Best Female Gospel musicians in Kenya

Best Female Gospel musicians in Kenya

Best Female Gospel musicians in Kenya is an informative article that acknowledge the hard work that female gospel musicians put to ensure that the gospel is spread to every corner in the country. Currently, music has a different approach compared to the one used by former musicians.

From the early 1990’s to present day we look at the Best female Gospel musicians the county has heard their lyrics over the radios and televisions

Best Female Gospel musicians in Kenya

1. Mary Atieno Ominde

Mary has been in the gospel music industry for more than 30 years. She has over 13 albums and one thing that is outstanding is the passion she has for singing. She is well known for her all time song ‘ Adamu na Eva’. In 2012 she won a groove award for under the category of Outstanding Contributor. In addition to singing, she is a music teacher at Buruburu Girls High School.

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Mary Atieno Ominde

2. Henrie Mutuku

Henrie Mutuku is another outstanding female gospel musician in Kenya. She was among the first female to do contemplary gospel music back in late 1990’s. Her song’s include ‘Manzi wa maana’ ‘Amini’, ‘Nakuhitaji’ and many others. She has won several awards including Best vocalist and Best artist from East Africa

Henrie Mutuku

3. Esther Wahome

Esther Wahome ia well renowned musician who started her singing immeditely she ended her secondary school education in 1993. She released her hit song in 2002 which was well received by her audience. However, its her song ‘Kuna dawa’ that gave her a break through in music and as a result she has won several wards from female artistic of the year and song of the year back in 2004. She has been an epitome to many gospel musicians.

Esther Wahome

4. Jemimah Thiongo

Another outstanding and best female gospel musician is Jemimah Thiongo. With her hit songs ‘Akisema atakubariki’ and ‘Mipango ya Mungu’ she became one of the respected and favourite musicians to many Kenyans. She started singing at the age of 13 and she recorded her first album in 2003.

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Jemimah Thiongo

5. Emmy Kosgei

Emmy is a vibrant and talented gospel musician who sung the well renowned song ‘Taunet Nelel’. The album for this song opened her way to stardom as she one of the most renowned gospel musician in Africa. Her love to maintain an African theme in her songs has enabled created a brand for her. She has worn awards both locally and internationally.

Emmy Kosgei

6. Eunice Njeri

Not only is Eunice Njeri among the best gospel musician in Kenya, she has really mentored many upcoming musicians.Her growth in the music industry has not been easy, she had interest in music since she was young but she recorded her first album in 2007. Some of her well known music includes ‘Bwana Yesu’, ‘Unatosha’, ‘Ameni’ and many more.

Eunice Njeri

7. Wangechi Mbogo

Wangeci Mbogo is Kenyan gospel musician who is known for her song Apewe sifa which was well known back in early year 2000. She has won several awards both locally and internationally,

Wangechi Mbogo

8. Size 8-Linet Masiro Munyali

Size 8, whose real name is Linet Masiro Munyali is famous gospel musician who was born again and converted to Christianity in 2013. She is well known for song Mateke , Yuko na wewe and many others.

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Linet Masiro Munyali
Linet Masiro Munyali

9. Kambua Manundu

Another best Female Gospel musician in Kenya is Kambua Manundu. Not only is this woman beautiful she is also talented in music and has won several groove awards such as Female artist of the year back in 2009 and Song writer of the year in 2012.

Kambua Manundu

10. Mercy Masika

The list of best female gospel musicians cannot end without the name of Mercy Masika. Born in family of musicians, she has become a favourite musician to many. Her hit song ‘Mwema’ and ‘Nikupendeze’ have stolen the hearts of many Kenyans to wins awards in category such as female artist of the year

Mercy Masika