How to Stop Safaricom Promotional Messages

How to Stop Safaricom Promotional Messages: This article will show you how to How to Unsubscribe from Safaricom Promotional text Messages.

Sometimes you may find Safaricom keeps on sending you so many text messages within a day. This is because they tend to push their products and services to you.

You might find this irritating, sending you promotional products in which you might not be interested. So many people have complained on how to stop safaricom promotional text messages.

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There is a solution for this, you don’t need to be receiving the messages everyday

How to Stop Safaricom Promotional Messages

Below is how you can unsubscribe from Safaricom promotional text messages.

If you are a Prepaid customer Dial *100# and *200# for Postpaid customers

Select “Products and Services”

Type ’98” for more or to move to the next page

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Select stop Safaricom promotion SMS

You will be prompted with a message, “Do you wish to continue receiving SMS information on Safaricom Offers and Promotions 1. No 2. Yes”

Select 1, which says No.

When the process is finished, a pop-up notification confirming that you will no longer receive text messages about Safaricom offers will appear.