Catchy Massage Business Names

Catchy Massage Business Names: Searching for massage therapy business names. Find some catchy massage business names that will inspire you to find your own unique massage company name.

Massage Business Names

Whole Body Massage

Urban Oasis Spa

Unwind On A Dime

Trusted Touch

Traveling Hands

Tranquil Waters

Tranquil Times

Touch Massage

Total Relaxation

Total Body Treatment

Thriving Muscles Massage

The Urban Unwind

The Right Touch

The Raven Spa

The Massage Room

The Massage Place

The Great Rejuvenate

Tender Muscles

Sun Spa Massage

Stretch Zone

Sit And Savor

Serenity Spa

Serene Waters Day Spa

Savor The Spa

Royal Treatments

Rollover Remedy

Renew Life Massage

Relaxing Massage

Relaxed Rejuvenation

Relax Revolution

Rapid Release

Precision Sports Massage

Precious Petals Day Spa

Precious Pearls Day Spa

Power Pose Massage

Peaceful Escape

Outdoor Oasis Spa

My Massage Haven

Muscle Master

Momentary Masterpiece

Meaningful Massage

Masterpiece Massage

Massage Rescue

Massage Mavens

Massage Mastery

Massage Masters

Massage Extraordinaire

Massage Delivery

Major Massage

Lotus Wellness Boutique

Loosened Limbs

Loosen Up To Unwind

Knead the Knots

Just Relax

Just Breathe Spa

Heavenly Touch

Healing Powers

Healing Hands Massage

Healing Hands

Head To Toe Massage

Happy Land

Happy Hands Massage

Hands On Healing

Full Body Treat

Full Body Force

Friendly Massage

Feel the Body Massage Therapy

Everyday Grace Massage

Eagle Rock Spa

Devoted Day Spa

Daytime Delight

Day Spa Devotion

Daily Day Spa

Breathing Bounty

Body Revive Wellness

Blissed Out

Best Massage Ever Spa

Angel Massage

Advanced Massage Therapists

Massage Therapy Business Names

Apply Pressure

Back Rubbers

Back Story

Back Talk

Blue Skies



Bring Back



Cotton Clouds


Deep Sleep Massages

Easy Breeze Massage Parlour

Elite Massagers

Flash back

Get Back

Get it Back

Glow Skin

Gods Hands

Good Morning Massage


Help Your Back

Hushed Massages

Lazydaze Massage

Love And Light Massage

Lowkey Relaxing

Lullaby Massage Parlour

Luxurious Spa Massage

Magic Hands

Massage By Candlelight

Massage Marvels

Mindbodyspirit Massage

Moonlight Massage

Pain Relief

Pain Relievers

Pain Thieves


Pay back

Peace Of Body


Pressure Points

Pressure Rest

Pressure Test

Quick Massage


Relax And Recline

Relax Palace

Relax With Us

Relaxation Massage Spa

Rise And Shine


Rub a Dub

Rub Down

Rub It Away

Rub it In

Rub My Back

Rub Up

Rub You Right

Rubbing Shoulders

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Save Your Back

Silent Whispers

Skyline Massages

Soft Spots

Sunflower Massage

Sunshine Massages

Sweet Serenity

Take Back Your back

Tender Touch Massage

The Pain Spot

The Princess Treatment

The Rub

The Sweet Life

Thinkslow Massage Spa

Thumbs And Needles

Tranquility Massage Spa

Under Pressure


Vintage Massage Spa

Massage Company Name Ideas

About Faces Day Spa & Salon

All Over Massages

Angelic Hands

Aqua Thai Spa

Back Helpers

Back Pressure

Beauty Springs

Blue Sea Massage Centre

Board Stiff

Chandra Retreat

Classic Spa

Comfort Hub

Comfort Massage And Therapy

Common Touch

Crown Msaages

Deep Feelings

Deep Kneads

Deep Massage

Deep Relief


Eve Spa

Expert Hands

Feathery Kneads

Finishing Touches

Firm And Nibbling Touches

Get In Touch

Green Spa

Hands on You

Healing Path

Herbs Spa And Relaxation Place

Holiday Spa

I Massage

Just Yu Massage

Keep In Touch

Koko Foot Massage

Kyoto Health Spa

Lucky Asian Massage

Lucky Foot Massage

Magic Touch

Make Mine Massage

Massage a Spa

Massage At Home

Massage by Design

Massage Green

Massage Lodge

Massage Makers

Massage Miracles

Massage Oil

Massage Thai Way




medical massage


Nature’S Touches

No Pressure


Photalai Massage

Pleasure Place

Professional Massage

Rejuvenate Spa

Renewal Tub

Revamp Centre

Scents Spa

Sensational Messages

Sensual Spa

Skillful Hands

Skin Deep Spa

Smooth Relax Massage Centre

Soft Touch

Soul Connect Spa

Soul Friendly

Spa By The Brooks

Springs Spa

Sweet Hands

The Blue Tub

The Confluence

The Dream Spa

Touch Of Class

Touch Up

Unique Massage Business Name Ideas

Zen Balance Massage

Xpress Spa

Wild Flower Sunrise Spa

Well Being Massage Studio

Waring Massage Spa

Unique Massage

Unicorn Spa Massage

Two Hands Mobile Massage

Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage


The Standard Sap

The Sense Massage & Wellness Center

The Massage Company

The Hideaway Massage and Skincare

The Body Mechanic

Sunny Massage and Spa

Sunny Days

Space Massage Studio

Spabulous and More

Solace Massage and Mindfulness

Serene Massage

Serene Hours Massage and Spa

Sacred Space Massage & Bodywork

Rejuvenation Therapeutic Massage & Body Work

Rebirth Pregnancy Massage

Psoas Massage

Plum Massage Therapy

Peak Performance Sports Massage

Pacific Massage and Wellness Center

Oasis Bodyworks

North Park Massage

New Concept Massage

New Asian Heaven Massage

Medican Massage Clinic

Massage Therapy Center

Massage Oasis

Massage Flex

Massage Eleven

Magic Massage Spa Retreat

Lucky Star Massage

Lucky Spa Asian Massage

Lotus Thai Massage

Listening Touch Massage and Bodywork

Karma Relaxation Spa

Just Massage Studio

Jet Setters Spa

Integrative Health Centers

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House Massage

Highland Massage

Healing Space Massage

Healing Hands Wellness Center

Healing Foot Spa

Happy Acres

Green Bamboo Massage & Foot Spa

Gratitude Healing Massage

Gentle Massage Therapy

Full Moon Spa

Fitness Massage Therapy

Exquisite Mobile Massage

Enigma Day Spa and Wellness Center

Energy Healing & Massage

Easy Balance Wellness Center

Deep Tissue and Zen

Comfort Zone Massage

Clean Start Cleansing

Cherry Massage & Spa

Body Remedy

Body & Balance Massage

Bodies Kneaded Massage Spa

Balanced Health Therapeutics

Awe Spa


April’s Massage Sanctuary

Apothecary Wellness

Ancient Thai Massage

AAA Relax Massage

AA Therapy & Massage

A Touch of Thai Massage

Creative Massage Business Names

Zen Me Massage

Wilshire Massage

Walking on Air Massage

Wade Spa

Urban Bliss Day Spa Inc.

Two Worlds Chinese Massage Therapy

Tingling Touch

The Delight Day Spa

Thai Experience

Tea Spa

Sparadise La Brea


Sister Spa

Singular Massage

Shifting Energy Massage


Royal Thai Massage

Royal Spa

Royal Massage Spa

Rose Massage

Oxygen Massage Therapy

Oriental Massage

Olympic Spa

Old Town Thai Massage

Noble Sound Healing & Massage Therapy

My Spa

Mobile Massage

Mindful Massage

Midway Food & Body Massage

Mid Town Massage

Merry Massage Spa

Massage Studio

Massage Network

Massage Heights

Massage Guy

Massage Everywhere

Massage Escapes

Massage Envy

Massage by Dawn

Massage Body Care

Massage and Tea

Magical Massage Spa

Luxury Thai Massage

Love Life Massage

Life Energy Massage Therapy

Level 2 Massage

Let’s Relax

Leisure Time Asian Massage

King Massage

Joy Thai Massage

Joy Foot Spa

Island’s Thai Massage & Spa

In Spa

Icon Brickell Spa

Human Touch Massage & Bodywork

Hugh Spa

Holistic Massage

Health Point Wellness Clinic

Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage

Happy Head Foot

Happy Fingers

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Grape Spa

Good Energy Massage

Goddess Spa

Full Body Massage

Essentials Therapeutic Massage


Enliven Massage & Spa

Elements Therapeutic Massage

Elements Massage

Coral Therapy Massage

Cascade Spa

Body Sense

Blue Heron Wellness

Bella Nova Day Spa

Arc Yoga & Massage

2 Be Healthy

Catchy Massage Business Names

Ancient Remedies Massage

Arc Massage

Asana Massage

Be Blessed Massage Parlor

Bountiful Breaths Massage

Breath of Life Massage

Breathe In Massage

Candlelight Massage Therapy

Carpe Diem Massage Company

Catching Comfort

Celtic Healing Massage

Chakra Massage

Chi Massage (chi is breath or energy)

Cocoon of Healing Massage Parlor

Commitment to Comfort

Composure Massage Therapy

Contours Massage Company

Daydreams Massage Therapy

Delightful Den Massage Therapy

Druid Massage Therapy

Easy Elements Massage

Elemental Energy Massage Company

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Enigma Massage

Essence of Massage

Exquisite Massage

Find Your Zen

Font of Life Massage

Forever Balanced

Fountain of Youth Massage Therapy

Free to Be Massage Therapy

Full Moon Massage

Go with the Flow Massage

Gratitude Massage Therapy

Healing Touch Massage

Helping Hands Massage

Holy Touch Massage Therapy

Imagine Massage Therapy

In God’s Hands Massage Studio

Let’s Relax! Massage Therapy

Light & Loose Massage Therapy

Massage Central

Massage Heaven

Massage O’Clock

Massage Sanctuary

Massage Zen

Moon Walk Massage

Mountain Air Massage

Muscle Masters

New Concepts Massage Company

New Heaven Massage Therapy

New Life Massage Therapy

One with Nature Massage

Power Massage Therapy

Prana Massage

Pure Peace Massage

Rainy Day Massage Therapy

Rejuvenate Massage Therapy

Relax & Renew Massage Therapy

Release Massage Therapy

Rising Sun Massage Therapy

Sacred Serenity Massage

Serenity Found Massage

Silent Serenity Massage Parlor

Soft Sounds Massage

Soft Spots Massage Therapy

Solace Massage Company

Somewhere over the Rainbow Massage

Spectrum of Serenity Massage

Stretch It Out Massage

Sunflower Spa Massage Therapy

Take Your Time Massage

Tender Time Massage

The Botanical Garden Massage Therapy

The Finishing Touch Massage Therapy

The Flex Zone

The Hideout Massage Therapy

The Power of Touch Massage Therapy

The Simple Life Massage Therapy

The Wind Down

The Zen Den

Tranquility Massage


Transfer of Energy Massage

Tried & True Massage Parlor

Vacation for a Day Massage Therapy

VIP Spa Massage

Vivify Massage

Well-being Massage Therapy

Wheels to Heal Massage

Wildflower Massage

Wind Spirits Massage Therapy

Wishing You Well Massage

Yin & Yang Massage

Yin Yang Massage

Zen Sanctuary

Zenfinity Massage and Wellness

Zone of Zen

Massage Spa Name Ideas

4 Seasons Spa

A New Day Spa

Aurora Massage Spa

Cherry Blossom Massage Spa

Devotional Day Spa

Diamond Day Spa

Divinity Massage Spa

Hidden Paradise Spa

High Standards Spa

Jade Massage Spa

King (or Queen) for a Day Spa

Lotus Spa

Luminance Spa

Oasis Spa

Pearl Spa

Pure Bliss Massage Spa

Renew Day Spa

Renewal Massage Spa

Revival Spa

Royalty Massage Spa

Spa Bonjour

Spa Détendu

Spa du Jour Massage

Spa Elegance

Spa Lux

Spa Magique

Spa Massaggio

Spa of Zen

The Rose Garden Massage Spa

The Wellness Spa

Thrive Wellness Spa

Uptown Massage Spa