone Clocks to Windows.  This feature is little known in Windows 7 and 8. It’s ability to display multiple clocks in the desktop taskbar, enabling a user to keep tabs on the time in other time zones


Below are steps on how to add Additional Time Zone Clocks to Windows

1.    Locate your clock on the right side of the taskbar notification area, on the desktop. This clock shows only one time zone by default, which was configured during the Windows installation.

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2.    Right-click on the taskbar clock and choose Adjust date/time.
How to Add Additional Time Zone Clocks to Windows

3.    Select the Additional Clocks tab. Here, you can configure one or two additional clocks to display in your desktop taskbar.
How to Add Additional Time Zone Clocks to Windows

4.    Each time you want, check the Show this clock box and then choose a time zone from the drop down menu. All time zones are measured and listed relative to UTC/GMT.

There’s no search option for a particular city, therefore you will need to know your appropriate time zone in advance and scroll to find it.
Give it a custom Name.
Additional Clocks

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5.    Click Apply to save your changes and OK to close the Date and Time window. Taskbar clock will continue to display your current local time, although you can view your additional clocks in two ways.

a)    Hover your mouse cursor over the taskbar clock; a small text box will appear displaying the date and the current time in all of your configured time zones.

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b)    Click on the taskbar clock, you will see the familiar analog clock and calendar, along with the two additional time zone clocks to the right