Unique & Catchy Food Truck Name Ideas

Food Truck Name Ideas: Want to start a food truck business but have no idea what name to write on it or use? Don’ search further as you have come to the right place. Here we are going to look at catchy, unique, and Clever Food Truck Names for your food truck business.

When starting a food truck business, there are so many factors you need to consider, one of them is a good food truck name. You will need a catchy name for your business, a name that will capture the attention of your customers.

These Food Truck Names will inspire you to find a catchy food truck business.

I am sure with these names you will find a perfect food truck business name.

Food Truck Name Ideas

Rolly Guacamole

Food on Wheels

NYC LunchBox

Mushroom Bite

Spice Town

The Food Vault

Meat Masters

Juice Town

Butter My Biscuits

Chinese Creations

The Bbq Pit

Yum Yum Shack

Guerilla Burritos

Pan Man

Food on the Move


Pull Up Pros

Nomadic Noodles

The Food Dude

Food Part

Breakfast Rally

The Mediterranean Man

Rex Fries

Daily Deli

Denver Dust

Nacho Regular Fries

The Dining Car

The Launch Truck

La La Land

Food 4d Seoul

Butter Bus

Hook the Cook

Hot Potaotoes

Brew Bus

Meatless Yum Yums

The Food Loft

Cuppa Joe’s

Lettuce Eat

The Chili Bus

Tempting Truck

Four Wheeled Meals

Coffee To Go

On The Go Ice Cream

Taste of Miami

Hunger Cure

The Big Food Truck

Rolling Dough

Food Hangover

Catchy Food Truck Names

Misfit Meals

Chinese Express

Nuts About Doughnuts

Food Engine

The Food Gourmet

Shake Shack

Kathy’s Kart

Delicious Drive By

The Nomadic Foodies

The American Burger

Chef Shack

Best In Class Burger Co.

Flipping Spree

The Meal Bus

The Urban Diner

The Veggie Van

Dumpling Yumpling


Smoothie Ville

Deli Lama

Meal on Roads

The Bacon Truck

The Food Engine

World Cuisine

The Hungry Traveler

Perking Lot

The Master of Mexican Food

Crunch Munch Fried Foods

That’s a Wrap

Wheeled Meals

Food Floyds

Bacon Buggy

The Mexicano

Full on Tacos

Rolling Orders

Fried Egg I’m in Love

Pasta Parade

Tuco’s Taco

Truck Full Of Flavor


The Southern Food Truck

Recipe Wagon


Bagel Brothers

Clever Food Truck Names

Max’s Loaded Fries

Tasty Truck

Diner Dash

Truck Delight

Burger Buggy

Pizza Pals

Homemade and Hot

Mobile Meats

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Fire Up the Grill

Driving Delight

Master Of Mexican Food

The Wicked Tacos

Mobile Kitchen

Trucks Full Of Taste


The Nyc Lunch Box

Donuts & Dogs

The Hungry Bunny

Feed Kitty

Roaming Recipes

Meal Buggy

Truck Abundance

Food For Fuel

Dream Doughnuts

The Brew Crew

Food Bash

Bob’s Badass Burgers

Fired Up

Pipin’ Hot and Fresh

The Bun Bus


Tango Mango

Diner Driver

Bulls Eye Burritos

Food To You

Burger Bird

The Stray Cook

Flavors of Miami

Rolling Stoves

Serving Slice

Spicy Slider

Traveling Tastes

Sir Burger

The Food Fest

Smiles For Miles Fried Food

Names of Food Trucks

Carte Blanche

The Band of Burgers

Food Classics


Tips from Marcus

The Food Fighters

Culinary Creative

Taco Travelers

Timmy’s Food Shack

The Food Fix

Food glider

The Food Patrol

Donuts and Dogs

Cure For Cravings

The Roadside Café

Salsa Shack

Bakin’ Me Crazy

Pizza Wings

Taco Stand

The Lunch Box

Drive and Dine

Waffle Love

Outside Eatery

Chilly Rides

Pizza Wheels

The Dump Truck

Food to Fly

Delicious Delivery

The Happy Taco

Food Coma

The Fries Empire

Menu Manchester

The Urban Taco

Flavors Punch

The Meat Masters

The Sandwich Club

Kathy’s Cart

Froyo Frozen Yogurt

The Coffee Stand

The Munch Box

Custom Pizza Express

Engine Indulgence

Cupcakes on the Go

Exquisite Eatery

Unique Food Truck Names

Satisfying Wheel

Speedy Eats

Coffee Break


World Of Food

Gourmet on the Go

Chef on Wheels

The Mexican Bistro

Oven on the Run

Go Go Gourmet

Taco Haven

Divine Food

Taco Central

Taco Taxi

Quick Fix Menu

Frenzy Fill

Smoke House

Little Lovely

The Tasty Trucker


Bliss Wheels


Street Pie Truck

Spiced Up Indian Cuisine

Hot Potatoes

Four Wheeled Flavor

Munch Mobile

Dash Diner

Rolling Fatties

Yummy In My Tummy

Pulled Up Pros

Pizza and Wings

Paper Plates

Brew Thru

Delicacy Hop Trucks

Walk Up Wings

The Rolling Stoves

The Coffee Cart

Food Concepts

Burger Bus

Loaded on Cheese

Good Names for Food Trucks

Meals On Wheels

Taco Trailer

Seven Spices

The Fresh Tortilla

Street Flavors

Food Infinite

Food Trailer

The Wrap Wagon

Memories of Mexico

Cruising Cuisine

Trucking Delicious

Bacon Galore

The Wandering Van

Happy Hour

Food Binge

Car Ride Catering

Kitchen Express

Got It Meals

Brown Crunch

Delicious Delivered

Food Mama

Taste Truck

Meal Rocket

On the Move Menu

Ricky’s Mobile Pizza

Wheeled Wonder

Creamy Creative

The Cow and the Curd

Salsa Street

Twist on Wheel

Tequila Tracks

The Nomadic Foodie

The Juicy Burger

Traveling Snacks

Papa Johns

The Rolling Burrito

Lovely Bites

Fring Fajitas

The V Van

Spanish Food Truck Names

The Paella Man Cometh

Paella and Sangria

Paella Party Truck

Fiesta en la Calle

El Rincon Cordobes


Cafe Sevilla

Espadrille Street

Cantina Madrid

Steak Taco King

The Spanish Meat Wagon

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El Buen Gusto

Empanada Truck

La Cocinita Mobile

Tia Maria

Fiesta Fiesta BBQ

Chorizo Fiesta

Mercado on the Move

La Canoa

Tasty Tapas

Spanish Tapas

Costa Azul

Spanish Rice and Beans

The Paella Man Truck

Don Quixote


Taste of Spain

Pulpo Loco Truck

Rockin Paella

Caminos de Espana

¡Ay! Ay Ay! Burrito Truck

Tapas and Tacos

Boca Loca Food Truck

The Basque Pig

Tortilla Land

Iberico Pork Sandwich

Mexican Food Truck Names

Mexican Central

Mexican Southern Grill

Macho Taco

Sorta Tortas

The Carnitas Car

Toasted Tortilla

The Burrito Bus

Burrito Bros

Cha Cha Chile Truck

Rollin’ Burritos



Taco Amigos

Mama Margaritas

Salsa Street Grill

Tortilla Bonita

Rice & Spice

Miguel Amigo

Tortilla & Taco

Feasty Quesadilla

Amigos Grill


Antonio’s Special

Chillies & Cheese

Burrito Wagon

Maria’s Mexican Food

Tex Mex

Taco Barrio

Taco Food Truck Names

Taco Heads

Spicy Taco

The Tasty Truck

Taco King

Tacos At All Hours

Taco Heaven

Tacos R Me

The Vegan Taco Truck

Taco Grill

Deep Fried Taco

Taco Grande Truck

Fresh Off The Griddle T

Tacos Tacos Tacos

Authentic Tacos

Tacos del Sol

Munch Time

Awesome Taco6

Taco Box

Well, Here’s a Taco!

Taco Mamacita

Party On Wheels

Taco Plus

Feed My Taco

Salt of the Earth

Taco Master

The Taco Wagon

Booze And Tacos

Dessert Food Truck Names

Kansas Cookie Co.

Coney Island

Cupcakes To Go

The Mobile Bakery

Treats Food Truck

The Cookie Cart

Sweet Ride

Sweet Treats

Waffling On

Gino’s Gelato Van

Dessert Truck

The Roving Baker

Mango Sweet Treats

Doughnut Chef

Honeysuckle Bakery

Mobile Muffin

Sweet Cream Cart

New York Crepes

Sprinkles Food Truck

Manolo’s Cannoli Express

Sweet Wheels

LA Ice Cream Co.

The Stray Baker

Doughnut Truck

Urban Bakery

Sweet Eatery

Big Doughnut Co.

Vegan Ice Cream

Retro Pops

The Urban Creamery

Churros Bros.

The Waffle Wagon

Handmake Cake Co.

Roadside Cup Cakes

Bonanza Bakery

Sweet Eats

Organic Ice Cream

The Cake Box

Cup Cake Caravan

Californian Cupcakes

Whipped Ice Cream

Udderly Delicious

Mobile Sweets

The Big Scoop

The Rolling Baker

Rolling Doughnut

Pizza Food Truck Names

Topped Pizza Co.

NY Pizza Co.

Wheely Good Pizza

Pizza Peddler

Street Eats Pizzeria

Mobile Pizza Parlour

Pizza Truckr

Eat A Pizza

The Pizza Truck

Downtown Pizza Co.

The Rolling Pizzeria

Sliced Pizza Co.

Papa’s Pizza’s

Dough Boy Pizza’s

Stonebaked Pizza Co.

Vegan Pizza Co.

Deep Dish Pizzeria

Four Quarters Pizza

Melted Pizza Co.

Gino’s Mobile Pizzeria

Gourmet Pizza Co.

The Urban Pizza Co.

The Mobile Mozzarella

Nomadic Pizza Co.

Kneed A Pizza

BBQ Food Truck Names

Tab Cab Foods

Ordered For Hunger

Otto & Motto

Rollin Fatties

Oyye Hoyye

Oh My Gogi BBQ

Pop Up Foods

Seafood Food Truck Names

Boiled Over Fish

Red Lobster

Wet Willies

Seaside Grill

The Crab Shack

Bubble and Squeak

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Fishy Food Truck

Wharf on Wheels

A Lobster’s Tale

Shrimp Daddy

Fish Out of Water

Seafood Express

Shrimp on the Run

The Codfather

The Clam Shack

Oysters Rock

Fish Worth a Try!

Ocean Fresh Sushi


Mermaids Return

Taste of the Sea

Catch of the Day Truck

Lobster Love

Seas the Day

Mouth-Watering Seafood

Tuna You Later

Crab me Crazy

The Fisherman

Fish On

Food Truck Name Generator

BizNameWiz Writer

Breakfast Cart

The Fish Boat

The Mexican Wrap

The Pizza Pals

Tater Tots

Van Vittles

Sunday Binge

Tasty Taquito

Java Hut

The Hunger Tour

Food Lab

Food Masters

Pizza Stunner

Street Eatery

La La Be

Street Dudes

Anywhere Eats

Movable Menus

Tacos For All

The Samosa Master

Hungry Engines

Yummy Meals on Wheels

Eat Fest

Beyond Food

Veggie Heaven

The Kitchen Express

The Smoothie Operator

Cater By Car

The Halal Sisters

Little Tasty Food

Daily Hip Hop

Border Grill

Pop Us Foods

Chase It Foods

Ravenous Roll Up

New Age Stir Fry

Blue Crew Food

Scoop Bus

Burger Food Truck Name Ideas

Mr Burger

Loaded Burger Co.

The Urban Burger

Bun Run

Nomad Burger Co.

The Burger Brothers

The Burger Spot

Urban Diner

Harrys Burger Bus

The Burger Bros.

LA Burger Co.

Vince’s Burger Van

New Your Burger Co.

The Eisenburger

The American Burger Co.

Jumping Jack’sBurgers

American Street Food

The Burger Shack

Bite-Sized Burgers

Bobs Burger Bus

Boston Burger Chef

Texas Burger Grill

Breakfast Food Truck Name Ideas

Street Car Crepes

Miss Maple’s

Sunrise Scrambles

Over Easy On Wheels

Hash Browns

The Omelette Truck

The Flying Benedict

Frenchi’s French Toast

The Jam Van

Morning H’Anger

Brave Little Toaster

The Hash Wagon

Bitchin’ Bagels

Second Breakfast

We’ve Got Hash

Makin’ Bacon

Breakfast Bandito

The Breakfast Bus

Pancake Flippers

The Savage Spatula

The Biscuit Box

The Twisted Toaster

Quiche It Classy

The Butter Bus

The Mad Griddle

Cheese Toasty Co.

Bacon Buffet

Mobile Morning Grill

Breakfast Bus

American Pancake Co.

Breakfast Burrito Co.

The Breakfast BBQ

Happy Mondays

Morning Glory

Waffle Mobile

Melt’s Cheese Truck

The Waffle Cart

Omelette Truck

The Crepe Cart

Bagel Bros.

Twisted Toaster

Mobile Mornings

Jam Van

The Breakfast Mobile

Frenchi’s French Toast

Sunrise Mobile Cafe

Funny Food Truck Names

Warm Buns

The Shrimp Peep

Shut Up and Eat

High on Food

The Meat Mobile

Sheldon Cooper Was Here

Rasta Pasta

The Bbq Bus

Lord of the Greens

Menus in Motion

Game of Greens

Jack Sparrow Ate This

Meat My Truck

Food Splash

Cheeky Buns

Son of a Bun

Between Two Buns

I Got Beef With You

High on Cheese

The Food University

A Truckload of Food

Meat the Cheese

The Chew Chew Truck