How to Check Temperature of HTC Device

This article will look at How to Check Temperature of HTC Device.  HTC is well known for manufacturing quality smart phones. Devices manufactured by HTC carry with them a unique design with a solid build to provide a great unique experience to the user.

Every manufacturer’s device has some advantages and disadvantages. HTC devices are well built, premium, very good camera quality but there are a few cons as well. On prolonged use Majority of HTC devices tend to overheat.


One such issue is the overheating of HTC Devices.

HTC Device


Overheating is generally considered only when the temperature of the device is over 50°C.

How to Check Temperature of HTC Device

Check Temperature of HTC Devices
1.    Launch the Dialer app on your device.
2.    In the Dialer app, copy paste the following code: *#*#4636#*#*
3.    A new Menu will open. Tap on Battery Information.

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HTC Device temp

The new dialog box will show you the exact temperature of your device. You can check the battery health, voltage, temperature, scale, technology etc

HTC temp

If the temperature of your device is over 50°C, your device is certainly overheating and it be looked into as soon as possible. In this case lowering the CPU and GPU voltages and under clocking with 200 or 300 mHz would do the trick.