eCitizen Kenya

ECitizen Kenya is a website that allows Kenyans citizens and foreign residents to easily access government services. Through eCitizen many people can now pay for these services through M-pesa, debit cards or throuagh agents eCitizen Kenya website: Through eCitizen you can get services from National police, Kenya Revenue Authority, NTSA, Services from AG office, … Read more eCitizen Kenya

Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System Reviews

Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System is a powerful and easy-to-use applicant tracking system that allows you to manage the entire recruitment process from a single interface. Bullhorn recruiting software enables you to manage from any Internet browser, a desktop or mobile device, on a PC or Mac. Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System Reviews Bullhorn recruitment system offers … Read more Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System Reviews

Best Applicant Tracking Software

Find and compare the best applicant tracking software in the market. What is applicant tracking software? An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that facilitates the electronic handling of recruitment process. The key to a successful business is having the best employees. The Applicant tracking software assists in ensuring you hire the right … Read more Best Applicant Tracking Software