Best Weather Apps for Android

Best Weather Apps for Android: Accessing information has become much easier, thanks to Smartphones. With a click of a button you are able to get all the information you are searching.

We all love to keep updated with the weather of our current locality. This helps you to plan in advance or plan the day.

Since the launch of Android, getting weather updates has become much easier. There are dozens of best weather Android apps and best weather widget for android available that can easily let you know how the weather will behave during the day or hours ahead of you.

Best Weather Apps for Android

1) 1Weather:

1Weather has amazing graphics, well designed and not complicated to set up. It provides real-time weather updates depending on your location or any location that you add.  It also gives the latest updates of wind speed, temperature, Visibility, UV index, Barometric Pressure, and much more.


1Weather enables you to track current conditions and forecasts for your location and up to 12 locations that you choose.

You can easily share weather conditions with your friends via email and social media.

1weather for android. Get it on Google Play

2) Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather App

Yahoo Weather app is a free weather app for Android. The Yahoo Weather app brings current conditions backed by the most accurate forecasts. The app keeps the user updated by constantly providing weather notifications in the status bar and also in the various kinds of widget that comes bundled with it.

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3) Accuweather:

Accuweather AppAccuweather offers you accurate weather updates.
Accuweather is a free weather update App that gives you all of the information you need about weather, hourly forecasts as well as extended forecasts. The Accuweather App is well designed and easy to use. The app offers great experience across all Android smartphones and tablets, and Android Wear.

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4) HD Widgets

HD Widgets is an app for weather updates. It acts as a one stop solution for all your weather update needs. The weather Widgets allows one to switch between several weather information services such as Weather Underground, Weatherbug, Accuweather among others. This enables the user to have a quick look on the on weather information from many other weather information services instead of depending on one.

HD Widgets

It enables the user to create their own custom weather widget.
HD widget saves you from installing several weather update apps to get information on weather updates. The HD widget app also comes with other pre-installed widgets to show the battery information, Settings toggles and much more.

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5) The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather channel keeps the users up to date with the latest and accurate weather updates. It is one of the most widely used weather update app for Android. The Weather channel App comes with a lot of features. It can show you hourly, weekly, or 15 day period forecast option in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Apart from just giving you temperatures, it offers you “feels like” weather, dew point, humidity, sunset, sunrise, wind speed, UV index, visibility and barometric pressure.

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6) Weather Underground

Weather Underground Android appWeather Underground Android app provides most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts in addition to interactive radar, satellite maps and severe weather alerts. It combines the service of unique community of weather enthusiasts who report live data from their stations. This enables you to get targeted forecasts on your location.

With Weather Underground you can instantly view current temperature and conditions. It also includes temperature, wind speed, feels like, dew point, humidity, visibility and much more
Forecasts can be Hourly, Daily or even 10 day forecasts.
Weather Underground offers a more personalized experience. It has a very smooth UI and offers the user with almost all the updates in a single page, making access of the information easy.

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7) Weather Bug

WeatherBug App has a nice design and a simple to use interface, it makes accessing the latest updates of weather easier. WeatherBug App is a free weather app for android phone which provides the latest weather forecast along with warnings for severe weather in your area.

WeatherBug App

WeatherBug is recognized as the Best Weather App. WeatherBug accurately keeps you informed of dangerous weather. It shows you if it’s safe to go outside in a particular weather condition.

Get accurate weather and forecasted weather hourly with WeatherBug. It is the most reliable and longest running weather reporting app with the most features at your fingertips to help you prepare and know earlier.

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8) Arcus Weather:

Arcus weatherArcus weather one of the top weather apps for android for getting latest weather updates. The app is well designed with Home screen widgets and customizable data areas. Arcus hyper local weather forecast provides you with the most precise up to the minute weather forecast available”.
Arcus weather App uses the API to get the most accurate and most current weather information.

Arcus weather app also provides prior notifications of weather. Works perfect with Android wear.

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9) Go Weather

Go Weather appGo Weather app is one of the best weather applications for android. It keeps the user updated with reliable and accurate weather information.
The app is well designed and provides accurate current and future weather info, beautiful widgets as well as live wallpapers.

GO Weather Forecast and Widgets app offers detailed real-time weather report which includes real-time weather status and temperature, precipitation, “feels like” temperature, UV index, visibility, humidity, pressure, pollen counts, and much more.

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10) Google Now

Google Now offers many features in the form of cards. The weather card, displays the daily forecast of weather of your current location, work location and even your travel destination.

Google Now

Its design is simple and has minimalist interface. Google Now app also comes with a card for public alerts, it updates the user with emergency information which is fetched directly from National Weather Services and the U.S. Geological survey.

Get it from Google Play

11) Weather Live

Weather LiveWeather Live is one of the most beautiful weather app as well as the most popular weather app android. You can set animated wallpapers with live weather conditions on your home screen and be informed the weather in your locality ant time.

Weather Live will provide you with current weather conditions and forecast in your city and multiple locations all around the world. Offers live weather scenes reflecting real-time weather conditions. Weather Live has Beautiful weather widgets.

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12) Weather and Clock Widget Android App

Weather and Clock Widget Android App provides detailed current weather observation and weather forecast for all world locations. The app searches for your address automatically and provides the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Weather and Clock Widget Android App

The app also provides current weather condition, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, visibility distance, precipitation in different unites, ultraviolet Index (UV index), dew point, wind speed and direction, in addition to ten days future forecast and hourly weather.

– Light and Dark themes with different icon sets.

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There are many weather app that offer accurate weather depending on your locality. Choose the Best Weather App for Android that best suites you.