How to Leave a WhatsApp Group

Learn How to Leave a WhatsApp Group or How to Exit a WhatsApp Group. Have you been added to a WhatsApp Group by a friend or unknown person and you are wondering how to leave the group.

Sometimes it can be annoying being in a group that you are not interested. You can see other people have left and can’t figure out how to leave the WhatsApp Group.

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How to Leave a WhatsApp Group

Below is a simple way on how to exit the WhatsApp group.

How to Leave a WhatsApp Group

Exiting a WhatsApp group

1.    Go to WhatsApp app,
2.    Click to open, then Go to the Chats screen
3.    Go to the group you would like to leave
4.    Click to open it
5.    Press or Click the WhatsApp group’s name
6.    Scroll down, after participants or group members you will see Exit Group
7.    Tap  Exit Group to Leave or Exit

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You have exited the WhatsApp group.