Cool, Unique & Catchy Car Wash Name Ideas

Car Wash Name Ideas: Are you planning to start a car wash business but can’t find a good car wash name for your business? Don’t worry as you came to the right place.

Car wash is a business like any other; therefore Car wash business names are very important. Coming up with a unique and cool car wash business name sometimes can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to start.

Here we are going to look at catchy car wash name ideas that will inspire you to find that unique car wash name for your business.

Find a collection of car wash business names that will inspire you to find a cool car wash business name.

Car Wash Name Ideas

Junior’s Car Wash
A Classy Touch Auto Detailing, Inc.
The Muddy Washes
Strictly By Hand
Happy Bubbles

Peterson’s Soft Cloth
Magic Suds
Bubble Bath
The New York Car Wash
The Sud Studs
Wash or Wax
AAA Cleaners
Wave Car Care Center
ABC Car wash
Cherries & Cream
Hygiene Car Wash
Obsession Car Wash

Hot and Fresh Car Wash
WOW Carwash
Squeaky Clean
The Clean Car Wash
Ride the Wave
Bubble Time
Splash Car Wash
Elephant Car Wash
Class Washes
Regal Auto Wash
VIP Car Wash

Heaven Sent Car Wash
Lather Up! Car Wash
Impressive Freshness
U-Drive Express
Magic Touch Car Wash
Go-Go Gumbo

Oily Slick Car Wash
Cancun Shine and Dry Car Wash
Mint Condition
Come Clean
The Smart Car Wash
AAA Rocket Wash
True Wipe
Wash Wax N Go
White Horse Auto Wash

Flashy Car Wash
Black & Bleach Auto Wash
Blue Wave
Gateway Express Car Wash
Mr. Clean Auto Wash
Ultimate Clean Car Wash
The Driveway Detail
Premier Car Wash

United Wash
Cashmere Car Wash
Flashy Sparkle Car Wash
Hand Carwash
Eco Car Wash
Curly Wash

Clean and Green
Megawashyland, Inc
Thunderbird Car Wash
Peak Oil Change & Lube
Come On In and Shine
Touchless Wash
Car Wash Campus

Cashe’s Wash
A Touch of Shine
Awesome Car Wash
Clean Machine Car Wash

Catchy Car Wash Names

House of Wax
Luxury Touch Car Wash
Once in a Blue Moon
Balloon wash
Bubble-Free Car Wash
Elite Finish

All-Star Detailing Spa and Wash
The Best Bet
Mr. Bubbles Car Wash
Fire Hose Car Wash
Top Dog Express Car Wash
Mighty Joe Young
Over The Hump
Clarity Car Wash
Sparkling Diamond Car Wash

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Drive Cleaner Car Centre
Aqua Wheel Wash
Fresh and Green Car Wash and Lube
Magic Touch Carwash
Happy Car Wash
Imperial Car Wash
American Auto Wash
Gentle Touch
Gold Coins Car Wash

James Bond’s Espionage Car Wash
Rocking Ride
Dark Knight Solutions
Auto Click
True Blue Car Wash
Rust-Oleum Car Wash and Detail Centre
Best West Car Wash
Speedy Wash
Gorilla Wash

Super Wash
Touch-Free AutoWash
Family Car Wash and Detailing Centre
Super Shower
Transformer Car Wash
Cool Wave
G-Force Wash
Splash and Dash Car Wash

High Speed Detailing
Around the Block Car Wash
Oyster Point Car Wash

Three Palms Auto Spa
Finish Line
Wash & Shine
Soft Touch Car Wash
A-1 Sunshine Car Wash

Fast Finish Car
Mister Car Wash
A-1 Quick Wash
Canyon Shine
Express Wash
Spongebob Squarepants
Drive-By Wash
Bermuda Shine

Thanks for the Rain Wash
Wash My Car
Ice Crystal Washes
Lather Me Up Wash Center

Names for Car Wash

In and Out Wash
Extreme Car Wash
Affordable auto wash
Big Shot Garage
Outlaw Mobile Detailers

Speedy Kids Wash Station
Swirlin’ Bubbles
Challenger Car Wash
Clear Car Wash
The Swirl

Armor Car Wash
The Perfect Shine
H2O Mop Store & Shine Depot Inc.
Mega Car Wash
Mace Security
Grapefruit Car Wash
All-Clean Car Wash
Quick Clean
Absolute Auto Spa and Detail Center

All The Best Cleaning and Auto Detailing
Kwik N’ Kleen
Clean Sweep
Dry And Shine Car Wash
Air Duct Cleaning and Car Wash
Touchless Loving Car Wash
Super Shine
Espresso Car Wash

Buff Master
Dazzle and Shine Carwash and Car Detailing Centre.
Top Hat Car Wash
Mr. Green Earth Auto Wash
Royal Wash
Shining Light Car Wash

Car Care Center
Diamonds Washes
3 Minute Express Wash
Palm Slick
Cleaning Point
Splash n Dash
Casa De Sheen
Alpha Car Wash

One Stop Auto
Deep Clean
Lookin’ Good
Bouncing Bubble Auto Spa, Inc.
Convoy Hand Carwash
Five Star Car Wash
Golden Trail Auto Detailing

Clean as a Whistle
Friendly Car Wash & Pet Spa
Sunshine Car Wash
Coast to Coast Car Wash
Daddy-O’s Suds and Scrub
Rain or Shine Wash

Black Diamond Washes
The Clean Machine Car Wash & Laundromat
Busy Bee Car Wash

Car Wash Business Names

Grease Monkey
Champion Hand Car Wash
Ultra Clean Express
We Wash

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Sud-a-Jet Car Wash & Laundromat
Acadiana Car Wash
Blue Ribbon Car Wash
Day N Nite
Kaady Car Wash
Spin Car Wash

Mr. Clean
Auto Fresh Home Service
Victorious Shine
Soaps and Suds
Sidekick Car Wash
Stars & Stripes Car Wash
Ace Car Wash
Majestic Car Wash

Jet Dry Mobile Wash
City Slicker Car Wash
Color Me Clean
Diamond Glow
Sir Washes-a-Lot
Clean Cut
Jumbo Wash N Go Car Wash
Grit & Splash
Detail Express Car Wash

Car Wash Center
Wash N’ Go Express
End Wash
Black Diamond
Energy-Saving Diamond Washes
Motoring Car wash
The Express
Genie Car Wash

Wash and GLO
Clean In A Snap Car Wash
Prime Shine
Brisk Mobile Car Wash
Super Suds
Shampoo & Shine Car Wash & Laundromat
ABC Gem Car Wash
Highway Havens Car Wash
Blue Collar Car Wash

Cactus Car Washes Inc.
Touch of Class
Magic Shine Car Wash
Beach Bum Car Wash
Car Wash and Coffee Machine

Soapy Suds Car Wash
Whistle Dixie Car Wash
Body Beautiful
5 Point Auto Spa
Car Wash ABC

Car Wash Name Generator

Wash Factory
Kiss And Dash Wash
Autumn Rain Car Wash
Jet Black Shine
Always Bright Cleaners

Bob’s Car Wash and Lube Unlimited
Mr. Wash
A to Z Car Wash
Clear View Car Wash
Handy Fixer Auto Wash & Repair Centre
Soak City
Champs Carwash
Astroblast Wash and Shine
Car Washing World
Soap Suds Laundromat
Tiny Hands

Super Car Wash
Quick ‘N Shine Car Wash & Laundromat
Dry Rub ‘n Wash
Buff it Car Center
A Washers Dream
Rinse Ace
Melissa’s Car Wash
Blue Swirls Car Wash

Mega Wash X-press Car Wash
Awesome Auto-Spa
Tower Car Wash
Grade A Car Wash

Fancy Branches Car Wash
Down to Earth Car Wash
Ace Shine Auto Wash
Auto Axis
Rub a Dub
Goo Goo Car Wash

Detailed by Precision
Dirt-Busting Diamond Washes
Snappy Shine
Fast Splash
Peak Mart Car Wash
New Generation Shine
Amethyst Washes

A Clean Slate
Automatic Car Wash
Urban Auto Therapy
Cliffhangers Car Wash
Sparkles and Shine
Fast Track Car Wash
Happy Town Car Wash
Diamond Concours Renovation, Inc.
The White Knight Car Wash

Flush and Sparkle
Dance with the Stars Car Wash
Heart of Gold Cleaners, Inc.
Eco Wash Auto Spa
Fearless Shine Car Wash

Funny Car Wash Names

Going Round and Coming Out Clean
Dashing Shine
Full Circle Car Wash and Laundry
Cow Car Wash
BYOB (Bring Your Own Bucket) Car Wash
Bubble-Licious Car Wash
Tangerine Tango Car Wash

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Sparkle and Shine Mobile Carwash
Touchless Auto Spa
Lather, Rinse and Repeat Car Wash
One-Stop Car Wash
Monkey Car Wash
Shine and Glaze
White Car Wash

Clearview Car Wash
Ultra Wash
Sunshine Polishing
Affordable Car Wash
Your World Blown Away Auto Wash
Whiz Wash
Buff ‘N Go Car Wash
Speed Washes

Cleaning Car Wash
Aquablast Auto Spa
Running Water, LLC
Cozy Wash
Fleece and Fabric Detailing
La-Do-Da Hand Car Wash
All-Season Car Wash Center
All Washed Up

The Shining Wash – a nice pun
HammerHead Car Wash
Fairy Car Wash
Easy Go Clean
Fire Engine Car Wash
Flash & Go Car Wash
The Bubbling Brook
Shine, Shine, Shine
The Bubbles Bath & Body Wash Bar

All Surface Car Wash
Outside the Box Car Wash
Horse Car Wash
Express Drive Thru Car Wash
The Buckin Bronco Car Wash
Soap, Glo, and Go
Shark Car Wash

Good Names for Car Washes

Utica Car Wash
Auto Laundry Car Wash
Atlantic Ave Car Wash & Lube
Mount Vernon Self-Service Car Wash
Prime Auto Detailing Inc

Shiny Car Wash & Lube
10th Avenue Car Wash
Best Brooklyn Car Wash Inc.
VIP Auto detailing
Superior Auto Steam
Corona Car Wash Inc
Winter Season Car Wash
Greenpoint Car Wash

Gentle Touch Hand
Ultimate Wash
Soft Touch Car Wash Inc
Pesach Car Wash by Geshmake Shimon
Hillside Carwash & Express Lube

Ace Car Wash Sales Services
Colony Car Wash
Brighton Hand Car Wash
Best Auto Spa
Splash Plus Car Wash
NY Car Spa
Englewood Car Wash
Sunny Brite Auto Wash Corporation
Lavazh Special Car Wash
Northern Boulevard Car Wash
Pelham Bay Car Wash & Auto
Boulevard Car Wash

Hollywood Car Wash
Express Car Wash
Hand Car Wash
Nyc Automobile Bath
Atlantic Brushless Car Wash
Williamsburg Hand Wash & Auto Detailing

LMC Car Wash & Lube
Boom Car Wash
Divine Parking Hand Car Wash
Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube
Astoria Auto Detailing Center
V & F Car Wash
Bani’ Hand Car Wash & Custom Detailing
Riverdale Car Wash
Golden Touch Car Wash Inc

Giant Car Wash
Empire Auto Detailing Spa
Magic Car Wash & Lube
Fiorano Hand Car Wash
Michael’s Car Wash
Brooklyn’s Famous Car Wash
Century 21 Car Wash