How to Fix ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED. In many cases when we are browsing over the internet, We usually encounter a number of Windows errors. The most common errors is ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED. This shows there is a network connectivity problem in your device. The error does not let the browser to pass through to get connected to the particular website.

unable to connect

The error code “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” means your browser is having some hard time accessing the internet and that’s why it gives the message.
ERR – Browser’s Error.
INTERNET – Network or Connectivity Problem.
DISCONNECTED – Means Disconnected.

Details of the Error
The error can occur on a wide range of devices such as Laptops, Mobile Phone Computers and everything which has chrome installed in it. In spite of having secured data connection, the error that blocks all ways to connect internet. There are so many reasons for this error to showing up on your screen. You have to trouble shoot to identify the reason.


There are a number of reasons that might cause this.
1.    The antivirus software program installed on your PC. The antimalware and firewall settings sometimes block the data channels and finally cause ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED.
2.    A change in Local area Network (LAN) or Wireless Connection can affect the systems and disconnect the internet connection on your PC.
3.    The Browser cookies and caches can also stop the internet connection.
4.    Router Connection: the router can also cause the problem. Reconnect to your wireless or wired network, then turn it back on and then re-connect your device.


There are several ways to fix the problem. Follow a certain order to detect the problem.

Method 1:  Check and Fix Local Area Network Settings
1.    Go to Control Panel from the start menu, alternative use the shortcut by pressing Win + X on the keyboard.  Inside the control panel, click on “Internet Options”.

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2.    Navigate to the Connections tab located at the top and press on the LAN settings


3.    Once inside LAN Settings, uncheck all option boxes and click on OK or Save.  If does not work move to the next Method.

Method 2: Disable and Reinstalling Antivirus
The antivirus installed in your system can sometimes restrict access to the internet. The best way to try and solve the problem is to uninstall the Antivirus
Go to Control Panel > Programs & Feature > Uninstall a Program.
After the antivirus has been uninstalled, check if you can now access the Internet;
If Ok. Now you can reinstall antivirus and allowing it to allow internet;

Method 3: Clearing Browsing Data
Sometimes cookies and caches can terminate secure network connection. By clearing all cookies and caches does the trick. Follow the steps to clear browsing data depending on the browsers you are using.

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Clear Browsing Data on Firefox:
Clear the browsing data on your Firefox browser by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del shortcut key on the keyboard. A new window will open with default options. Click on Clear Now button and restart your Firefox browser to browse the web.

Clearbrowsing Data

Clear Browsing Data on Google Chrome:
To clear browsing data on Google Chrome,
–    Type chrome://history inside the address bar
–    Click on Clear browsing data button.
–    Check the boxes inside the Window appearing and
–    Click the Clear browsing data button again. Restart the chrome and check if it works.