Unique, Cool & Catchy Bar Name Ideas

Bar Name Ideas: Want to start a bar business or a pub. When starting a bar or rebranding, one of the things you will need is a catchy bar name.

Sometimes finding a cool bar name can be an uphill task, that’s why we have decided to look at names of bars that will inspire you to find a unique name for your bar.

On this page, you will find cool bar name ideas that will inspire your creativity.

When searching for a name, you want it to sound good, catchy, memorable, and unique. That’s why coming up with a pub name sometimes can be a tiresome task. It becomes easy when you have somewhere to start your search.

Bar Name Ideas

Bartender’s Bar
Best of Bars

Bartender’s End Zone
Whiskey Closet
Pouring Piper
Simply Just Bar & Grill
Bitter and Twisted
Cocktail Time

The Bev Spot
Ace of Spades
Club Velvet
Serving Spirits
Bar-Tenders Heaven
Cocktail Glass Pub
Dick’s Bar and Grill

Gold Rush Bar and Grill
Bourbon & Ice
Bartender’s Moe-mosa
Bartender’s Digest
The Corner Bar

Brut ‘N’ Dry
Binge Drinker Service (BSD)
The Hangover
Starry Nights Lounge and Bar
Google-Eyes Bar
AA Bartending Service
Flamingo Lounge
Bar and Table

The Shaker and Stirrer
High-End Nightlife Bar
A Bar Above
Divine Pleasures
A toast of gratitude
Cocktails & Music Lounge
A-1 Liquors
The Tipsy Bartender
Party On, Barkeep!

The Bartender
Bar Nana
Dive Bar
Cheerful Cocktails
Cellar Door
Brandy Go-Go
Chameleon Bar and Grill

Crafty Bartender
Five for Friday
Cocktail Hour
Cheers Cabaret and Cocktails
The Cheers Bar
Buddy’s Bar and Grill
The Score

Picasso’s Drinkz
Whiskey High Five
All Star Bar Tools
Ace Shots!
Euro Pub
Retro Bar

The Beer Nest
Tip Top Bar Keepers Ltd.
After Hours Angel
Drink On Me
The Shady Tavern
Clutch Shots
Club 21

Catchy Bar Names

If you want your bar business to pick, one of the first things you need to do is to pick a catchy bar name. The name will create that long-lasting impression. It will be the brand image for your bar.

A Catchy bar name will make people remember the name, and associate it with something good. Below are some catchy bar name ideas to inspire you to find a name for your bar.

The Black Boar Pub
Ice on fire
Wild Rover Pub
Field of Sheep
The Barrelhouse
Fizz Bar

The High Five Bar
Start the Fire
Tune In Bar
A Spirit Lover’s Tavern
The Maple Room
Liquor Nite

Bar Code
Screech in the Wall
Avenue Tavern
Brewed Awakening
The Dirty Dozen
Red Lights Bar and Grill
A Rum Thing
Baron’s Bar and Grill

Booze Up
99 Bottles of Beer
Deck the Halls
The Big Muddy Bar
The Beer Belly
The Best Bar Ever
Hunter’s Bar
Bacon & Brew
The Crow’s Nest

The Bar With No Name
Le Gin Palace
Hurricane Harry’s Bar
Smoky Mountain Pub
The Kicking Donkey
Above the Clouds
Red Mug
Owl Bar
White Rabbit

Cloud Bar
Irish Eyes Pub
The Open Door
South Shall Rise Again
New Jack Swing Bar
Bandit’s Bar
Pretty Pink Bar
Booze Please

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The Rooftop Rumpus Room
Lemontree Bar and Lounge
Hold Your Horses
Whistle Stop Club
Cool Blue Bar and Lounge

Bar Stock Exchange
The Bar on the Rooftop
Beer Garden
Babylon Bar
Blue Bar
Accordion Bar
Stag Nite Bar
Funky Monkey
Full House Bar
The Rusty Nail
Bingo’s Brewing Company

Name for Bars

The Tower Bar
Hamilton’s Tavern
Lava Lounge
Atomic Liquors
Wine Vault

Thai & Mighty
Met Cafe & Bar
Bond Bar
The Mighty
Howl at the Moon
Royale Lounge

Pacific Cocktail Haven
Original Gravity
Bar of the Gods
Raised by Wolves
Highside Bar
Glow Bar
Duchess Tavern

Mustard’s Last Stand
Beer and Loathing in Dundee
The Dirty Drummer
Pizza Bar
The Grapevine Bar
Oasis Lounge
Conga Bar
Streamline Tavern
The Yard

The People’s Republik
Break Room Bar and Grill
Angels Trumpet Ale House
Float at Hard Rock
The Cask
Bender’s Bar and Grill
The Snug
Comet Tavern

The Aviary
Playland Bar
Altitude Sky Lounge
Barbarossa Lounge
Bourbon & Branch
Dutch Kills

Wood Tavern
Fat Angel
Silver Pony Bar & Grill
Beaver Bar
Sweet Liberty Drinks
Hot or Not
Tipsy Tap House and Grill
Savvy Mix
Club 301

Yield Bar & Grill
A~1 Alcohols Inc
Bender Bar & Grill
Do Over Liquor
A&T Bartending Services
Cocktail & Mix Mastering Co. Ltd.
Decanter Cocktails

Names of Bars

Quarter Lounge
Aero Club Bar
The Pastry War
Happiest Hour
The Mix Up Bar

The Crescent Lounge
Angels and Kings
The Tipsy Cow
The Masion Bar
Pi Bar
Kings Beer
Bar Alter
Hi Dive Bar

Scarlet Lounge
Brotherhood of Thieves
Lost Boy
Bitter & Twisted
Hard Water
Lost Weekend
Noble Experiment
The Grizzled Wizard
Big Easy
Coach House
Tempest Bar

Open Sesame
Under Tow
The Corner
The Hidden Vine
Whistle Top
Stock & Stable
Double Wide Bar
Floor 13 Rooftop Bar
Last Rites

Secret’s Bar
Men at Wok
Third Rail
Bonus Round
Madison Pub
Club Deluxe
The Underground
Forgery Bar

The Library Sports Bar
The High Dive
Blackbird Ordinary
Bull Shooters
Torch Cigar Bar
Bar Cotto
The Drawing Room
Rum Runners Bar

Triangle Pub
Midnight Rambler
The Reef Beach Bar
Jumbo’s Clown Room
The Riddler
Waterfront Bar & Grill
Hyde Out
Corner Pocket
Redwood Room
Moon Work
Over the Tapas

Cool Bar Names Ideas

Neat and Naughty Classy Lounge
top Shelf
Shots on the Rocks
Stirred not Shaken
Alfie`s Corner
Fuel to fire

Mr. Bottoms Up
Beyond Beer
Airplane Mixology
Classics Made Contemporary
Regionally Sourced Drinks
Nick’s Bar,

The Pub Top
Bartender’s Delight
Tipsy’s Tavern
The Old Soak Tavern
Bizarre Buzz
Goodnight Charlie’s
Cash in a Flash
Chill and Thrill Bar

Lure of the Liquid Lounge
My Work Bar
Martini Bar
Pour Advice
The Barkeeps
Dazzling cocktails
The Bartender Bar
Cocktail Crafters

Liquid Specialist
Cue Balls Up
Two to Tango Bar
Cocktail Capers
Cocktails for You

Atomic Cocktail Service
Tending Bar
Apple Martini
Drink Liquor
Palate Tender
Blend Masters
Cocktails Monthly

Bottle Service
Mix it Up
The Cider Mill
Here’s the Drink!
Cocktail Bar
The Martini Bar
Get Liquored Up
The Happy Hour Lounge
Live and Let Drink

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Vicious Circle
Classy cocktail
Bottle Cap Company
Bourbon, Brandy, and Beer
Drink It Up
The Bearded Bartenders Club
Gin Master

Old Fashioned Recipe
Hubba-hub-ba Wine & Spirits
A Clever Cocktail
Liquid Chef
Cheers to You
Cocktails & Dreams
Harry’s Bar and Grill
Hipster Mixology

Cool Name for a Bar

Hot Bird
Top of the Mark
Kill Your Idol
Ace Bounce
The Sitting Room
Nowhere Lounge

Happy Daze
The Milk Room
The Broken Record
Tavern Law
Last Call Bar
American Social
Black Market
On the Rocks Bar

The Old Monk
Magic Lounge
Fireside Bar
Gypsy Bar
Seven Grand
Boycott Bar
The Boardroom
Honor Amongst Thieves

Bandits Bar
Bar One
Phone Booth
The Whistler
Lone Palm
The Fainting Goat
Purdy Lounge
Dirty Habit
Clock Bar
The Tasting Room
Level 9 Rooftop Bar

Rustic Roof
Better Days
The Lost Leaf

Backyard Bar Names

The Cocktail Collection
The Great Outdoors
Jungle Fever Bar
The Romantic’s Muse
The Alcohol Professor
The Barman’s Den

Jungle Backyard
Bluebird Bar
Dapper Cocktails
The Backyard Pub
Vanishing Act
The Acoustic Bar
A Dash of Patronage
Backyard Alley Bar

Booze Hound
Side Yard Teapot Bar
The Perfect Pour
The Outdoor Grill
HammerHead Bar
Spot On Bar Service
Bartender on the Beach
Two In One Ba
Shots of Whiskey
Red, Hot, and Blue
Everybody’s Happy Place

Drinks Incorporated
Spirits & Stripes
The Cabin
The Cocktail Club
Liquid Lounge

Tipple Hunter
Bonfire Bar
Tipsy Blends
Blue Moon Bar
The Rooftop Garden
Festive Flair
Beer O’Clock!
Backyard Bliss Bar

The Party Barn
Bedroom Bar
Backyard Brew House
English Pub
Backyard Alcoholics
Pours House Drinks
Touch of Tequila
Night Owl
Puppy Love Bar

The Backyard Bistro
The Rum Runner
Watering Hole
The Mixing Spoon
Big Bad Wolf’s Bar
Lumber Bar
Blues After Work
The Black Rose
Cow Shed Tavern
The Beer Exchange
The Love Shack
The Punch Bowl

A Rockin’ Cocktail Bar
Stoplight Bar
Blue Grotto Bar & Grill
Aqua Bar
Bar Room
Up in Smoke

Creative Bar Names

Liquor Garden
Cocktail Architects
Just Another Shot
The Happy Hour Bar
The Great Happy Hour
Empire Bar & Grill
Quench Your Thirst
The Spirits Company

Bottoms Up Bar & Grill
The Craft Liquor
The Pour House
Brewed For Your Pleasure
Lite Beer Joint
Big Apple Bar & Grill
The Canadian Club
The Well Oiled Miller Tavern
Booze Baron

Armageddon Bar
The Clever Cocktails
The Uptown Gallery
Chambord Lounge
Apache Lounge
Liver Killers
Instant Happy Hour
Perfect Pour Bar

Big shots
Hop House
Drinko’s Pub
The Bar of Stars
Custom Pour Bar and Grill
The Beer Moustache Bar & Restaurant
Bird House
Amber’s Mixing Secrets
Booze Emporium

Around the Bend
The Greenpoint Tavern
Colourful Cocktail Co.
Bar with a Twist
The Amazing Bar
Irish Pour House

Pool Bar Names

Water Works
Beached Diver Bar
Old Fashioned Pool Bar

The Hot Tub Club
The Pool Deck Lounge
Bay Breeze
Wave Bar
Redneck Pool Bar
The Neptune Lounge
Happy Hour Havens
Number One Pool Bar
Sharky’s Paradise

Dolphin Bar & Grill
Mix & Mingle Poolside Bar
Shooter’s Paradise
The Lap of Luxury
Shooters Sports Bar and Grill
Big Shot Pool Bar
Soak Up the Sun

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Ballard Loft
The Hideout
The Shout! House
Basic Kneads Pizza
Round Table Sportsbar

The Twilight Exit
The Little Woody
21 & Cup
Town Kitchen & Bar
Styx Sports Bar
False Idol
The Pitch & Roll

Mother’s Bar & Grill
Hooverville Bar
The Dirty Rabbit
Boxcar Ale House
Palmer Place
Red Bar
Wet Deck Lounge
Dunes Lounge

Side Bar
Brew Ha Ha
The Bitter End
No. 3 Social
Happy Birthday Bar
Double A

Lucky 13
Wish You Were Beer
Oven + Vine
Bar Smith
The 500 Club
Hop Sing
Mama Tried

Home Bar Names

Over the Counter Distillery
Happy Home Bar
Rise and Pour
Humble Home Bar
All things Gin

Kings and Ladies Bar
The Lounge
Happy Hour
Liquid Libations Inc
Homey Bar
Muddy Waters Bar
The Moonshine Jar
Homie’s Place

Homey Doomy
The Bourbon Bar
Bartender’s Hideaway
Playground Bar and Grill
Home Base Bar
Heaven Is Within
The Muddy Cup

Quintessential Bar
Brandy Shot
The Red Door Bar
Tropical Delight
Liquid Courage
Havoc Home Bar & Grill
Uncut Cocktail House
Honeymoon House Bar
The Little Bar

North Pole
Booze on deck

Funny Bar Names

I’ll Drink to That!
Mojito Mojito Rooftop Bar
All Liquored U

Top Shelf Enterprises
Bartender School
Top Shelf Bar & Restaurant, Inc.
Booze it Up
Buffalo Wild
Beer Club
The Martini

A Bar Above the Rest!
Bubbly Beverage Bar & Grill
Sip Society
Mike’s Drink Stand
Crazy Canoe
The Rum Fellows
Smoke and Mirrors
Liquor Cabinet

Cocktail Recipes
Man Cave/Bar
Throw Back Drinks
Bar Supply Heaven
Dazzling Drinks!

Cocktails on the Rock
Craft Brews Inc.
Barrel House
Pour Me Another
Peek’s Bar
The Cheers Effect
The Glass Half Full
Busy Hands Craft Studio

Pour Your Troubles Away!
Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up!
Over Ice
Bottoms Up Lounge
Barkeep on Bartender
Bottom Shelf Bartending

Raising the Bar
On The Rocks Bartending Service
Cocktail Kitchen
Safe & Sober Tavern
The Barfly
Tequila-Tini Bar & Grill

The Rhyming Bartender
Vodka & Soda
Zodiac -themed specialty cocktails
The Whiskey Bar
Shooter Shack
Rear View Lounge
Craft Cocktail Company
Blackjack and Bourbon
Punch Bowls & Cups

Hard Liquor, No Mixers
Bartender Express
The Thinker
Bourbon Street Pub
Bartender Superstar

Vinously Speaking
On the Rocks
Call My Bartender
Social Media Guru Bar

Bar Names Generator

Up the Creek Watering Hole
The Barrel Rhino
Barrels in a Bayou
The Holy Spirit of Wine

Jack’s Brewski Shack
Drunken Monkey Bar and Grill
Blue Lemonade
The Barrel and Board
Guppy’s Corner
The Barrel House
Bartender’s Brew
Cloud 9

Grenadine’s Revenge
The Barrel Bar
For Your Thirst
Even Stevens Bar & Grill
Caddy Shack
Speak Easy Bar
Bite Me
Bonfire Lounge
House of Gin

Basil Bush
Black Velvet
Crack House
Shots n Pours
Cheers my friend…
Raised on Bourbon Saloon

The Tipsy Piglet
Brass Monkey
Speak No Evil Lounge
Breaking Stool
Turning Heads Bar & Bistro

Good Times Roll
Boozing buddies
Tequila Loco Cantina Bar and Grill
Corked and Caged