Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System Reviews

Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is a powerful and easy-to-use applicant tracking system that allows you to manage the entire recruitment process from a single interface. Bullhorn recruiting software enables you to manage from any Internet browser, a desktop or mobile device, on a PC or Mac.

Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System Reviews

Bullhorn recruitment system offers the most comprehensive applicant tracking system for managing the recruiters’ workflow. It allows recruiting teams to be on the same script and work seamless through each step of the recruitment process.


Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System

Bullhorn staffing and recruiting software takes you through from job submission to candidate placement. It eliminates wasted time on manual data entry, reorganization the end to end recruiting process and enabling the team working on the process to move faster and work smarter.

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Bullhorn recruiting software empowers recruiting professionals to:

  • Track candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.
  • Efficiently manage candidate information and monitor recruiter activity.
  • Integrate sales and recruiting activity.
  • Respond quickly to applicants and collaborate with other team members.

Bullhorn Staffing Software is designed to maximize the efficiency and output of recruiting and staffing agencies. The system grows with you as your business grows. Keep your company focused and outsmart your competitors with this HR management software.

The software also provides you with data and insights that will help you make the correct business decisions.

Bullhorn Applicant Tracking Software is highly configurable. It allows you to lay out screens according to individual preferences and adjust user interfaces. Bullhorn can also be integrated into your existing business management systems.

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It is Web-based and priced monthly depending on the organization’s number of users.

Bullhorn Recruiting Software Review – Features

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Work faster and smarter
Bullhorn enables you to work faster by making the right decisions. It improves the recruiter productivity and manages the entire recruitment and applicant management process.

Save time and improve productivity
Bullhorn applicant tracking system faster than comparable systems and it helps recruiters generate more placements within the shortest time. It is delivered through software-as-a-service,

Automates Recruiting Cycle
The whole process is automated; this helps you to save time and work on other productive work.

Easy to Use
Bullhorn automatically captures every candidate and client interaction. It Boosts productivity with consumer-like usability and mobility

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Predictive Intelligence
It shows who to reach out and when to connect. It offers you actionable insights into accounts to avoid getting blindsided.

Saves you Money
Bullhorn offers you results fast and helps you save money.

Better Job
Bullhorn is an effective ATS that will help you do your job better and achieve results very fast.

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