Beauty Business Name Ideas for your Brand

Beauty Business Name Ideas: There is more to a business name. A business name can make your business succeed or fail. It is therefore important to make that first impression to your customers through a name.

If you want to start a beauty business and wondering what name to use for your business, don’t worry as you have come to the right place.

The name of your beauty business will play a big role in marketing your products and services. When choosing a business name for your beauty business, it is good to choose a unique and catchy name, a name that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Here we are going to look at beauty business name ideas. These names will inspire you to find a Catchy Beauty Business Name for your business.

Beauty Business Name Ideas


Rainbow Colors Beauty Store

Day’s Hair Salon

Modern Minerals

Favour Beauty Shop

The Rose Body Shop

Glamour Gains

Golden Beauty Supply

Makeup Plus

Generous Glam

Claims to Fame

Enveloped by Beauty

Baked Beauties

Beauty That Works

Classy Beauty Trends

Glam Goddess

Accelerator Stylist

Petal Pink

Glamour Beauty Centre

Blue Lily Boutique

Cutie Smiles

Fashion pie

​Lip Gloss Veneer Inc.

Mirror Image Salon

Velvet Rose

Beautification Station

Gleaming Glow Makeup

Glorious Lady Beauty

Ruby Rainbows

lady Bird

Beautiful Quantum

Glamor Shack

Bounce Beauty Parlour

Purple Door Salon

Stylist Soot


Beauty Bounty

Cosmetics Innovation

Celebrity Look Inspirations

True Cosmetics


Vision Beauty Shop

Beauty Everything


Glitz Warehouse

Glamour Hair Gallery

Create Beauty

Delight Beauty Shop

Luscious Lips Salon

Allure Beauty

Aesthetic Dynamic

Birthday Beauty

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Sweet Cheeks Cosmetics

For You Beauty Supply

Unreal Beauty


Gorgeous Certification

Sharp Impressions

Dimensions Studio

MakeUp Emporium

Stay Pretty

The Sunkist

Cheap, Quality and Affordable

Wild Flower Studio

Color Therapy

Book Lover Beauty

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Beauty Box Online

Serene Say

Twirl Glamor

Bite Me Beauty

Untamed Salon & Spa

Makeup Frost

Master of the Curl

Allure Beauty Cruise

Beyond Heaven

Beauty & Beyond

Evelyn’s Beauty Shop

Plum Tones

lady moments

Shine Pretty

Eye Candy Day Spa

Diversity Salon


My Cosmetics

Beautiful Vouchers

Beauty Techniques


SEPHORA inside

From My Hands

Hot Box Cosmetics

Zestful Queen

Curvy Girl Couture

Molecules for Her

Grassroots Cosmetics

Spicy Touch Beauty Shop


Semi Alex Beauty Shop

Bright White

Sweet Makeup Treats

Elegant Touch

Moon Pout Cosmetics

Skincare Grail

Beautiful You

Pretty Cool Girl

Makeup Galaxy

Pop Of Color

Gorgeous Union

Catchy Beauty Business Names

Pretty In Stilletos

The Cosmetic Line

Smooth Skin Solutions

The Bellas

Satin Makeup

Skindelicious Products

Eye Kings

Skin Cure

Stylist Soft

Beaucoup Beauty

Sugar and Spice

Eye Loverz

Beauty Quest Spa

Perfection Devils

Pink Treats

Pink Peony

Makeup Me Callous

Majestic Glittering Glee

Beauty Moon

Tender Touch

Blush Beauty Bar

Makeup Rules

Makeup Coverage

Salon Chic

Angels Kiss

Hidden Beauty

Perfect Match

Corner Beauty Club


Beauty Workshop

Instyle Fashion

Perfection Scarlet

The Spa Queen

Bold & Beautiful Cosmetics

Cosmetic Cub


Glow Girl Blush

Peachy Lips

Skinny Tan

Beautiful Strut

Retro Glamour

Lovely Nail Polish Co.

Skin and Beat

Just Chic And Co

Best Friends Cosmetics

Top Rose Beauty

Nature lush

Nail My Look

Dolled Up Cosmetics

Blush and Eyeliner

Nature Lancers


Makeupolous Shop

Business Name Ideas for Beauty

Savvy Cosmetics

Unique Image

The Nail Lamp Beauty

Mascara and Lipstick

Beauty Queen Dazzling Lashes


My Beautiful Chic

Bossy Beauties

Be Rosemary

Queen of Beauty

Cosmetic Craze

Maple Sugar Beauty

A Blissfull

Elegantly Ever After


High Gloss Beauty and Nails

Hair Station

Color My World

Holland Chic



Studio One Salon

Pretty Peachy Looks

A Touch of Sugar Cosmetics


Cosmetic and Cosmetics

One Eighty Wellness Spa

The Fashion Boutique


Glam Inspiration

Pouty Pinks Cosmetics Inc

Fresh Loves

Where Beauty Rhymes

Terrific Toes to Ties

Luv To Lips

State Beauty Supply

Blossom Luxury

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Best Lady Cosmetics

Beauty is in the Blush

Curl Up & Dye

Boutique Drip

Fuchsia Fashion

Cheeky Colors

Nourish Nails

Unicorn Boutique

Vogue Styles

Delight Beauty Place

Royal Rose

Face and Figure Beauty Solutions

Golden Halo

Glamour Girl’s Salon

Ideas for Beauty Business Names

Shine and Shadows

Beauty Remedies

First Impression beauty Hub

Curious Lily

Glow Health And Beauty

Magic Make-Up

Haniel Hair Salon


The Sun Kissed Brunette

Shine Diamond

Squeezetastic Cosmetics

Sheer Delight

Flirty Fantasy

Salon Sunset


Glitter Queen Cosmetics

The Spruce Ego


Citrus Blossom

Cherish Life Society

Powder Puff Girl


Perfection Sima

Blush Beauty Boutique

Beauty Queen

The Body Fashion

Lush Cosmetics

Beautiful with Brains Inc.

Pink and Spunky

Maggie Extreme Beauty Shop

Flirt Cosmetics


Soft Shine Cosmetics

Manic Mascara Cosmetics

Moderation Magic

Flowers and Fancies

Fountain Creations Beauty

Headlines Beauty Salon

Flirtie Lip Balm

Too kissy

Purity Cleaners

Glomorr Dot Fusion

Golden Swan Cosmetics

Beauty Center

Get Glowing Skin

Mirror Image

Sexy Styling Lashes

More Gorgeous Cosmetics

Professional Beauty Federation

Apricot Beauty


Rapid Fire Beauty

Ombré That


Unique Beauty Name Ideas

Plum Fairy

Chic Family

Two Chicks

Golden Rose Blushes

Face Shop

Makeup Maven


Bright Cosmetics & Salon

Date Night

Ink and Colour

Envision Salon Inc

Secret to Beauty

Beauty you Deserve


Urban Decay


Bronzer and Shadow


Polishes and Ambience


Makeup Wiggle

Royal Cosmetic And Beauty Shop

Beautiful Agent

Ultimate-Look Salon

Charm the Roses Ltd.

SmartStyle Salon



Flawless Beauty

Beauty Galore

Everything Nice

Beauty Fusion

Glistening Nail Lilly

Abracadabra Beauty & Co

Magic Touch

Beauty Basics

Creating Admirers

Sugar Lip Cosmetics Corp.

Perfectly Pretty

Gotta Glow

Beauty on the Go


Your Beauty Concierge

MakeUp Time

Rosy Passion

Heavenly Beauty

Blossom Deeply

Smiles Beauty

Expert in All Things Beauty

Diamond Beauty Cosmetics

Magnificent Makeup Cosmetics


Natural Beauty Business Names

Glamour Translator

Pink pretty

Little Bee

Goldie & Me

Birds of Paradise

Mia Beauty

The New Black

Fountain Creations Beauty Salon


Supreme Sparkle

Be Happy

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Beauty Secrets Salon

Fabulous Baby!

Red Gloss Spa

Goddess Skincare

Smile and Sparkle

Salon Nuriche

Spotless Nails

Snow White Lilac

Bright Eyes Cosmetics

Water Lily Makeup

Cosmetic Using

Cutie Cosmetics

Twilight Skyliner

Mellow Yellow Nudges

Aristocuts Salon Spa

Blushful Beauties


Pink My Gloss

Kiss Off Cosmetic Company

Fresh Marks

Beauty Inc.

Eyelashes of Love

Makeup in a Jar

Glamorous Beauty Paint

Blessed Hair Salon

Pink Lad

Gorgeous Adjacent

Smoocable Beam Inc.

Addicted to Makeup

Appealing Eyes Cosmetics


Beauty Base

Bright View

Passport to Beauty

Beauty Bloom

Femme Fatale Makeup and Beauty

Cupid Cutie Boutique

Silver Leaf Spa

Ms. Makeup

Gypsy Floral

Storm Blossom

Be Lovely

Beauty Business Name Generator


Gorgeous Suds

Time to Shine

Natures Vouchers

Ambiance Spalon

Pretty Strings

Salon Blissful

Spoil yourself

GlamSpot Beauty Lounge

Lip Smash Cosmetics

Fierce & Flawless Cosmetics

Radiance Hair Salon

Beautiful Ballroom

Cleopatra’s Beauty Store

Color Filled Cosmetics

Bold And Beautiful

Love My Makeup

Bloom and Glow

Floral Scents

Musing Spa Inc.


Day Beauty

Makeup Canvas

Sweetie Pie Nail Polish Co.

Beauty Junkie!

Chic Charms Salon


Angel Kiss Fashion Store

Gemini Salon & Spa


Creamsicle Beauty & Bath

Marshmellow Beauty Inc.

Beauty on the Road

Ulta Beauty

Becoming Beautiful

Butterfly Garden

My Health and Beauty Source (MHBS)

Bella Beauty

All About U Salon

Retro Froley

Pretty In Gold

Glamour Give

Tinder Gold Makeup

Blushes of red

Get Makeup And Go

Esthetic Studio

Angel Star

Chic Charm Looks

Lovely Lip Gloss Company



Delightful Cosmetic Co

Flawless Finish


Mobile Beauty Business Names

Daily Mobile Waxing

Sweet Lemon Beauty

Knockout Beauty

Luxury Mobile Beauty

Proper Skin

Wigs and Plus

Harmon Face Values

Pari Mobile beauty

Positively Pampered Mobile Beauty

Sally Beauty

Perfect Choice Beauty

Sweet Beauty Treat

Beauty Entourage

Mobile Beauty Therapist

The Beauty Room

Beauty At Home

My Beauty Squad

Metro Look

Beauty Nature Collection

Elegance Mobile Beauty

Luxury Skincare Boutique