Content Creator Tools – Best Content Creation Tools

Content Creator Tools: There are many websites being designed every day, some in the same niche or field. Marketing of those websites has not been left behind. There is a need to create unique content on your site, regardless of your business model, a blog, online portal, company site, online magazines, directory, etc.

Even if you are selling your own products, providing information, current news, questions, and answers or you are just offering any kind of service, you need to have good content that is related to your line of business that will make sense to users that will eventually convert whatever you want into leads or sales.

It’s all about having useful and informative content in any line of business you are doing. For instance, if you are selling a product or are in eCommerce you will need to have a good and unique description about your products that will make an individual be interested in purchasing the product. It has to have all the information required about the product.

Unique and quality content is known to be an important element of online marketing. Yes, you got it right! Creating high-quality content on a website can help you generate leads. In this case, it’s very important to add some intriguing and creative content to your websites as this will help you drive more visitors towards your website.

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Want to write unique and eye-catching content? It’s not an easy task for everyone to write unique content. You need to do some research on a regular basis and add creativity to your content. The experienced writer and perfect writers also do regular research on their content. Apart from research, you must have a very good command of grammatical knowledge and vocabulary. Ensure your content does not have any spelling mistakes and any visible mistakes that users are likely to find.

Writing perfect content with no mistakes or errors sometimes becomes very hard; we all make mistakes or errors. This is why you need online tools to help you boost your productivity. Below are some of the best tools to boost the productivity of content creators.

Content Creator Tools – Tools Used to Improve Productivity of Content Creators

1. Online Correction tool

This is a free online and an amazing tool for checking grammar and other common errors. You can check the grammatical errors which occur in the contents and online pages. It is a user-friendly tool that does not require you to sign up or register in order to check grammatical errors. All you need is to visit the website, enter your details in the box and click on the check button. It will show you the results.

2. Respelt


Respelt enables the content writer to check the spelling on the content of their website. The tool checks automatically the spellings of your content daily.  It will check the pages and RSS feeds. This is web-based software and no download is required. The tool is easy to use. No complications.

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3. Copyscape


Copyscape is a brilliant free tool that assists you to determine contents that are duplicate contents or checking plagiarism. It enables you to determine whether your content is original or duplicate. There is no registration. On the home page enter the URL of your web page.

4. Word counter

Word counter

The Word counter tool provides you with a platform that enables you to count the words and characters of your content. It is an ideal tool for writing Metadata of your website pages where you have limited words or characters to support.  It also helps you to count the number of words used in the online content. You do not need any account for this. Just copy and paste your content.

5. Last pass

It is an ideal tool for content writers or creators. The tool can be used for research and can study any content and topic to gather additional information. This is a secure way of browsing through the internet. It lets you store all your usernames and passwords.

6. Stay focused

This is an amazing tool that helps you avoid unnecessary surfing on websites. It’s a Google Chrome app. It will boost your productivity by restricting the amount of time that you may spend surfing unnecessary websites. You create list of websites that you would not like to browse and set a timer. It helps one to stay focused while working online.

7. Google Trends

Google trends as a tool help you track the attractiveness in Google search over a period of time.  The tool will help you find which topics or keywords will attract more readers and hence more traffic to your website.

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8.  Buffer


Buffer is a tool that helps users to easily connect with their social networking sites, such as Facebook, G+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This enables writers to share their posts and blogs just in a few seconds on social media accounts.

9. Polldaddy

Polldaddy helps you to add surveys and quizzes to your content. By using surveys and quizzes, it adds more flavors to your content. It will become more interactive and interesting.

10.  Thing link

This is a way of making your images more interactive. Upload an image and tag it or embed it to your site.

11. Paper rater

Paper rater enables you to evaluate the quality of content to the target audience. When you copy and paste the content in the app. The app will give you suggestions to change the content.

12. Dropbox


Dropbox offers you free online storage where you will save your document, files, and images. Dropbox also enables you to share it with others via the shared link of the file.

13. Canva

Canva is one of the most popular tools for creating graphics. It allows one to create high-quality images using layouts, templates and design elements. There is a free version that one can use or buy the pro version if you want more features.

There are many other Best Content Creation Tools, we have just highlighted a few. If you have one in mind write to us an email about the tool to enable us to include it.