eCitizen Kenya

ECitizen Kenya is a website that allows Kenyans citizens and foreign residents to easily access government services. Through eCitizen many people can now pay for these services through M-pesa, debit cards or throuagh agents

eCitizen Kenya website:

Through eCitizen you can get services from National police, Kenya Revenue Authority, NTSA, Services from AG office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of land and physical planning

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eCitizen services

Some of the services you can get from eCitizen Kenya include

  1. eCitizen certificate of good conduct

Did you know that you can apply for certificate of good conduct through eCitizen?

Under the link: Directorate of Criminal Investigations, you can be able to apply for certificate of good conduct. The process has become easy as many Kenyans need to get this certificate before getting any kind of job from the government. Through eCitizen Kenya the time taken to get your certificate of good conduct has now been reduced to approximately less than 2 weeks

For more information check: how to get eCitizen certificate of good conduct

  1. eCitizen NTSA

Through eCitizen NTSA you can now apply for various services such as

  1. eCitizen NTSA Application for Driving Test
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This is where anyone who has been going through driving classes gets the opportunity to apply for a driving test so as to get a driving a license one the test is passed.

  1. NTSA license renewal

You can renew you license through eCitizen account.

Look at: NTSA license renewal

  1. Motor vehicle registration

In this section you can reregister you vehicle, motor cycles, tractor, trailer, get personalized number plate numbers, get special number plate numbers, payment for replacement of GK number plate numbers etc

  1. Apply for foreign vehicle permit

For anyone who gets into the country using a foreign you can get an authorization permit from NTSA through eCitizen

  1. eCitizen business registration

If you have an eCitizen account you can register your own business. It’s now easy and with less than two weeks you could have your company registered. Under this section you can search a business name and register it, if you prefer to register a company you can also do so.

  1. eCitizen birth and death certificate application

Anyone requiring a birth and death certificate can be able to do so through eCitizen. One you login into your account you will get this services under civil registrations

  1. Passport, VISA and Temporary permit

Under this section you can be able to apply for passport, VISA and temporary work permit under the department of immigration

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eCitizen Kenya has numerous services that you can access. Together with county government eCitizen Kenya has worked together to provide some of the services directly related to them. The government has been able to collect billions in terms of fees charged for the services offered through this platform. The government has been able to bring closer its services to many people. Any assistance need in regard to eCitizen can be got from Huduma centers across the country, this had helped decentralized many government services to the common person.


eCitizen Features

Online Services

No more visiting of the ministry to collect the forms for application. The services are provided online. Fill online application form, submit and then receive your permit in PDF format wherever you are.

Single Sign-on

Using a single account enables you to access all the government services. You do not require multiple accounts. You only require a single username and password.


It has never been this convenient. Pay from the comfort of your desk. Pay using mobile money, online banking from local banks and Debit or credit cards.


One is able to receive sms and email notification every time your application has been progressed.

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eCitizen Kenya Services

Business Name Registration
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Business Name Search
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Notice of Marriage
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Issuance of a registrar’s certificate
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Solemnization of marriage
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Issuance of a marriage certificate
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Commissioning of affidavits
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Provisional Driving License
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Driving Test Booking
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Interim Driving License
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eCitizen Kenya Driving License Renewal (1 Year)
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Driving Class Endorsement
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Duplicate Driving License
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Driving License Information Corrections
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Official Search (Nairobi Blocks)
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Land Rent Clearance Certificate
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Application for official copy
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Passport application for Adults
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Passport Application for Children
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Application for Kenyan Visa

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Birth Certificate
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Late Birth Certificate
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Death Certificate

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