Funny WiFi Names

Funny WiFi Names: To surprise people who are using your network or make it funny, you would like to use a Funny Wi-Fi Name.

You can make your Wi-Fi network names hilarious. It is very easy to change router names, to deliver a strong message to neighbors, or be creative and funny.

Find some of the best funny WIFI names

Funny WiFi Names

2 Girls, 1 Router

404 Network Unavailable

404 Wi-Fi Unavailable

99 problems but WiFi ain’t one

A Lannister Always Surfs The Net

A Van Down By The River

Abraham Linksys

Access Denied!

Airplane Mode Active

All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us

Android Bluetooth

Area 51 Test Site

Baap ko bol net lagva de

Bandwidth on the Run

Bandwidth Together

Bathroom Cam 2

Battle of the Bandwidth

Because a LANnister Never Forgets

Bedroom Drapes Open Please Watch Us

Benjamin FrankLAN

Best WiFi for All Time

Best WiFi ROuter

Big Busty Asians

Bill Clinternet

Bill Wi the Science Fi

Bob’s Unsecured House of Wifi

Bondage Club

Brave Little Router

Bring Beer and Women to 40.2


Byte Me


Call Me Maybe

Candy in the Van

Capture the Lag

Cash is king

Changed to Protect the Innocent

Choose a Network

Clean your glasses!

Clever Wi-Fi Network Names

Click Here for Viruses

Click Here for Wifi

Click Here To Brick Your Phone

Click Here to Download

Close your bathroom curtains

Connect and Die

Connect Automatically

Connected, Secured

Connection Lost

Connection Out of Range

Connection timed out

Covet not thy neighbor’s WiFi


Cup of sugar

Cut your lawn

Darude LANstorm

DEA Surveillance

Definitely Not An FBI Surveillance Van

Definitely Not Wifi

Device Battery Low

Device Damaged

DHARMA Initiative – Station 4


Dial-up Internet

Direct Satellite Home Transfer



Don’t even try it

Don’t Snoop

Drive-By Wi-Fi (for automobile hotspot)

Drop and give me 20

Drop it like it’s a Hotspot

Dunder MiffLAN

Enter the Dragon’s Network

Enter the Dragon’s Wifi

Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!

Error: Please Contact Your ISP

Escaped Nigerian Prince

FBI Surveillance Van

Feel Like Flying

find nearby WiFi

For Sale Inquire Within

Free Public Wifi

Free Public Wi-Fi

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Lan

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Full bars

Funny Wifi Name

Gateway 504 Error

Get Off My LAN

Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi

Get Your WiFi


Girls Gone Wireless

Go & Take Money From Your Dad

Go Go Gadget Internet

Go Go Router Rangers

Go Home Tourists

God Is Our Rock. He’ll Save You!

Gone Catfishing

Got Milk?

Ha Ha next time lock your router

Hack If You Can

Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!

Herpes Positive

Hidden Network

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi

Hide you wifi

Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi

Hogwarts Hall of Wifi

House LANister

I am the Internet, AMA

I Believe Wi Can Fi

I Can Haz Wireless?

I Did Your Wifi Last Night

I don’t like Gang Bang

I Left the Seat Up

I Love You My Love

I Love you my wifi

I Now Pronounce You Man and Wifi

I Pronounce you Man and WiFi

I’m cheating on my Wi-Fi

I’m In Your Closet

I’m Not A Witch I’m Your Wifi

I’m Under Your Bed

I’m Watching You Now

If I Had Your Wifi Wouldn’t Need Internet

I’m cheating on my WiFi

I’m Under Your Bed

Incorrect password entered

Inigo the Modem


IP a Lot

IP Connection Refused

IP Freely

IP Steady Streams

IP When I Sneeze


It Burns When IP

It Hurts When IP

It’s a Small World Wide Web

It’s Not Paid By Your Dad

It’s a Small World Wide Web

Its Free, Enjoy.

Jan Everywhere. LAN Everywhere.

Joey Doesn’t Share WiFi

John Wilkes Bluetooth

Jump on the Bandwidth

Karen’s Network

Keep it on the Download

Kelvin’s Network

LAN Down Under

LAN of Milk and Honey

LAN Solo

LANdo Calrissian

LANnisters Send Their Regards

Let Me Out Of Your Router

Let them use it

Life in the Fast LAN

Limit Exceeded


Look Ma, No Wires!

Lord Voldemodem

Luke, I Am Your WiFi

Making Wifi Great Again

Malware Repository

Martin Router King

Missed Connections

Modem Family

Mom – Click Here for Internet

Mom Click Here For Internet

Mom Use This One

Mom, Click Here for the Internet

Move On

Mum Use This One

My Damn Internet

My Neighbors Suck

My Own Damn Internet

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Nacho Wifi

Need Antivirus Software

Network is down

Network Not Found


Never Gonna Give You Up

Never gonna give you wifi

New England Clam Router

No Free Wifi for you

No Free Wi-Fi Here

No Internet Access

No internet connectivity

No More Mister Wi-Fi

No Networks Available

No Soup For You


No Wifi Network Found In Your Area


Not a Virus

Not In Use

Not the Wifi You’re Looking For


NSA Net Secure


Obtaining the IP Address

Occam’s Router

Once See Back

One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor

Optimus Prime

Password is 1234

Password is Gullible

Password is Password

Pay $1 Per Hour

Penny get your own wifi


Pick up your dog shit

Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop

Ping’s Landing

Planet Express (for automobile hotspot)

Please Click For Identity Theft

Please Connect for Identity Theft

Please no more grindcore at 3 am

Please use me


Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

Pretty WiFi For A White Guy


Prohibited Area

Ready to Mingle

Recorded for quality and training purposes

RFID Tag Reader

Rhianna’s Navy

Router Failure

Router Malfunction

Router? I hardly knew her!

Routy McRouterface

Sanctum Sanctorum

Scary Sporty Posh Ginger Baby

Searching for a network


Series of Tubes

Server Error

Service Interrupted

Setting up…

Shaken not Stirred

Shut your dogs up!!

Shutting Down

Signal not found

Signing Off

Silence of the LANs

Simon Says No Wifi


Skynet Global Defense Network

Slow WiFi

Slower than Yo Momma

Spread the Wealth


Spying On You

Starbucks Wi-Fi


Starship Enterprise

Stop Being A Mooch

Super Thanks For Asking

Sweet Adeline

Talk Less, Work more


Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her

Tell Your WiFi Love Her



Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore


Thanks Bhaiya

Thanks Obama

That itchy feeling

That’s HotSpot


That’s Hotspot

That’s What She SSID

The Banana Stand

The Calzone Zone

The Creep Next Door

The Deathstar WiFi

The Internet

The LAN Before Time

The LAN Down Under

The LAN of the Free

The Legion of Doom

The Matrix

The Net starring Sandra Bullock

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The NightLAN Cometh

The Notorious R.P.G.

The One Where They Get W.i.F.i

The Password Is 1234

The Ping in the North

The Promised LAN

The Real World: WiFi

The Wireless-G Spot

These Chicks Don’t Even Know the Name of My Bandwidth

This is My Number

This is Not Free Either


This LAN Is My LAN

This Lan is My Lan, This Lan is Your Lan

This Space Left Intentionally Blank

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s WiFi

Titanic Syncing

To Be or not to Be

Top secret network


Trojan Virus

Troy and Abed in the Modem

Try Me

Two Girls One Router

Unavailable Now


Under Maintenance

Undercover Police Car

Unknown Device

Untrusted Network

Upload the rain download in africa

Use at your own risk

Use This One Mom For

Vance Refrigeration

Vandelay Industries

Very slow internet

Very slow internet, huh!

Virus Detected! Do Not Join

Virus Infected WiFi

Virus WiFi


Viruses Are Us


Virus-Infected Wi-Fi


Vladimir Computin

Waiting for the connection


We Were On A Break!


Welcome to the Internet

Wham Bam Thank You LAN

Who Pooped in the Pool

Whose Car Alarm is That

Wi believe I can Fi

WiFi In The USA

Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?

Wi-Fi, Wi-Not?

WI-FIght the inevitable?

Wi-Fight When We Can Make Love

Winter WonderLAN

Winternet Is Coming

Work Hard Play Hard

Work Only

Wu Tang LAN

Wu-Tang LAN

Y No You Get WiFi?

Ye Olde Internet

Yell ____ for Password


You are hacked

You are my crush

You Click, I Pay

You Fart Pretty Loud

You have been blocked

You Lost Your Connection

You Pay Now

You will be hacked

You’re WiFired

Your Brain On Drugs

Your grammar is more annoying

Your music is annoying

Your Session has Expired