Catchy Anti Smoking Slogans and Taglines

Anti Smoking Slogans: Smoking is a practice that is discouraged. It is known to destroy one’s health and makes the atmosphere uncomfortable for those around it. Smoking has long-term effects. It reduces your lifespan.

Smoking does not only affect you but even those around you.

If you are Slogans for Anti Smoking then you came to the right place. These slogans on no smoking will inspire you to find ideal no smoking slogans doe your campaigns.

Find catchy no smoking slogans for fighting to smoke.

The no-smoking taglines and slogans are geared towards highlighting or making known to the public about the effects of smoking cigarettes.

Catchy Anti Smoking Slogans

These anti-smoking slogans are what you need. They will help you decrease the consumption of cigarettes.

Be a Fighter; stop smoking.

Be smart. Don’t start

Don’t burn your life with cigarettes.

Don’t smoke – there are cooler ways to die.

Quit smoking. It kills!

Don’t smoke, it’s not a joke.

Smart people don’t smoke

Say yes to life, No to smoking

Quit and stay healthy

Stop smoking now.

Quit smoking your kids love you

Save Money – Quit Smoking!

Tobacco or Health: Choose Health.

Don’t allow your future to go up in smoke.

Don’t Get Mad, Get Stop smoking.

Stop smoking – You will see your life getting better

If you are serious about stopping, you will go the extra mile to stop smoking.

You have the solution, stop smoking

It might not be easy to stop smoking, but you have to

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Get Serious with life. Stop smoking.

If you love yourself stop smoking

Stop smoking and take your life to the next level.

Stop smoking and you will love life forever.

There is nothing refreshing than a smoke-free life

Life is short, why should you make it shorter

Anti Smoke Slogans

1. The choice is yours don’t be late

2. Avoid the lighter, stop smoking

3. Don’t smoke, smoking kills

4. Cigarettes are killers in packets.

5. Cigarettes dent your wallet, stop smoking

6. If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.

7. Say no to smoking

8. Don’t smoke you will choke!

9. Hang tough, don’t puff.

10. Put it down

11. Save your lungs, save your life

12. Listen to your lungs, they are crying

Don’t even think about it. Be smart.

Smoking creates holes in your wallet

Don’t even think about starting it. You will regret

Save your life

Breath healthy, live a happy life.

Smoking takes you on a long journey of slavery

That home belonged to a chain smoker

Unchain yourself from smoking

Enjoy life, stop enslaving yourself.

Smoking is a ticket to your death

Smoking leads to an early grave

Smoking? You must be kidding

Smoking…your end will not be good

Smoking causes lung cancer.

To quit smoking, you have to be serious

Stop Smoking Slogans

Searching for marketing slogans for stop smoking? These Stop Smoking Slogans will spark your creativity and enable you to choose a catchy and creative slogan.

Get out of smoking before it smokes you.

Don’t tar your lungs. Stop it from today.

If you love your life, stop smoking

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Whoever smokes near you, is not your friend

Stop smoking and see the transformation in your life

Stop smoking, and start living a healthy life

Smoking is thrilling but kills.

Cigarette fills your life with smoke.

Smoking is like you are looking for a death wish

He smoked until he is no more

Don’t choose cigarettes over your family

There are better things to do other than smoking

Smoking is not a hobby, it slowly kills you

Find something better to do, stop smoking

Give up smoking and enjoy life

Smoking is like playing with death

Smoking is a game that you will always lose

Quit Smoking Slogans

Put the fire out before it puts you down

Clean your own lungs stop smoking

Stop smoking for good

Start a healthy life today

Be smart, start a new life… quit smoking.

The moment you stop smoking, that’s the moment that you will start to live a happy life

Smoking is choking.

Smoking destroys your lungs

Smoking makes you waste a lot of money

If you want to destroy your life start smoking

Your life doesn’t depend on that packet of cigarette

Don’t let smoking destroy you

Smoking is your enemy

Love cigarette, destroy your life

Don’t lose it, stop smoking.

Quit before it takes your life

Your lungs don’t deserve the harsh conditions they are facing

You need a better life stop smoking.

Quit before it is too late

Stop the bad habit, stop smoking.

Stop it today or regret it for the rest of your life

Don’t kill yourself, kill the habit

Quit smoking before it does away with you.

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You either stop or it stops you

Quitting has never been this good. Quit smoking.

Don’t doubt yourself, you can quit.

Creative Anti Smoking Slogans

We all have the right to clean air

Don’t even try smoking

It is not cool to smoke

You will regret it if you think smoking is cool

Smoke-free forever

Smoking makes your life awful

Say goodbye to smoking and say hello to a good life

Smoking is welcoming death

Start smoking, and welcome death

Don’t let your life be powered by smoking

Be a hero, stop smoking

You become a lave when smoking, stop the slavery today

Smoking makes you suffocate

Who lied to you, smoking does not make you cool

Smoking does not only destroy you but even those around you.

You are putting your life on fire by smoking

You are not a chimney, stop smoking.

Anti Smoking Taglines

1. Breath healthily, live happily.

2. Be Cool – Don’t be used as a Smoking Fool.

3. Tobacco kills if you smoke it

4. Smoking empties your pockets

5. Share clean air

6. Stay healthy and stop smoking.

7. The choice is yours, save a life

8. Everyone has a right to clean air.

9. Stop it, before it’s too late.

10. Don’t puff your life away.

11. Don’t let your life be destroyed by yourself.

12. Kill the cigarettes or they kill you

13. Smoke can cause a slow and painful death

14. Smoking prohibited

15. Smoke and choke.