Breast Cancer Slogans & Sayings

Breast Cancer Slogans and Breast Cancer Sayings: Breast cancer is becoming a common disease across the world. To increase awareness among people, October has been set aside as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Though it should not only be the month to create awareness.

Breast cancer awareness can be done throughout the year. If you can’t find the perfect breast cancer slogans and breast cancer sayings to use on your camp, the below slogans will give you a rough idea of what to use.

These Breast Cancer Slogans or Breast Cancer Sayings can be used on banners, t-shirts, posters, or anyplace you would like.

Breast Cancer Slogans

These Breast Cancer Slogan ideas will inspire you to find that unique, creative and catchy Breast Cancer Slogan for your campaigns.

A Cure Worth Fighting For.

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

Awareness is Power.

Believe There Is Hope For A Cure.

Best protection is earth detection.

Big Or Small, Let’s Save Them All

Boobies Make Me Smile

Boobs need our help

Boobs, Sweat And Tears

Boobs: They Need Your Support!

Breast Cancer is Crusin’ for a Bruisin.

Breast Cancer Sucks.

Breast Cancer: Been There, Beat That.

Breast In Show.

Breast Power

CANcer CAN’t but We CAN.

Cancer Is A Word, Not A Sentence

Cancer may have started the fight, but I’ll finish it.

Cancer Touched My Boobs, So I Kicked It’s Butt.

Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Girl.

Cancer’s Tough, But So Are You.

Celebrate life.

Check Your Boobies, Mine Tried to Kill Me.

Choose hope not fear

Don’t Be a Boob. Save One Instead!

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Don’t Let Breast Cancer Steal Second Base.

Don’t underestimate the power of pink

Early Detection Saves Lives

Every month should be breast awareness month

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Every ribbon makes a difference.

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death

Feel For Lumps. Save Your Bumps.

Feel it and fight for it

Fight for your life

Fight Like A Girl.

Fight Strong

Fight the Fight, Find the Cure.

Fight till the end

Fight, believe & hope

Fighting back until there is a cure!

Fighting Breast Cancer Takes Everyone.

Find the Cure.

Finding the cure starts with hope

For Guys, Every Month Is Breast Awareness Month.

Get ready to win

Get Your Pink On.

Ghosts and Goblins don’t scare me, I survived breast cancer.

Girls fight tough

Give a hoot for a cure.

Give cancer the Boot.

Go pink or go home

Got a Sense of Tumor

Got Boobs? Get Checked.

Got Pink?

Have faith, not fear

Healthy boob is a best boob for your child

Hey cancer, you picked the wrong girl

Hey cute girl, never give up

Hey girls, take care of your headlights

Hope for the fighters, Peace for the survivors, Prayers for the taken

Hope is stronger than fear.

Hope, Strength, Love

Hope. Faith. Courage. Strength.

I Am A Breast Man

I Can-cer Vive.

I fight like a girl!

I Hope, I Fight, I Will Win.

I love breasts and hate breast cancer

I Pink I Can!

I Stare Because I Care.

I will fight, I will win

I’d walk forever for a cure.

I’m a Cancer survivor MOM, like a normal Mom except much cooler

I’m Here For the Boobies

I’m not a survivor, I’m a F’CKN Warrior

I’m too sexy for my hair.

In the Pink.

It’s all about boobs

It’s not pink. It’s not pretty. Cancer sucks.

It’s time to beat Breast Cancer

It’s your property, take care of them

Join the fight, one step at a time.

Join us in this fight

Keep calm and move on

Keep calm and save boobs

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Kick breast cancer before it kicks you

Kick it off your chest

Knock out Breast cancer forever

Ladies, Check Yourself!

Let’s get it off our chest

Let’s save breasts

Losing is not an option

Love. Life. Hope.

Mammograms. A few minutes for a lifetime.

Never Give Up Hope

No cancer is ever good

No One Fights Alone.

Nobooby Left Behind.

Not Just Surviving, Thriving

On the other side of struggle is the gift of strength

On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink.

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible. – Christopher Reeve

One day at a time.

One Team. One Dream. Let’s Find a Cure.

Overcome through courage and strength

People die everyday, cannot we help them in some way?

Pink is my signature color.

Pink is Stronger Than You.

Pink my color. My Cause.

Pink October

Pink Power.

Pink spreads the hope.

Pink, It’s an attitude.

Positively Pink.

Protect Your Rack.

Put Your Breast Foot Forward.

Ready, Set, Go Pink.

Real Men Wear Pink.

Relay for Life Slogans

Remission Rocks.

Save A Life, Grope Your Wife.

Save Second Base.

Save the Boobies.

Save the headlights

Save the Hooters.

Say No Sir to Cancer.

Screw Cancer.

She believed she could so she did.

Shoot for a cure.

Shouting Out Pink!

Show you care, be aware.

Stand by Her

Stand strong against breast cancer

Stomp Out Breast Cancer.

Stop the War in My Rack.

Strength in numbers. Power in pink.

Stronger than cancer

Submission Impossible

Tell Breast Cancer to Step Aside.

Thanks For the Mammories.

The Breast Is Yet To Come.

These Boobs Were Made For Walkin’

Think Pink

Think pink and live happily

Together We Can Make A Difference.

Together we fight. Together we win.

Turn Up the Pink.

Walk the Walk. Find a Cure.

Walkin my buns off for boobs.

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Walkin’ for the Girls.

We are fighting to keep a BREAST of the competition.

We cannot let cancer win

We Treasure Our Chests.

Wear Pink Like a Boss.

Who Says Girls Can’t Fight?

Breast Cancer Sayings

A Feel a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

Believe in the cure.

Big or small, save them all

Breast Cancer Awareness is not just a Month.

Breast matters

Busting Our Buns For Boobs

Cancer Survivors Are Sexy

Care for your boobs, care for your child

Check your bumps for lumps.

Early detection is a better choice

Enjoy your life

Fasten Your Pink Ribbon

Fight For The Girls.

Fight, we are with you

Finish the fight

Happy, alive, built to survive

Hope is my Superpower.

Wear your pink ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans

One of the most important aspects is raising awareness of the scope and seriousness of this disease. Raising of breast cancer awareness can lead to early detections of the disease. The slogans can also educate people on the causes and impact of cancer. If you are searching for breast cancer awareness slogans, these breast cancer awareness slogan ideas will spark your creativity and enable you to find a cool slogan.

Breast Cancer Awareness is not a one month activity it is a continuous activity

It takes everyone to fight cancer

Even a little effort makes a big difference

Create the awareness

Let us come together and fight cancer

Save a life, go for screening

Life is worth fighting for

You don’t fight alone; we will be with you all through

Fight cancer a day at a time

Fight it early before it spreads

Have hope, and you will feel better