EACC Clearance Certificate – How to Get EACC Clearance Certificate

EACC clearance certificate is issued by the body mandated to handle corruption issues in the country. Currently the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission issues certificates to show that one has been cleared of any corruption cases.

The government aims at eradicating corruption in all sectors and nothing would be more efficient than ensuring that the persons who are getting into its services are people who don’t have any pending corruption issues. All government jobs require one to have EACC clearance certificate so as to be shortlisted for any position. The days when all was needed was academic certificates to get employment in a public office are gone. Apparently in addition to the EACC clearance certificate one will need to have Tax clearance certificate, certificate of good conduct and even in some cases clearance certificate from Higher Education Loan Board (HELB)

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How to get EACC clearance certificate

1. Visit EACC website and download two self-declaration forms

2. Fill in the form as request. Some of the information required include general information such contacts details, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, ethical issues etc.

3. Attached the required documents which include: Copy of identity card or passport, KRA PIN Certificate , Academic certificates

4. Take the form to the commissioner of oath or magistrate for it to be stamped

5. Completed form can be submitted at the EACC Headquarters along valley road in Nairobi or county EACC Regional office or any Huduma centers. No online submission are allowed

6. The person receiving the documents will verify the information provided and acknowledge receipt of the forms by stamping on both copies and one self-declaration form will be returned to you and one will be retained together with the attached documents. The forms can be dropped by the person applying or by any other person in case the applicant is not available.

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7. The time you submit the documents no certificate will issued as per you expect, however once you have been shortlisted in a certain job position the EACC will issue a report to the panel or prospective employer interviewing you.

Note: To get an EACC clearance certificate you will not be charged any amount at their offices. The only charges are the ones you may incur when getting a stamp from commissioner of oath.

EACC contacts

Head office in Nairobi

Location: Integrity Centre, Valley Road at Milimani Junction
Postal address: P.O. Box 61130 – 00200
Head office phone number: (020) 2717318; 2720722; 2100312 / 3
Mobile number: 0729 888881 / 2 / 3; 0736 996600 / 33
Fax: (020) 2717473
Email address: eacc@integrity.go.ke
Website: www.eacc.go.ke

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To get further clarification on application on application of EACC clearance certificate you can contact the following offices

EACC Nairobi Office Mobile phone No.: 0727 285663 or 0733 520641
EACC Mombasa Office Mobile phone No. 0710 768706; Tel: 041 2319081 / 2
EACC Kisumu Office Mobile phone No: 0715 408512; Tel: 057 2023111
EACC Garissa Office Mobile phone No.: 0729 480404; 0737 994444
EACC Nyeri Office Mobile phone No.: 0703 204580 or 0789 665500
EACC Eldoret Office Mobile phone No.:0703 602727 or 0789 776600