How to Become an Mpesa Agent

Learn How to become an Mpesa agent? Are you interested in starting a business as an Mpesa agent? Well if the answer is yes, we will guide you on how you can do become registered. Becoming an Mpesa agent can be one way in which you can earn some extra cash. Every day more people are choosing to let their business become Mpesa agents. Currently there are over 40,000 Mpesa agents and it is expected that the number may increase as many more people are getting registered.

What are the requirements to become an authorized Mpesa agent



Least number of agent outlets

  • Potential agent must have registered his or her company as LIMITED company or a similar correspondent with a minimum of 3 outlets where he is willing to offer M‐PESA services under the registered business or company names.
  • The company MUST have operated for at least 6 months.
  • Before commencement of the business an audit is to be done.

Lowest MPESA cash investment

All agents are expected to avail at least Kshs 100,000 per outlet when application is accepted.

Successful applicants accepted to be agents are required to deposit this money within one month of authorization of the contract. If one fails to make this deposit contract shall be cancelled.

Staff working at Mpesa Agents

Someone working at an Mpesa agent is mostly preferred to have at least KCSE certificate.

Technical requirements need at the Mpesa agent head office

To ensure proper working and encourage professionalism agent head office are required to have the following

  1. One computer or PC and auxiliary equipment with memory of at least 512.
  2. At minimum two staff to manage head office operations on a day to day basis. The staff may be on permanent or fulltime basis
  3. Good Internet connectivity with connection speeds acceptable to Safaricom
  4. To be able to print any downloaded reports there should be a
  5. Office stationery and equipment’s that may be necessary in the operation of the business
  6. A mobile phone number, together with operational email address
  7. A well maintained ETR machine
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Premises and their maintenance

How Safaricom expects the Mpesa agents’ shops or premises to be maintained

All Mpesa agents must adhere to Safaricom branding and marketing standards. There is a minimum branding guidance given before the business starts operation


Requirements to be Stand Alone Mpesa agents

In some instances there are special categories of Mpesa agents who may not necessarily need to have the least number of outlets.

These include Forex Bureaus, Banks, Hotels, Main supermarkets, Hospitals, Petrol stations, clinics and many more.

The requirements to be a Stand Alone Mpesa agent include

  1. At least one outlet.
  2. Lowest Float balance is Kshs 200,000 in the head office.


To be approved as an Mpesa agent under special group one has:

  1. a) Be in remote locations
  2. b) Have a unique operations (Hospitals, hotels, petrol stations)
  3. d) Has a minimum of one outlet.


To be approved as an Mpesa agent one must have the following documentation presented with certification from Commissioner of Oath. The copy of documents certified must be accompanied by the original one during the application process


To be an Mpesa agent and be a Safaricom dealer the following documents will be required

a) Certificate of registration or incorporation for the company

b) Form CR12 or a correspondent form legal and valid for the last three months to indicate ownership of the company

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c) Copies of IDS of person acting as the Office Administrators & Primary Assistants as required in the application forms

d) Fully filled in agent application forms


To be an Mpesa agent and be a Non-Safaricom dealer the following documents will be required

  1. a) Duplicates of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  2. b) Duplicates of VAT and PIN certificate where appropriate
  3. c) List of Outlets.
  4. d) Certificate of registration or Incorporation or equivalent – six months to recent
  5. e) CR12 or such a correspondent form valid for the last three months
  6. f) IDs duplicates of Directors or individuals acting on an equivalent role
  7. g) IDs duplicates of Office staff or Administrators and Key Assistants as directed in the application form
  8. h) County government business permits which should be valid for one year and should bear the company name or directors
  9. i) Certificate of good conduct or police clearance certificate for directors. It should be up-to-date to 6 months


To be an Mpesa agent on a Stand Alone basis the following documents will be required

  1. a) Documents as listed above for Non‐Safaricom dealers.
  2. b) For the Financial institutions they will need to add copy of banking license


To be an Mpesa agent on a Special category basis the following documents will be required

Authorized papers as listed above for Non‐Safaricom dealers this also includes the SACCOs /NGO’s/ Universities & Colleges and foundations in addition to the following documents

a) Charters/By Laws//Trust deed where appropriate

b) PIN Certificate

c) A short profile of the organization.

d) List of all the Outlets

e) Certificate of incorporation or Registration

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f) Form r.14 / Yearly Returns to the Commission of Co‐operatives for the SACCOs

g) Duplicates of IDs and Passport photographs of Executive Committee members/Directors

h) IDs duplicates of Office staff or Administrators and Key Assistants as directed in the application form

i) Duly filled in agent application forms

j) County Business permits for the all the outlets and the Head Office

k) Certificate of good conduct or police clearance certificate for directors or Executive Committee members and also for the primary administrator of the Mpesa shop it should be up-to-date to 6 months

l) For SACCOs, an Introduction letter from the DCO / PCO or Registrar of co‐operatives with the names of the Executive members should be presented and it should be up to date

m) Where necessary an Introduction letter from relevant governing bodies


It is expected that once there are additional requirements by Safaricom communication will be done appropriately.

For further information on how to register as Mpesa agent please contact Safaricom through the following email address

How long does it take to get approval as Mpesa agent

After the proper documents have been presented it may take twenty three working days for the application to be approved.

All documents MUST well be bound

Presenting counterfeit/fake documents is a illegal and Safaricom has the right to reject any submission that does not meet the requirements as illustrate above.