Candle Company Names Ideas and Suggestions – Catchy, Unique & Funny

Candle Company Names: One of the fast-growing businesses and easy to start is the Candle-making business. You can easily learn and open your own candle business company.

Candles are widely used across the world. There are different types of candles from scented to non-scented candles.

If you are planning to start your own company, these candle business names will spark your creativity and enable you to come up with a catchy Candle Company Name for your candle-making business.

Candle Company Names

When starting a business, one of the tasks is finding a cool brand name for your business. Sometimes coming up with a cool and creative candle company name can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start. These candle company name ideas will spark your creativity and enable you to come up with your own candle brand.

Slow light Candles

Kandle Lit

Candlelight Beeswax

Brighter Home Candles

Colorful and Glowing Candles

Blue wax

Good Smell Candles

Baby Wax Candle

The ideal Candle

Spicy Wax Candle

Sweet Love Scent

Fruity Nice

Bright Candle Company

Clear Wax Scented Candle

Candle lit

Warm Scent Co.

The Secrets

Strong and Glow Candle Company

Magic Scented Candles

Alluring Candle Company

Spicy Scented Candles

Sweet Scent Candles

Light Candles

Royal Burn Candles

Sweet Wax Candles

Flashlight Candles

Oasis Candle Company

Eco Candles

Unique Candle Company

Home-made Candles

Scented White candle

Quick Life

Fruity Love

Eternal Flame

Dream Secrets

Kids Candle

Enchanting Queen

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Queen’s Scent

Hook Plus

Glow Light Candles

Divine Scent candle

Flaming Light Candle

Shinning Scent candle

Bottle Candle

Home Wax Candles

Candle Wax Glow

Mood Set

Nice Scents

Powerful Candles Company

Wax Home candle

The Queen Candles

Home Royal

Rooted candle

Bright Home candle

Fruity Colorful Candles

Brighter Home candles

The Finest Candle

Pure Wax Candles

Long life Candles

Wild Glow Candles

Candle Joy

King Wax Candles

Slow Burn Candles

Stunning Wax Candle Company

Scented Wax

Catchy Candle Business Names

Candles are widely used especially during birthdays, valentine’s day, weddings, during special dates, and more. Starting your own candle business is not an easy task. These Candle Business Names ideas will enable you to come up with that unique business name for your candle business. Pick a name that will easily attract your customers and enable them to remember your business.

Moon Night Candles

Pretty Six Candle

Tender Candles

Pure remarkable Candles

Perfect Wax Candle Company

Bright Bees Candles

Sweet Illuminate Candles

Moonlight Candles

The Cottage Candle Company

Fascinating light candles

Sweet Floral Candles

Little Candles

Bees Wax Candles

Happy Yellow Candles

Sparkling Glo

Cute Scents

Brightest Candles

Cool king Candles

The Colored Candles Company

Fire Glowing Candles

Sparkle Candles

Avenue Cute Candles

Fragrance candles

The Best Candles

Magical Love Candles

Fruity Colored Candles

Cute Candle Company

Glamor Candles

Sweet-scented Wax candles

Perfect light Candles

Pink Candles Company

Charming Candles

Catchy Candle Company Names

When you start searching for candle company names you will discover there are so many candle company names out there, finding a catchy candle company name can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start. These catchy candle company name ideas will enable you to come up with a unique candle company name for your business.

Cute Snow Candles

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Luminaire Candles

Pink Spring candle

Inner Candles

Friends Candles

Moonlight Classic Candles

Love Scent Candle Company

Fierce Candles

Afterglow night Candles

Grass Wax Candles

Beautiful Vanilla Candles

Holy wax candle

Fabulous Candles

Little Kingdom Candle House

Baby Four Candles

Sweet Cone Candles

Natural Scents

Magic glow candles

Empire Candle Company

Perfect Custom Candles

Passion Candles

Passion Candle Store

Get Up Candles

Little Butterfly Candle Company

Cate Kandle

Perfect light candle

Six Star Candles

Cute Lit Candles

Shadow Flame Candles

Pretty Unique Candles

Cool Ambiance Candle Company

Phantom candle scent

Focus Candle Inc

Desire Kingdom Candle

Big works Candle Company

Black Candles

Crave Aroma Candle Company

Funny Candle Company Names

There are times you might want a company name that is funny, a name that is interesting, a name that will attract more customers towards your candle bran. These funny candle company names ideas will spark your creativity and enable you to come up with funny interesting candle names.

Flameless Candles

Little Blessings Candles

Wax off Candle Company

Holidays Candles

Sunflower smelling candles

Vanilla Scented Candles

Rose candles

Waxless candles

No Flame Candle Company

Light the Way with Candles

Beeswax Company

Take Candles

Burn Candle Company

No Lights Candle Company

Don’t light the candles

Wax nothing

Candle Company Name Generator

There are times that you would want to use a candle names generator. This candle business name generator names will spark your creativity and enable you to come up with a cute candle company name for your business.

Brighten Candle

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The Flame

Kids Candle

Candy Flame Candle

Dry Flavor Candle Company

Candlelight Company

Polish Candle

Distinct Aroma

Sweet Candles

Fragrant Feeling

Diamond Candle Company

Joy Trading Co

Fragrant Jewels

Liquid Wax candles

Joy Wax Candles

Moonlight candles

Magic Moon Candle

Creative Candles

Urban Light

Wax Trap

Sweet Scent

Distinctive candles

Candle Prints Co

Collective White candles

Romance Candles

Spot on

Knight Scent candle

Heavenly Candles

Good night candles

The Flaming Candle

Rustic Candle Company

Unique Candle Names

If you are searching for unique candle names, then you came to the right place. These Unique Candle Name Ideas will enable you to come up with catchy candle names for your business.

Everlasting Wax candle

Earthly Candles

Consecrated Flame

The East Scent

Montana Candles

Family Candle

Fresh Scent Candles

Soothing Aroma

Strange Wax candles

The Fragrant

Ordinary Spot Candle

Sharp Scented Candles

Beautiful Aroma

The Unique White

The Lost Full

Lovely Scents

Strange Scent Candle Company

Strong Scent Candle Company

June Scents

Cozy candles

Trusted Glow

The Hot Flavor

Classic Candle

Jemmy Candles

Twinkle Glow

Lingering Flavor

Serene Wax candles

Sweet Candle Aroma


If you are starting a candle business, you will need a cool candle company name. The above unique and catchy candle company name ideas will spark your creativity and enable you to come up with unique candle names.