How to Get an Approval for Your Movie or Film in Kenya

Are a film maker and you are wondering how to get your movie or film approved by the Kenya Film and Classification Board? If the answer is yes, then today we have briefly highlighted how to get an approval for your movie or film in Kenya. In other world below steps indicate how to get certificate of approval from KFCB.

How to Get an Approval for Your Movie or Film in Kenya

How to Get an Approval for Your Movie or Film in Kenya

1. The applicant downloads the application for classification form from KFCB website Fill in all the required information.

2. Pay classification fee depending on the length of the film. The charge per minute is Kenya shillings 100/=

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3. Applicants then need to pay for poster and trailer at a standard cost of Kshs 1000 per each film

4. After payment of the above fee, one presents the entire movie to be classified by the board

5. KFCB will view and classify the film

6. Once the examination and classification is through, the film will be either be rated as

  • GE (General Exhibition) – This kind of movie is appropriate for general family watching
  • PG (Parental Guidance) – This classification means that the film may have scenes that may distress children below the age of 10. As a result Parental Guidance will be handy in providing an advice on the content that may confuse or upset children who watch it alone.
  • Not suitable for person under 16 – Under this category it means it contains scenes inappropriate for persons under the age of 16.
  • Not suitable for person under 18 – It may have scenes appropriate for adults only.
  • Restricted/Banned–It may have materials that dilute the moral fabric of society or undermine national interest or stability, or generate disharmony amongst different ethnic and religious groups
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7. Once the application gets approval by the Board the applicant will get the Certificate of Approval

8. In case the Board fails to approve a film or a poster description, notification will be issued as soon as possible and give reason.


Note: Certificate of approval shall remain legal for a period of five years from the date of issue