List of biggest corruption scandals in Kenya

As we outline – List of biggest corruption scandals in Kenya – it comes clear that the recent cases of corruption that the country is facing dates back several years ago. Since 1965 when the first corruption case was heard no proper imprisonment have been done and as result many people have gotten away even after stealing billions of public funds.

The biggest corruption scandals ever to be mentioned in Kenya is Eurobond in 2014 where the government could not account for the 215 billion borrowed for government development. Kenyans never get to see imprisonment of the culprits nor is money ever returned.

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Fighting corruption in Kenya is going to be a hard task that even the current Jubilee government may not be able to deal with.

List of biggest corruption scandals in Kenya

Below is a look of List of biggest corruption scandals in Kenya


Name of the scandal                                                          Year       Estimated Amount

Turkwell  Hydro-electric Power Station                                  1986                       6 billion

Golden burg scandal                                                                    1991                       158.3 billion

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Anglo leasing scandal                                                                  2005                       3.5 billion

Charter House Bank ltd Scandal                                               2007                       150.5 billion

Triton Oil Scandal                                                                        2009                       7.6 billon

Japan Embassy Land Scandal                                                   2012                       1.4 billion

KAA shops scandal                                                                       2013                       11.0 billion

Eurobond Cash                                                                              2014                       215 billion

Karen Land Scandal                                                                      2015                       8 billion

Health Ministry Kshs 5.0 billion Scandal                                  2016                5 billion

Nairobi Unable to Account For More Than                              2016               20 billion

Kilifi County Graft Scandal                                                           2016           2 billion

Defective Military Aircraft scandal                                              2016                1.5 billion

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NSSF Shares Scandal                                                                     2016                1.6 billion

Ministry of health 11.0 billion scandal                                          2018                11 billion

NCPB Maize Scandal                                                                      2018                1.9 billion

Ruaraka Land Scandal                                                                     2018                1.5 billion

NYS scandal                                                                                      2018                9.0 billion