Best Hairstyles for Women in Kenya When You are Broke

Searching for the Best Hairstyles for Women in Kenya to Rock when Broke and still look Trendy? In this article we are going to look at awesome hairstyles to rock when broke and still look trendy.

There comes a time of the month when your pocket faces some constrains and you still need to look trendy. Affording Brazilian weave becomes a hard task as you need to channel the money into other important things.

When you are at this stage, it’s good to try out new styles, don’t be worried on how people will say you go back in time, for instance you put on an afro. For sure you will rock.

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Best Hairstyles for Women in Kenya

Below are ways to make your hair rock with just simple hairdos.

Temporary locks

Is your hair short, you can create temporary locks to make your hair look good and trendy. You can use a waxing gel and a wet towel. Roll your hair into temporary locks. You can also use a special brush that will turn your short hair into temporary locks.


Cornrows or braids are an ancient traditional African style of hair grooming. They are simple lines or braids, with as little as Ksh 100 or 200 you can get your lines done. You can use a color of your choice to look trendy.

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You can stay with them for weeks if well maintained and washed properly.

Bantu knots

The bantu knots will give you that natural look. They will make you look lovely and stylish. The bantu knots are easy to make. They will also keep your hair moisturized and looking natural

Blow dry

You can also blow dry your hair. Your natural hair will look straight and enhance your beauty.


Keeping your hair natural is an amazing thing and it brings the beauty in you. You can comb you hair to look like an afro. Keeping it afro brings out the true African queen in you.

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Which Best Hairstyles for Women in Kenya are you using when you are broke? Drop us an email on