Best Applicant Tracking Software

Find and compare the best applicant tracking software in the market.

What is applicant tracking software?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that facilitates the electronic handling of recruitment process.

The key to a successful business is having the best employees. The Applicant tracking software assists in ensuring you hire the right people by managing job postings, resumes tracking and the applications.

There are many popular applicant tracking system on the market that will enable you do the work perfectly.

An applicant tracking system can be implemented or accessed online, depending on the needs of the company. In the market there are paid applicant tracking system which offers you the full functionality you need. There is also free and open source applicant tracking software.

The applicant tracking software (ATS) uses the applicant tracking system keywords to filter applications automatically based on given criteria that have been set by the user such as keywords, skills, years of experience, former employers, schools attended, and much more.

All recruitment agencies and big corporations with an in-house recruitment department mostly make use of applicant tracking system to handle job postings, resumes, applicants, and interviews. The software is also being adopted by small companies. Most companies are marketing their applicant tracking systems for small companies to enable them increase revenue or penetrate into the market as the enterprise grows.

Best Applicant Tracking Software

Below are some Best applicant tracking software that delivers best functionality.

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1.    Bullhorn Recruiting Software

Bullhorn is a Staffing and Recruiting Software that will automate your recruiting lifecycle, starting from the front office to back office.

It is web-based recruitment software that provides a fully integrated applicant tracking and customer relationship management system.


It is save time and improves productivity. It is delivered through a SaaS (Software as a Service).

2.    Taleo Applicant Tracking System

Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud is a fully integrated talent acquisition solution that includes recruitment marketing and employee referrals to source talent, recruitment automation, as well as a streamlined employee onboarding. It gets your talent management processes up and running fast. It offers you a competitive edge as it delivers the best expertise you require.

3.    Greenhouse Applicant Tracking

Greenhouse is recruiting software that optimizes your entire recruiting process. It enables you to finf the best candidates for the job, conduct more focused interviews, as well as make data-driven hiring decisions.

Greenhouse offers a technology platform that helps organizations of all sizes to improve their recruiting process.

4.    Newton Applicant Tracking System

Newton Applicant Tracking System is the leader in applicant tracking systems and recruiting software. It empowers employers to manage hiring and optimize their processes. It is simple to use and offers very powerful features from job approvals to reviewing candidates.

5.    JobScore

JobScore recruiting software offers professional recruiters the tools they require to get the job done. It offers one-click job posting, hosted careers page, resume parsing and scoring, referral campaigns, interview scheduling, and much more.

6.    Jobvite

Jobvite enables the employer to accelerate the hiring process with an applicant tracking system.
It assists you manage your entire recruiting process more intuitively and efficiently. It provides the social and innovative features recruiters demand.

7.    Workable

Workable is online recruitment software that goes beyond applicant tracking and posting jobs. The software improves the recruiting process. It provides a flexible, with an intuitive interface, that will guide you step by step through the entire process.

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8.    SuccessFactors Talent Management Suite

Talent Management Suite enables you to make the best investment by ensuring you get the best employee for the job.

SuccessFactors is designed to ensure that your company achieves its corporate goals. It helps you align goals, set expectations, develop competencies, manage talent, monitor performance as well as plan compensation. A complete recruit to retire solution across all talent processes. View Website here

9.    Softgarden

Softgarden is an application that supports branded recruiting marketing as well as mobile recruiting. It also allows simplified job ad posting to major job sites. It makes recruiting easier and faster.

10.    iCIMS Recruit

iCIMS Recruit is a smart and powerful applicant tracking system that will offer you the best services. It makes it easy to find and hire the best. iCIMS Recruit Software meets and exceeds the needs of today’s modern recruiter with a robust applicant tracking system that is supported by talent acquisition tools that will engage the right people and find the right candidate.

11.    JazzHR

JazzHR is Applicant Tracking is powerful, affordable and user-friendly recruiting software that enables one to save time, hire the best and reduce recruitment costs.

12.    SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters applicant tracking system and recruiting software is the complete talent acquisition platform for you to find, engage and hire great talent. It puts all your recruiting solutions, vendors, people at your finger tips.

13.    PCRecruiter

PCRecruiter is one of the most trusted online recruiting and resume management software; applicant tracking systems, recruiting software and recruitment systems.

14.    ApplicantPRO

ApplicantPro is a Powerful, affordable and easy to use applicant tracking system. It integrates every piece of your hiring process into one system. You can track each applicant within the hiring process.

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15.    Jobscience

Jobscience Staffing Software offers an All-in-One Recruitment Platform that enables recruitment firms to streamline and grow their business.

16.    myStaffingPro

myStaffingPro’s applicant tracking system provides all the tools you need to recruit, Attract, track, and hire the best applicant for the job. It is truly a more powerful human resource. myStaffingPro is the complete applicant tracking software for HR.

17.    Emply Hire

Emply Hire is one of the market leading hiring platform designed to simplify the complicated recruitment process. The platform provides user friendly functions that support every step of the recruitment process.

18.    Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox provides you with the easiest way to track applicants in one place with the online recruiting and resume management software. Recruiterbox recruitment software simplifies and optimizes the hiring process. You can Post job vacancies, manage candidates, collaborate with colleagues, and use data to make an informed decision and much more in one place.

19.    Recruitee

Recruitee is the easiest way for companies to organize their hiring process and grow faster. It is a fast, user friendly and collaborative hiring platform. Everything is one place.

20.    ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack is an affordable, easy to use Applicant Tracking System for any company. It enables you to create and post jobs online, Recruit via social media and major job boards, Track, screen, and filter applications, Collaborate with colleagues, Communicate with applicants and much more.

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