Best Gym Names – Cool, Creative & Unique

Gym Names: Planning to venture into Gym business? One of the things you will need is a business name. A name will either make your business successful or bring it down. That is why you need a unique, creative and catchy gym name.

If you are searching for Gym Names Ideas, then you came to the right place. Here you will find creative gym name ideas that will inspire you to find that unique name for the gym.

Don’t just pick any name when you are naming your fitness center. Pick catchy and cool gym names. A catchy fitness name will make you stand out from your competitors.

Find a collection of catchy gym business name ideas that will inspire you to find a perfect name for your Gym business.

Gym Names

Hittin’ Hard Gym
Hero Strength and Fitness Club
Crossfit Force
Fitness BEASTS
Hot Bodz

Gym Muscle – My body and me!
Climb Fit
Fit Club
Active Gym

Mustang CrossFit – An all American classic name
Old School Boxing Gym
Tone Zone
Pure Power

Fitness Heights
Body Block
The CrossFit Box
Mecca of Fitness Center
Muscle Fit
Toned Corner

Explosive Bodies
Gym Flex
Power Zone
My Perfect Muscle
Fitness High Five
High Octane Fitness Centre

CrossFit Total Fitness LLC
The Firm
CrossFit Booty Camp
Cinco CrossFit
Body Building Health Camp
Iron Pump Strength and Power Training Centre
Fitness Centre

Fit Factory
Fit Zone
Absolute Fitness
Hard Core Training Center
Fitness Nirvana
Drive N Burn
Arm Work Out
Flex Appeal
Gym Sense
Fitness Gym
Good to Gains

Spiritual Strength Gym
Full Metal
Pump Nation
Sweat Zone
Sweat It Out
Tazmanian Devil CrossFit
The Natural Training Yard
Beastbros Crossfit Studio
Body Builder Fitness Gym
No Pain No Gain Fitness Center
Swank Fitness Centre
The Hammer Gym
Fit City

Nautilus Zone
Iron Bodies Gym
Muscle Beach Gym and Health Studio
Fitness Masters International
Bodybuilding Aesthetics
Banana Republic Personal Training
Sweat and Sauna
Accelerate Fitness Centre
Best Gainz

Mangosteen Fitness Center
Alpha Training Centre
Aerobics House Inc.
Fun Trio
Active Fit Kids Club
Rock Hard Gym
Body Sculptor
The Sculptor’s Club

Tone and Tighten Tonight
Tone it Up
My Body by George
The G-Spot
Boxercise Academy
Awaken Yoga Studio
Alpha Fitness Club

Names for the Gym

Body Beast
Kick Ass CrossFit
Big Booty
Power Tower Fitness
Leisure Life Fitness
Living Large Fitness Gym

Aptitude Flex Gym
The Hot Spot
Chase Fit
The Health Place Club
Six Pack Fitness Center
Gym Workout Kingdom
Express Workout Zone

Cave Bear CrossFit
Beautiful Body
Beast Mode Fitness
Fight Fit
Boot Camp
Rusty Glove Gym
Battle Fit
Crossfit Beast
Shape Up
The A-Team

Gymnastic Possible
Work Your Body
Fitness and muscle gym
Big and beautiful
Lionheart Fitness centre
Hard Knocks Inc.
Awesome Athletes Inc.
Slender In Shape

Crazy fitness club
Total Fitness World
Utopia Health Center
Pound Fitness Centre
Health centre
Gold Masters
Hard Core Fitness Centre
Gym Bro’s
The Physical Plant

You Can Do It Fitness Gear, Inc.
Aerobic Life Centre
Yoga center
Stent Physical Fitness Centre
Titan Fitness

Working Out is Easy
Flex Appeal Fitness Center
Body Rock
Super Fit Gym
Bones and Sweat

Tune Up Your Runners Tonight
Body Builders in Motion
More Muscle!
Gym Fit
Top Secret Gym
Planet Fitness
Body Electric
Ultimate Training Center

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Home Gym Names

Building a home gym and need a name for it, here are cool home gym name ideas. These names will inspire you to find an ideal name for your home gym.

Get Fit Fast
Chiseled Physique Gym
Smart Body Zone
Biggest Losers
Pump It Up
Stay Fit For Life
Body Fitness Centre

24/7 Fitness Spa
Working Man’s Gym
Friends Gym
Total Fitness Centre
Athletes’ Village
Tone Fit Gymnastics Academy

Master Gym
Soul Winners Gym
Weights and More
Better Bodies Fitness Club
Class Act Gymnasium Inc
Body Reconstructors
Bodies in Perfect Harmony
Power Up Home Fitness
Gym Motivation

Gym Badges
Republic of Muscle
Xpress Athletic Performance Center
Total Gymnasium
Train Hard Fitness Centre
Defined Workout Gymnasium
Body Shop Gymnasium
Work Out World
Cardio Party

Shoot ‘em in the Gut Fitness Center
Serious Work Outs
Tone Up and Burn Out Fitness Club
No Limits Fitness Center
Athletic Club Incorporated
No Sweat Gym
Big Muscle Gym
Gym Rules

Pumped Up Health and Fitness Club
Willpower Gym
American Gym
My Gym Body
Crazy Fit Gym
Ultimate Gymnastics
The Caveman Gym
Fitness Zone

Mens Fitness Gym
Bod Squad Fitness Center
Hands-on Fitness Gym
Top Training Fitness Center
The Sweat Shop
Abs Fit House
Fit Active Boxer
Motivate to Move

Strictly Shape Up Studio
All That Glitters
Fit For Life Fitness Center
Hard Core Fitness
Callipygian Fitness Complex
The Spartan Workout

Gym Names Ideas

Fitness Factory
Gym workout names
Arts and Sports Center
Gym Optimus

Bod Squad
Get in the zone
Lift Off
Sweat Spot
Help Yourself Fitness

Sweat n burn
Gym 007
Fit Athlete
Tribe Fitness
Zumba Fitness
Sweat Central

Xcercise World
Planet Health
Fit To Be Better
Complete Fitness
Power in Motion
Gym Corner

Body by Gym
Your Beautiful Bodies
Future Fit
Firm and Flush
Grow Movement Studio
Full Fitness
Pine Tree Fitness Center

Gym Spark
Don’t Sweat It Fitness Center
Rock your workout
Fitness Town
Ultimate Power Gym
Functional Fitness
Power Zone Gym
Above and Beyond Fitness Center

Striation Station Gym and Spa
E Fitness
Workout Palace
Pineapple body fitness club
Pounds of Strength
Amazing Fitness Center

Nautilus Fitness Club
Fight Zone Gym
Body Power Gym
Get the Picture Gym
Girls’ Planet Fitness
Bodybuilders’ Heaven
Gym of the Month Club

Lift Skin Bar
Fit a Goal
Goth Pilates and Yoga Studio
Eco-Body Workout House
Crunch Fitness
Fun and Fitness
Power Plate Gym

Garage Gym Names

Want to utilize your garage by turning it into a gym. Many people are turning their garages into Gyms so as to save money. If you are searching for Garage gyms then you came to the right place. These garage gym name ideas will inspire you to find a catchy and unique name.

The Shape Shifter
Phoenix Gym and Health club
New York Health&Fitness
Lean and Green
All You Need Gym

Xuseo Fitness Club
Lifestyles health and fitness club
Staying Fit
Fit 2 Thrill Gym
Cheerleader Gym
The Fitness Center
Six-Pack Fitness Center
Maximum Strength

Your Body
The Workout Palace
Pudgy’s Gym
Tough Gym
Total Fitness
Buffs Gym
Joe’s Gym
Snap Fitness

Heart of Gold – Gym with a heart
ACE Workouts
Fitter, Happier, Stronger
Fitness Firma
All about you Gym
Body Pros
The Fit Pit
The Personal Trainer

Gym Planet
Belts and Weights
Pump ‘n’ Grind
Legends Gym
24 Hour Fitness
Body by Design
The Shed
The Box

You Lift, We Lift
The Invincibles
Exercise Emporium
The Olympian
The New Fitness Centre
The Nautilus
Muscle Inc
Workout Gym

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Building You
The Rock
The Physique Extraordinaire
Celebrity Slim
The Wellness Zone
Your Health Center
Good Health Gym
Start Me Up Fitness Club

Cool Gym Names

It is very important to pick a cool gym name for your business. You can have everything right, but when it comes to a gym name, it can make your business a success or bring it down. Below are some awesome gym name ideas to inspire you.

Home of Fit Kids
Bands Workout Center
Alma Fitness Center
Anytime Fitness Center
Bethune Fitness Club

Mettle Fitness Gym
Aspire Gym
Fight Club Gym
The Fit Behaviour
Alternative Thinking
Vertical Athlete Gym
Full Strength
Arctic Health Club
Engage Fitness

Power House Studio Gym
Pump House
Power, Strength, and Fitness
The Shapes You Want
The Muscle Bar
Airdyne Fitness
KMGF Body Techs

Power Train/Powertrain
Health Club
Best Body Fitness Club
Power Factory Wow
Kick it Fitness
Studio Fixx

Banedan Fitness Centre
Fit Factory Wow
Basic Fit Gym
Texas Gym
Golden Gorilla Gym
24/7 Workout Gym
Gym Heroes
Total Body Gym
Energy Zone
Artistic Balance Club
Fitness Club

Be Strong
Backhand Sports Training Centre
The Gym
Work out as One
Center of Strength
Strength Palace

Ajax Gym
Anytime Fitness Plus
Achieve Fitness
Gym Pros
Body and Soul
The Gyms of Extraordinary
Just Do It
Grind Away Fitness

Leading Edge Health Center
The Gym Company
Banish Gym
Beach Body Fitness Club
Pump-Up Workout

Train Smart
Muscles & Glutes
The Right Direction
Chiseled and Toned Health Club

Gym Names Generator

Cherry Slim Fitness Center

Ballistic Wellness Center

Body 4 Life Gym

Make Me Fitness

Fit Body Boot Camp

Gym X Fitness

Active Guides Gym

Fierce Fitness

The Bod Squad

Alpha Sports Academy

Pumping Iron Gymnasium

The Beach Body Centre

Get Buff Tonight

Soul Space Fitness Club

Buns of Steel Fitness and Aerobics Center

Gator Fitness Club

Rush Fitness

Fit on the Run

Classic fitness

The Workout Zone

Power House Fitness

Prepare For Fitness

Beach Body

Pumped Up Fitness

Physique Temple

Ultimate Fitness

Hone Your Core Tonight

Slim Toned Gym

Hollywood Physique

Active Performance

Always Ready

Get fit and fabulous!

Gold’s Bodybuilding Centre

Jump Rope for Health

The Proving Ground Workout

Ultimate Fitness Station

Peak Performance Fitness

Globo Gym

Beast’s Castle

Body by Jay’s Gym

The Gym with a View

Third Place Health and Fitness Club

The Edge Fitness Club

Hit the gym!

Park Avenue Gym

Rainbow Works Gym

Hercules Gym

The Get Buffed Club

A Workout for Life

Big Gym

Work it Out Tonight

High Energy Fitness Doctor

Cyber World Fitness

Rock Solid Gym & Fitness Centre

21st Century Gym

Achieve Health and Wellness Center

Strength Nation

Happy Body Club

Body Works

Female Gym Names

Want your Gym to sound feminine or openning a female gym name, I am sure these names will inspire you to find a cool gym name. Browse through these female gym center name ideas.

Planet Fit
The Body Studio
Strong for Longer
Bodybuilders Gym
The Exercise Junkie
Ripped Fitness Center

Scottsdale Health & Fitness Center
Glad You Came
Fit to Feast
Fitness Hut
Bliss in The Making
The Magic Gym of Oz
Fire and Ice Gym

Rocky Mountain Fitness Center
Rise and Grind Fitness
Hardcore Fitness Center
Fight Gym
Lace Up Your Life
Snap Fitness Center
Anytime Fitness
I Lift weights

Fit Gym Express
Alpha Club
Fit by Force
D & S Exercise Machines Co., Incorporated
Xcercise Depot
Health Hub
Basic Training
Fitness First
Fitness Body Shop
Free Your Body

Fitness & Relax
Fit For Life
Fitness Fun
Mr. Fitness Gym
Fit To Be Tried
Power Plate Fitness Centre
Blueberry Slims Gym

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Joe’s Gym and Health Club
Clean Workouts
Personal Fitness Center
Fitness Central
The Health Club
Body Builders Gym
Flex gym
Body Zone Fitness Center

Unleash Your Inner Strength
Cleavage’s Gym & Solariums
Rock it out
Uplifting Fitness Training
Powering Up

Just 4 You Fitness and Spa
Fit Pros
Captain Fit
Power Up!
PowerWash Fitness Center
Abbey Health Club & Spa, LLC
The Iron Gym

The Healthy Village
PowerHouse Fitness & Performance Center
Strong & Sweaty
Fit 4 Life
Big D Fitness Center
Jupiter Fitness Center

Funny Gym Names

You can try to put some humor in your business name. This will leave people talking about your fitness business or will stick into people’s minds.

Muscle Growth Fitness

Activate Yourself Machine Club

Push Up bar

Perfectly Polished

Fit Body Factory

Pump You Up Gym

Break a Sweat

Fit and Active Gym

Danger Gym

Savage Gym

Awesome ‘N Fit

Pump up the Biceps Fitness Center

Xtreme Fitness

Art of Fighting Boxing Gym

Powerhouse Gym

Collar Gym

Fit Gym

Healthy Hearts Club

Hulk Gym

Beast Force Gym

Dumbbell Gym

Alpha Fitness Center

Elite Fitness Club

Taekwondo Training Center

Stretch yourself

Steam and Shower Gym

Cardio Muscle Gym

Big Iron Fitness Centre

Muscle Beat Gym

Huge Fitness

Body Blast Gym

Shape up or Ship out Fitness Center

Rock Climbing Gym


Power Up Gym

Mean Fitness

Bikini Body Gym

Muscle Beach Gym

Urban Gym

Washboard abs gym

The Daily Grinds Gym

Squats Gym

Callisthenics Training Gym

Barbells Gym

The Castro’s Boxing Center

Smash Fit

Beach Blanket Fit

Tonic Club

The Amidos Boxing Gym

Stadium Fitness

Circuit Gym

Gym Crossfit and Fitness Center

Start at the Top Line Fitness Center

Jungle Gym

Fitness Unplugged

Smooth Moves Fitness

Military Fitness Center

Fit Kidz Klub

Creating Perfect Muscles

Ripped Fitness

Pump U

Fit Garage

Bad Boys Mixed Martial Arts Club

Boxes Gym

Punch Sports

Boxer and Pugilist Boxing Gym

Kettlebells Gym

Ripped Gym

Creative Gym Names

The Burn

Healthy Mind and Body Center

The Fit Tower of Power Fitness Center and Spa

Your Body Wellness Center

Experience the New You

Pilates For Perfection

Super-swim-fitness Club

Aerobics Cente

Pump The Gym

Fit Club Inc.

Gym of Awesomeness

Hit The Gym Fitness Center

The Gym Are You Fit?

Power Strike Gym

Flex ‘Til You Drop

Pump Fitness Club

Sweat Lodge

Gym Apollo

Go-Getter Gym

Fit Force Arena

The Grunt & Strain

Pound The Pound Gym

Rocky’s gym

Hit List Health Club

Get Fit Here

Grit and Grace

Gym of Awesome

Workout Zone

Gold’s Gym

  1. For the Love of Fitness.

Yoga Beauty Barre Inc.

Pump Up Bodies

The Body Reconditioning Beauty Salon and Gym

Fitness Anytime

Cheap Gym

Gym buddy

Bikini Boot Camp Inc.

All-Around Athletics Club

Legendary Body Gym

Champion Gym

Best Body Workout Booths Ltd.

Total Body Workout Gym

The Vyne

Killer Abs & Biceps Lab

Fight Club

Pulse fitness center

GYM Long Island

Body Boarding

Body Beautiful Ltd.

Climb Higher Fitness Club

Dragon Fitness & Wellness Centre

Sky Fitness Skyline

Pure Gym

Big Dumbbells and Dumbbell

The Very Personal Trainer

Fitness Smart Club


Be Fit Now!

Iron Club

Fitness Fight Club

Ace Of Hearts Gym

Boot Camps Rock!

Power House Gym

Best Booty Building & Beach Bods Ltd.

The Gym of your Dreams