How to Delete Services in Windows 10

Learn How to Delete Services in Windows 10. Follow the following steps to remove the services from the list in the services.msc utility in Microsoft Windows.

NB: Once you delete a service, it’s gone, and it’s going to be hard to add it back. Use with caution or do not use it at all unless you are trying to clean up a malware infestation.

How to Delete Services in Windows 10

Option 1: Using Command

1.    Hold down the Windows Key, and then press “R” to bring up the Run dialog.
2.    Type “SC DELETE servicename“,
3.    Press “Enter“.
servicename” should be the exact name of the service.


Option 2: Using Registry

1.    Hold down the Windows Key and press “R“.
2.    Type “regedit“,
3.    Select “OK“.
4.    Navigate to the following location in the registry:
– System
– CurrentControlSet
– Services

5.    There are folders under “Services” that contain each service.
6.    The “DisplayName” values in each of these folders equals the Service Name.
7.    Go through the list or use the “Edit” > “Find” menu to search for the service you wish to remove.

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Frequent Asked Question
These steps only delete the name of the service, Therefore, How do I delete the actual program that is running as a service?

Track it down with these steps:

1.    Right-click the taskbar
2.    Select “Task Manager“.
3.    Select the “Services” tab.
4.    Right-click the service you wish to delete,
5.    Then Select “Go to details“.
6.    The process related to the service is highlighted. If you wish to remove it, you can track it down by right-clicking it and selecting “Open file location“. From there, either uninstall the related program from “Add/Remove Programs” or delete the EXE file as desired.

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How to Delete a Windows Services in Windows 10