Best Firefighter Slogans, Mottos and Sayings

Looking for the best firefighter mottos and firefighter slogans? Find some of the best firefighter slogans, mottos, and sayings that will give you an idea to get your own unique slogan

Firefighter Mottos

1. A fire today – no job tomorrow

2. Always ready

3. Bring the fire safety cheers

4. Safety Always

5. Practice Fire Safety

6. Duty is our pride

7. By his grace we serve

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8. Fire defense is a self defense

9. We drag our hoses

10. We Fight What You Fear

11. We are there when you need us most.

12. With better gear, we fight the fire

13. Fire Prevention is our Intention.

Firefighter Slogans


1. Be fast or be last.

2. Do let the fire start

3. Safety First

4. Firefighters you need us

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5. Fire safety: Everyday job

6. Know your escape plan

7. You can prevent fires

8. Think of fire before it starts.

9. Duty without fire safety… brings fatality

10. We serve to save.

11. Pride at Protecting People

12. Think of fire before it starts.

13. Never trust fire.

14. No Flame Too High.

15. Dedicated Service Through Teamwork

16. Fire Prevention, making it a Priority

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17. Fire safety: Everyday job

18. Firefighters don’t go on strike.

19. Firefighters save hearts and homes.

20. Focus on Fire Prevention