Best Online Business Tools for Better Productivity

Best Online Business Tools for Better Productivity: Starter businesses, a new entrepreneur, or business manager in a big company there is usually one thing in common, to make profit or money, to improve the efficiency, and use the available resources at a minimal cost.

We all know what makes an organization tick is better productivity. To achieve productivity you need to put some effort and time into whatever you are doing. Businesses are ready to adopt any strategy that improves productivity in their businesses. There are many management methodologies that have been provided by management gurus across the world, which are effective though they need a lot of investments.

At the same time, having an online presence is very essential for any organization. With the emergence of new technologies, there are many amazing tools to better your productivity.


Below is a list of the best online business tools which will transform how you work and turn you and your organization into productivity.

Best Online Business Tools for Better Productivity

1.    Google Drive


Google drive is a tool that will give you the touch of the cloud. It allows you to store your files, documents, presentations, or any data or information you might have. It enables you to share the data with your clients, colleagues, or anyone who requires it. It saves you time from transferring it from your computer to another as you are able to access it anytime and anywhere you like.
Using Google drive you can upload your work and work from home or anywhere as long as you are able to access the internet.
Google drive is absolutely free of charge.

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2.    TweetDeck

Tweetdeck lets you manage a lot of your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, in a new interactive better interface. It helps you to run better and cooler online Social media campaigns.

3.    Elance

Sometimes you do not need to hire every person to the company or organization if you want a particular task done. For instance, if you want an article written once a week or twice a month, you would most likely not hire a person permanent to do the task. This is where freelancers’ platforms come in.
Elance is mainly a freelancer platform where you can find the freelancers to hire, let them do a job for you, and pay them on delivery. This saves you time and money.

4.    Uberconference


Technology has changed very fast, thanks to the Internet. At this age, you do not need to travel from one point to another when you need to attend a meeting. Online conferences are new in the world of business and conferences. Uberconference is a solid and effective tool that lets you hold online meetings or online conferences with your clients, bosses, managers, colleagues, or potentially anyone. It has the potential to handle thousands of people in a meeting.

5.    Wix


Wix enables you to open a professional website on their platform. It enables you to create beautiful websites in just minutes by using the basic drag and drop methodology.

6.    Social Mention


Social mention lets you discover what people say about your business on the Internet, it helps you improve business, and make the dissatisfied customer happy about your business. Feedbacks do play an important role in any online business. A good reputation takes up months to build up and takes less than a minute to destroy it.

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7.    Google analytics

Google Analytics enables you to know how your organization is growing. It enables you to analyze where your website stands in terms of your online presence and what share of the online potential customers are you getting.

8. Hiver


Hiver is an amazing tool that will turn your email into a simple and
powerful collaboration tool. One of the most popular products built for Gmail and Google Apps. It allows you and your team to do customer support and project management right from Gmail.


  • Shared Mil Box –
  • Collision detection – Get notified when someone else is replying to an email in a shared mailbox or to an email shared with you using shared labels
  • Shared labels – Share your Gmail labels to assign emails as tasks and also track their status and share information easily
  • Shared contacts
  • Send later – Schedule emails to be sent at a later date
  • Email reminders/ snooze – bump emails back to your inbox at any future date
  • Email Notes – Write emails on conversations
  • Shared email templates


Canva will help you create beautiful design solutions for your work. The platform enables you to share your graphic design on social media. There are templates, styles, fonts, backgrounds, and all that you need to create designs.  The Canva will enable you to create presentations, posters, flyers, cards, Facebook posts photos, videos, etc

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Leadpages will come in handy when you want to create unique and catchy landing pages, both for your website and social media. The platform will enable you to spend less time creating landing pages and enable you to spend more time on other things.


CoSchedule is a tool that enables you to Organize All of Your Marketing in One Place from Any Place. It will enable you to easily collaborate with your team members.


This is an all-in-one productivity platform that offers a wide range of features that will help you become more productive in what you are doing. It is a completely customizable work management solution that is designed for teams of all sizes and across different industries. ClickUp offers more than 15 interactive views that will enable you to visualize your project timelines. The dashboard enables you to see your work.


The dropbox enables you to access all of your documents in a safe manner whenever you are. You can also share your work with your coworkers on dropbox. The dropbox is comparable to Google Drive. It is also a standalone business tool that can be downloaded as desktop software or used on the web.

Dropbox features:

  • Create and edit your work directly in Dropbox
  • Online cloud storage
  • Store and access files from anywhere
  • Sync files between different devices
  • Secure file management
  • Easy file sharing
  • Restore folders and files