How to Port SIM to Other Network

How to Port SIM to Other Network; Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has made life easier; you do not need to lose your number while moving to another network. Mobile Number Portability enables you to move to another network  without losing your number.

MNP a service provided by every telecom operator. At times you might notice other telecom operators are offering better service and you would like to move and still maintain your number so that people who still have your number can reach you with ease.

Before porting to another operator, you must have used your sim card for atleast 90 days, Less than that you will not be able to port your sim into another network.

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Steps to Port a mobile SIM

  1. Identify service provider you wish to port your number to.
  2. When you have identified you can visit their store or call them. The provider will ask you to generate the UPC (Unique Porting Code).

Send a message on PORT after giving space and type your mobile number.

“PORT<space> Mobile number” To 1900

You will receive a UPC (Unique Porting Code) on your mobile by your telecom network.

  1. The code received will be used in filling a forum when you apply for porting to another network.
  2. The next step is to visit the nearest operator store and inform them you want to port your sim.
  3. They will then fill the forum for port into the network and then attach your document and photo.
  4. If there is any amount for porting, you will be requested to pay.
  5. You will then be given a New SIM card by the store operator.
  6. It might take some time to port your sim to the new network
  7. Once the port is complete, your previous network sim will automatically stop. Start using the new sim
  8. Your Mobile Number remains the same
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