10 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

This article discusses some of the Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools. The best way to know if a business is successful or not is through analyzing of the available data, results obtained vary depending on the industry you are or the product and service you are dealing with.

Analyzing and handling data to get meaningful results is not an easy task. It requires time, dedication, man power and effort to achieve the required outcome. The main thing to consider is on how to get the raw data to be understood. It can be in terms of charts, reports, graphs, sorted or mined data. There are many Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools available in the market that can assist you in making the work easier.

The Open source business intelligence tools becoming more and more popular as the days pass. Business intelligence tools enable us to make our daily tasks or work easy.

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Open source business intelligence tools helps business owners or an individual using it to extract information from raw business data.  Enjoy some free business intelligence tools and best open source reporting tools.

10 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

Below are some of the Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools that will help you get the information you want from your business data.

1.    BIRT

BIRT is an open source technology software project that is used to provide or create data visualizations and reports that can be embedded into rich client and web applications, mainly those based on Java and Java EE.

BIRT technology platform is one of the most widely adopted data visualization and reporting technologies with over 12 million downloads.

2.    Spagobi

The Spagobi is an open source business intelligence tool which offers developers a wide selection of analytical functions as well as a notable set of advanced data visualization features including geospatial analytics and mapping. It can work on various functions such as menu management, scheduler, user profile system, import or export, audit and monitoring and graphical interfaces.

3.    Pentaho

Pentaho is comprehensive data integration and business analytics platform that will enable you turn information into insights. Pentaho has data mining, reporting and dashboard capabilities. This open source business intelligence tool will enable you to gain a competitive advantage. It is easy to use and create simple to moderate reports.

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4.    Jasper report

It is one of the most popular and widely used open sources reporting tool.Jasper is an Open Source Business Intelligence Software that is made of several components such as iReport report designer, jasper report library, and jasper report server and jasper report studio.

This Business Intelligence tool help organizations make faster decisions by bringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processes through an embedded BI reporting and analytics platform.

5.    Report Server

Report server will enable you to gain independent and fast access to the correct information you are looking for successfully.

ReportServer is one of the best business intelligence platforms for your company.  It integrates the best reporting engines of different providers under a single user interface.

Report server offers excellent features like graphic reports, interactive dashboards, reports variances, dynamic lists, team spaces, report management, hierarchical structures, data sources, user management and many more.

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6.    Talend

Talend is an open source integration software product which offers real-time solutions for all types of data integration.

7.    Rapidminer

Rapidminer empowers organizations to easily create models, prep data, and operationalize predictive analytics within any business process.

8.    Openi

Openi is open source business intelligence tool which can execute business projects with small budgets and can do all your work in quickest and economical way.

9.    Jedox base

Jedox is a business driven Intelligence tool that empowers you with powerful planning, resourceful analytics and reporting on every device.

10.    KNIME

KNIME is an open source data analytics, reporting and integration platform. It offers offers user-friendly data integration, processing, analysis, and exploration.



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