International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is a global commemorative held day on 27th January of every year remembering the calamity of the Holocaust that happened through the Second World War. It remembers the genocide that caused the death of the following

Jewish people 6,000,000

Romani people 200,000

Mentally and physically disabled people 250,000

Homosexual men 9,000

All these were killed by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. On 1 November 2005 the United Nation General Assembly designated International Holocaust Remembrance Day to pay tribute. United Kingdom and Italy commemorate this day as national event.

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day in United States

In United States this day is commemorated at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum-(USHMM) in Washington DC. USHMM offers a sequential account of the Holocaust through photographs, historical work of art and film footages.  In addition the museum also offers testimonies from individual survivors of the holocaust and candle lighting for the victims.

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Holocaust Memorial Day in United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, International Holocaust Remembrance Day is well known as Holocaust Memorial Day. UK celebrates this day as a national event and the country actually started commemorating the day years before the UN joined in the commemoration. In addition to the holocaust by the Nazi, United Kingdom also remembers other victims of the genocide like the one that happened in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia etc.

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