Labeley – Free Online Custom Label Creator

Labeley is a free online custom label creator. Create your professional custom label online in minutes. This web app is absolutely free, no account required. Create your custom label and professionally print them. This free label maker offers amazing features.

Labeley is an excellent easy and free web app that will enable you to create custom stickers online for all occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties and other special events to kids camping trips, back to school programs, kids clothing and so on. Make a label you want online for free. Make it your free beer label maker.

You can make labels for kids when going for camping to ensure they are able to identify their belongings.  After shopping for groceries in bulk and storing them in the freezer or store, it becomes easier to identify them when they have labels. Or you can create custom labels on beer bottles for your home-brewed beer.

Labeling items is important in an organization and also for those individuals who like their things organized, and that’s why there is an online tool that can create custom stickers and labels for free; Labeley.

Free Online Label Generator – Free Online Custom Label Creator

Labeley is a great free online sticker creator that has amazing features to enable you be creative and create a professional design.

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Labeley is easy to use. You do not require design skills. Follow the simple guidelines and you will be an expert in designing stylish labels.

Design labels online free, and Labeley will enable you to create various types of labels either wine, beer, kid’s stickers and much more. It also comes with free online label templates. Some of Labeley features Include:

  • Wide range of predesigned label shapes
  • User-friendly and revamped interface
  • Cool option to upload any photo to fully personalize the label
  • Variety of free borders, graphics, ribbons, and fonts

Make Custom Labels Free Online on Labeley and it will enable you to:

  1. Upload your label on your computer.
  2. Save your custom label in Labeley to allow you do further modification.
  3. Print them professionally at a small fee.

How to Make Custom Label for Free Online on Labeley

Step 1:

Know what to design? Go to Labeley website and click on Start Designing button.

Step 2:

A pop up will appear. It will offer you different options to create beer labels, wine labels, kid’s stickers, general labels and stickers.
Select the category you would like to design. For this tutorial I will select beer.

Labeley - Free Online Custom Label Creator

Step 3:

Choose among the many custom label shapes provided. It includes many label elements label that can be customized. There are many different amazing forms can be used to make a beer label.  Click on the one that interests you most.


Step 4:

The next step is to choose the color of the label border. Click on the color that you like. You can skip this step if you do not like the color of the border.

Label colour boarder

Step 5:

Select the background of your label. To select the color:

  1. Click on the Background icon on the left.
  2. Then, choose the model of the background by clicking on it.
  3. Click on the Background Color in order to change it.

You can also select a picture from your computer if you do not want to select a color.
background color
Step 6:

Now select a graphic, the tool provides a wide range of interesting and modern graphics.

Rotate the image by clicking on the top arrow or resize it by clicking and moving the side arrow to your specifications.

Rotate Label
Below are some additional options for modifying the graphic.

Additional Graphics

  • Delete  –  used to erase the graphic
  • Bring forward  –  used to put graphic in front of the other when you have  multiple graphics
  • Push behind  –  used put one graphic behind the other when you have multiple graphics
  • Center object  –  To center the object
  • Straighten  –  To straighten the rotated object

Step 7:
After selecting a graphic, Now you can write something about the beer. Click  on Create Text button

create text
•    Choose the Font and color of the font
•    Then enter text in the field.

font text

Step 8:

If you want to upload your own image, click on the Upload Image button.

upload image
After uploading your image, one can apply filters by ticking brightness, sharpen, blur, or grayscale. You can also crop it by clicking on the Crop button. Click on the Apply button when you are comfortable with the image.

Step 9:

Lastly, after creating your perfect label, Click on the Save in the right corner.

Save Label

Below your label, there are different icons, share, delete. Edit or order your printed labels

Share Label
Make your Free Label today with this label design software on Labeley. Make this free label maker software part of your designs. Get free label templates to edit and use.