What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is the process of hosting data or services on the internet and servers but not on the local storage devices.

The most very important aspect of any organization is the data it has and the process of processing that data. To achieve this with the minimal efforts and at the best rate or lowest cost is what makes an organization stronger and better.

Globally there has been a rise in Cloud computing. Cloud computing came at the best time when organizations wanted to decrease the hardware costs, keep everything or data accessible globally, develop efficiency in data processing and reduce their operating costs.

Cloud computing enables an organization to access its data anytime and from anywhere in the world. One does not need to carry hard disks or use any device to transfer their data from one office to another. Cloud computing has make work easier. You can easily access your data to your cloud server.


The future in technology is all about making work easier and efficient. Most organization in the world have implemented cloud in some capacity, may it be a small organization or big organization. Below are some reasons why cloud computing is very important in your organization.

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What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is more stable. This is because there are regular and automatic software updates. Unlike the physical systems in our offices, we usually wait until the time they break down. Fixing them also takes time or even days which reduced the productivity of our work.


With cloud computing you can do anything in seconds. Your business will grow and at the same time you will have a need to grow your resources to match your capabilities. For instance storage space, bandwidth and other things will need updating. Having the physical systems within your premises will have days or even months. With cloud computing its faster and easy, making it flexible to your needs.

Reduced costs

Cloud computing will help you cut a lot of costs within your organization. The money which would have been used in purchasing hard disks and other data storing devices will be used in other things to increase the productivity of the organization.

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In case you have travelled and you need to instruct your employees on what to do or you are in the middle of a project, you can always access all the information. As long as both of you have access to the internet you can work on the same project. This leads to teamwork and at the same time able to deliver projects on time.


On this platform you can always be the master of everything. You decide on a package that you want. When you find something that is better and suits your needs, you go for it. Unlike the systems on the premises which have a contract that you must stick to them.


Cloud computing is more secure as the cloud servers have security protocols that are developed by the best security analysts in the world. While the systems on the premise might be compromised or the premises be robbed.

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Cloud computing enables you to move data from one device to another. In this century, with the advancement of technology, we no longer use a one device to execute a certain task. Cloud computing enables us to move the project from one device to another without worrying about the resources.

Ecological Benefits

Taking care of our universe is very essential.  Cloud computing is much greener and better. It enables us not to purchase a lot of devices which at the end when they become faulty we throw them into the environment leading to pollution.


There are many companies and more so start ups that are offering cloud services. This makes the market competitive, cost effective and much better in terms of services as each one of them wants to attract clients