List of Security Firms in Kenya

List of Security Firms in Kenya

Looking for a List of Security Firms in Kenya?

There are many security companies in Kenya that offer some of the best security services.

A number of companies and people are willing to pay for their security.

List of Security Firms in Kenya

Below is a list of security firms in Kenya.

  1. Brinks Security Services Ltd
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Brinks security services Ltd core business is Security and Logistics offering different solutions to the numerous Security problems countrywide with the provision of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

  1. G4S Security Services Limited

G4S is one of the leading companies in Kenya offering Security Services

  1. Wells Fargo Limited services
  2. KK Security Services Limited
  3. Bob Morgan Security ( BM ) Limited
  4. Ultimate Security Ltd
  5. Pinkerton’s Kenya Limited
  6. Radar Security Limited
  7. Fidelity Security
  8. SGA Security
  9. Cobra Security
  10. Riley Services Ltd
  11. Lavington security
  12. PG security nakuru
  13. Delight Security Services Ltd
  14. Magnum Allied Systems Ltd
  15. Securex Agencies (K) Ltd
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