List of County Secondary Schools in Kenya

Searching for a list of list of all Extra County Secondary Schools in Kenya

We have tried our best to make a list of County Secondary Schools in Kenya. There might be other schools which have not been listed. Kindly drop us an email to include.

List of County Secondary Schools in Kenya

Below is a list of Extra County Secondary Schools in Kenya

1. Dr Aggrey High School
2. St Mary’s High School Lushangonyi
3. Eldoro Girls High School
4. Timbila Secondary School
5. Murray Girls’ High School

6. Mwasere Girls’ Secondary School
7. Waa High School
8. Waa Girls Secondary School
9. Malindi High School
10. Ngala Memorial Girls’ Secondary School

11. St John’s Girls Secondary School
12. Mau Mau Memorial Girls Secondary School
13. Nyahururu High School
14. Wanjohi Secondary School
15. Njabini Boys High School
16. Magumu High School
17. Mt Kinangop Girls’ Secondary School Girls

18. Nyakiambi Girls Secondary Girls
19. Nyeri High School Boys
20. Giakanja Secondary School
21. Naromoru Girls Secondary School
22. Kanjuri High School
23. Kirimara High School
24. Tumutumu Girls’ High School

25. South Tetu Girls’ High School
26. Kaheti Boys High School
27. Kangubiri Girls High School
28. Karima Boys’ High School
29. Chinga Girls High School

30. Kenyatta High School
31. Chinga Boys High School
32. Othaya Boys High School
33. Othaya Girls Secondary School
34. Mahiga Girls Secondary School
35. Kerugoya Boys High School

36. Kerugoya Girls High School Girls
37. Mutira Girls Secondary School
38. Kianyaga High School
39. Ngiriambu Girls Secondary School
40. Karoti Girls High School

41. Mumbi Girls’ High School
42. Kamahuha Girls High School
43. Githumu High School
44. Gituru Secondary School

45. Ng’araria Girls Secondary School
46. Naaro High School
47. Gaichanjiru High School
48. Githunguri Girls
49. Ruchu Girls Secondary School
50. Njiiri School
51. Njumbi High School
52. Gitugi Girls High School
53. Kiria-ini Girls Secondary School
54. Kangema High School

55. Gatanga Girls’ Secondary School
56. Kahuhia Girls’ High School
57. Kirogo Secondary School
58. Kiaguthu Boys Secondary School
59. Kanunga High School
60. Loreto Girls High School Kiambu
61. St Anne’s Sec School-lioki
62. Kiambu High School
63. Thika High School
64. Chania Boys’ High School
65. Chania Girls’ High School
66. Muhoho High
67. Mary Leakey Girls’ High School

68. Precious Blood Kagwe Girls Secondary School
69. Kijabe Boys High School
70. Kijabe Girls
71. Stfrancis Girls High School (mang’u)
72. Machakos Girls’ High School
73. Mumbuni High School
74. Mua Hills Secondary School
75. Ngelani High School
76. Mumbuni Girls’ School
77. Kitonyini High School
78. Nyayo AIC Girls Secondary School
79. Kabaa High School
80. Kangundo High School
81. Misyani Girls’ Secondary School

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82. Masinga Boys Secondary School
83. Masinga Girls Secondary School
84. Tala Girls Secondary School
85. St Charles Lwanga School
86. St Angela’s Girls Secondary School
87. Kyondoni Girls Secondary School
88. Mutito Boys Secondary School
89. Aic Sombe Girls Secondary School

90. Mulango Girls High School
91. Maliku Girls’ Secondary School
92. Kangaru School
93. Kangaru Girls School
94. St Paul’s High School Kevote
95. St Teresa’s Girls’ – Kithimu
96. Siakago Boys High School
97. Gangara Secondary School
98. Kiambere School Complex
99. Kanyuambora Secondary School
100. St Catherine Nthagaiya Girls Secondary School
101. Kyeni Girls’ High School
102. Kegonge Boys High School
103. Mayori Secondary School
104. Nyangwa Boys’ High School
105. Kiriari Girls High School
106. Kavutiri Boys Secondary School
107. Nguviu Boys High School
108. Nguviu Girls Secondary School
109. Kaaga Girls’ High School
110. Kaaga Boys Secondary
111. Gikumene Girls ‘ Secondary School
112. Bureiruri Boys Secondary School
113. Kangeta Girls’ Secondary School
114. Maua Girls Secondary School
115. Igembe Boys’ Secondary School
116. Nkubu High School
117. Nkuene Girls High School
118. Kanyakine High School
119. Yururu Girls’ Secondary School
120. Miathene Boys High School
121. Kibirichia Boys Secondary School
122. Kibirichia Girls Secondary School
123. Isiolo Boys Secondary School
124. Kinna Secondary School
125. Kalulini Boys’ High School
126. Precious Blood Secschool – Kilungu
127. Kitondo Secondary School
128. Kisau Girls Secondary School
129. Chuka Boys High School
130. Chuka Girls’ Secondary School
131. Mukuuni High School
132. Ikuu Girls Secondary School
133. Njuri High School
134. Magumoni Girls
135. Muthambi Girls High School
136. Muthambi Boys Secondary School
137. Kajiunduthi High School
138. Chogoria Boys High School
139. Kiriani Boys High School
140. Chief Mbogori Girls Secondary School
141. Igwanjau Secondary School
142. Makuri Girls Secondary School
143. Buruburu Girls Secondary Girls
144. Dagoretti High School
145. Upper Hill School
146. Moi Girls’ School Nairobi
147. Precious Blood Riruta
148. Nembu Girls High School
149. Statehouse Girls H Sch
150. Hospital Hill High School
151. St George’s Girls’ Secondary School
152. A I C Moi Girls Samburu
153. Stanthony’s Boys’ High School – Kitale Boys
154. Kitale School-secondary
155. St Joseph’s Girls’ High School Kitale
156. St Mark’s High School – Cherangani
157. Friends Bwake Boys School
158. St Mark’s
159. Goseta Boys High School
160. St Monica’s Girls High School, Kitale
161. Nasokol Girls Secondary School
162. Kapenguria Boys High School
163. Kapenguria Boys High School
164. Ortum Secondary School
165. Chebilat Secondary School
166. Moi Siongiroi Girls’ Secondary School
167. Saseta Girls’ Secondary School
168. Koiwa Secondary School
169. Boito Secondary School
170. Kimulot Secondary
171. Turbo Girls Sec School
172. Kamagut High School
173. Paul Boit Boys Secondary School
174. Kipsangui Secondary School
175. Loreto High School, Matunda
176. Arnesen’s High School
177. Kapngetuny High School
178. Drys Girls Secondary School
179. Aic Chebisaas Boys Secondary School
180. Hill School – Eldoret
181. Jomo Kenyatta High School
182. Bahati Girls Secondary School
183. Naivasha Girls Secondary School
184. Naivasha High School
185. Lake Naivasha Girls Secondary School
186. Michinda Secondary School
187. Mary Mount Secondary School
188. Molo Academy
189. Solai Boys’ Secondary School
190. Aic Morop Girls’ Secondary School
191. Kirobon Girls Secondary School
192. Kirobon Boys’ High
193. Njoro Boys High School
194. Njoro Girls’ Secondary School
195. Larmudiac Secondary
196. Koelel Secondary School
197. Kericho High School
198. Moi Tea Girls Secondary School
199. Tengecha Boys High School
200. Litein High School
201. Tengecha
202. Korongoi Girls’ Secondary
203. Aic Litein Girls Secondary School
204. Cheptenye Secondary School
205. Sosiot Girls’ Secondary School
206. Londiani Boys Secondary School
207. Londiani Girls’ Secondary School
208. Kapsabet Girls High School
209. Terige Secondary School
210. Kemeloi Boys Secondary School
211. Meteitei Boys Secondary School
212. Ndururumo High School
213. Noonkopir Girls Secondary School
214. Narok High School
215. Kilgoris Girls Secondary School
216. Kabarnet High School
217. Kapropita Girls High School
218. Kituro High School
219. Pemwai Girls’ Secondary School
220. Eldama Ravine Girls High School
221. Solian Girls High School
222. Marigat Secondary School
223. Mogotio High School
224. Sing’ore Girls Secondary School
225. Tambach Boys High School
226. Aic Girls Secondary School Kessup
227. Chebara Secondary School
228. St Peter’s Marakwet Boys Secondary School
229. Yemit Boys
230. Kapkenda Girls’ High School
231. Simotwo Secondary School
232. Metkei Secondary School
233. St Stephens Lwanya Girls Secondary
234. Sa Kolanya Boys High School
235. Sigalame High School
236. St Cecilia Nangina Girls High School
237. St Paul’s Amukura High School
238. St Monica Chakol Girls’ High School
239. Nambale Secondary School
240. Bungoma High School
241. Kibabii High School
242. Cardinal Otunga Girls High School
243. Teremi Boys High School
244. Stcecilia Girls Misikhu
245. Chesamisi Boys High School
246. Moi Girls High School, Kamusinga
247. St Luke’s Boys’ High School Kimilili
248. Archbishop Njenga Girls’ High School
249. Lugari Secondary School
250. Butere Boys High School
251. Malava Boys High School
252. Musingu Boys High School
253. Eregi Girls High School
254. Musoli Girls High School
255. Shikunga Secondary School
256. Stignatius Mukumu Boys High School
257. the Sacred Heart Girls, Mukumu
258. Stmary’s Mumias Girls Secondary School
259. St Peter’s Mumias Boys’ High School
260. Kivaywa Secondary School
261. Ingotse High School
262. Vihiga Friends High School
263. St Clare’s Maragoli Girls
264. Nyang’ori Boys High School
265. Friends School Kaimosi Girls
266. Moi Girls’ Secondary School-vokoli
267. Mbale High School
268. Friends School Keveye Girls
269. Kisumu Boys High School
270. Ahero Girls Secondary School
271. Onjiko High School
272. Otieno Oyoo Secondary School
273. Ngere High School
274. St Barnabas Girls’ Secondary School
275. Rae Girls Secondary School
276. Nyabondo High School
277. Nyakach Girls’ High School
278. Thurdibuoro Mixed Secondary School
279. Achego Girls Secondary School
280. Koru Girls Sec Sch
281. Chulaimbo Secondary School
282. Nyanchwa Boys High School
283. Kereri Girls High School
284. Cardinal Otunga High School-Mosocho
285. Nyamagwa SDA Sec Sch
286. St Angela Sengera Girls Sec Sch
287. E L C K Itierio Boys High School
288. Suneka Secondary School
289. Stpaul’s Igonga Secondary School
290. E L C K Itierio Girls Secondary School
291. Tabaka Secondary School
292. Nyabigena Sec School
293. Itibo Boys High School
294. St Theresa’s Nyangusu Girls Secondary School
295. Moi Gesusu H Sch
296. St Charles Lwanga Ichuni Girls High School
297. StJohns Nyamagwa Boys
298. Sameta High School
299. St Mary’s Nyamagwa Girls Secondary School Girls
300. Homa Bay High School
301. Ogande Girls’ High School
302. Orero Boys Secondary School
303. Wang’apala Secondary School
304. Bishop Linus Okok Girls’ Secondary School
305. Agoro Sare High School
306. Dudi Girls Secondary School
307. Our Lady of Mercy Ringa Boys Secondary School
308. Mawego Secondary School
309. Gendia Secondary school
310. Oriwo Boys High School
311. Bishop Okoth Girls’- Mbaga Secondary School
312. Nyamira Girls Secondary School
313. Chianda High School
314. St Mary’s Lwak Girls’ School
315. Ramba Secondary School
316. Sega Girls Secondary School
317. St Mary’s School, Yala
318. Sawagongo High School
319. St Francis Ranga’la Girls Secondary School
320. Ambira High School
321. Nyamira Technical Secondary School
322. Nyansiongo High School
323. Menyenya Sda High School
324. Kadika Girls’ Secondary School
325. Nyabisawa Girls Secondary School
326. Tarang’anya Boys High School
327. Isibania Boys Sec
328. Kanyawanga Secondary School
329. Sori Secondary School
330. St Joseph’s Rapogi Secondary School
331. St Pius Uriri High School
332. St Albert’s Girls High School, Ulanda