How to Find IMEI Number On Nexus 5X

Want to know How to Find IMEI Number On Nexus 5X? Do you own Nexus 5X and want to identify the IMEI number to be used for a particular reason? IMEI number is a serial number that enables the phone to be identified uniquely. Each phone has its unique IMEI Number or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity Number.

Sometimes it’s important to keep the box in which the phone was purchased or write the IMEI Number down. This can come in handy when you have lost the phone or stolen and want to track it.

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The IMEI number can be used by GSM networks to check if devices are valid, not stolen or blacklisted.

How to Find Google Nexus 5 IMEI address/number

The IMEI number  Nexus 5X can be found using these methods:

a)    IMEI on packaging

You can find the IMEI number Nexus 5X on its original box. Find the original box you had bought the phone with. On the side of the box, you will see Nexus 5X IMEI number on the label of the box or on the invoice.

b)    Find the IMEI through the Android system

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To find Nexus 5X IMEI Number, turn on the phone. After the phone is on and on the home screen, proceed to the phone settings. Select on Device information or About phone, and then click status.
On the status you will see different information on Nexus 5X. Within the information you will see your IMEI serial number.

c)    Show IMEI though the service code

You can also use the service code *#06# to check Nexus IMEI Serial Number. Turn on the smartphone and key in the code *#06#

d)    On The Phone

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If your device has a removable battery, open the cover and remove the battery. You will spot the IMEI Number on the sim card tray.

e)    On the back of your device – Check if you can locate it on the back of your device

Where to Find IMEI number nexus 5x