Mentors Every Entrepreneur Keep

Developing an entrepreneurial way of thoughts is the key to successfully managing one’s career. Many individuals are not made to be entrepreneurs, and are faced with the challenge of running a business, in that they are unable to run their own business.

Being an entrepreneur makes you want to venture into the unknown every time you spot an opportunity. Entrepreneurs love challenges, and their growth grows steadily. Sometimes they are faced with challenges, and need a guideline on how to progress. In this case, they will need a mentor,   one who will advise them and make their business bounce back.

Many successful entrepreneurs and I included, have faced many challenges of running a business, sometimes you may want to close down the shop when you see things are not working the way you want.

Despite all that there is someone entrepreneurs turn to; mentors. If it is not for them many entrepreneurs would not be where they are. Through mentors they get rejuvenated and lively to handle the challenge and even get into more business where the future is unknown.

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Having a mentor, does not mean having them from one field, it is advisable to get them from different fields. They will help you grow from all angles of life. Below, are some Mentors Every Entrepreneur Keep

1.    A friend who knew you before you started your business

Every entrepreneur should have that friend who knows him better before he ventured into the current business. Your friend is that person who knew your dream before it became a reality.  They knew you all through when you were struggling to start up your business. They can speak of your humble beginning and even advise you when they see you diverting from your main course of business.
Sometimes when I meet my friends, we chat a lot and sometimes they remind me where I have come from. How I started and ventured into business. How the first days were tough and had to manage a lot of things.

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2.    A person in the same field or skill

Having a person in the same field or similar skill is of great importance as an entrepreneur. Having regular meetings, chats on any platform creates a room for growth, since you share similar dreams and ideas. You all understand when things are down and look for a way on how to overcome the challenges.

3.    A person that you don’t like working with

Sometimes being an entrepreneur there are some people that you would not like to work with. But at the end of the day you will need them; you will need to have good communication skills to communicate with them. You need to know and understand the benefits of talking to everyone.  You might be surprised, those whom you don’t love have better ideas that you can turn into opportunities for your growth.

4.     A person with an opposite skill than yours

Seek mentors, who have totally different skills than yours, these will help you know more about other sectors that you do not know. As an entrepreneur you cannot know it all. You need to seek for more knowledge on how certain sectors or fields operate, through this you are likely to grow at a very fast rate. It will encourage you to venture into some sectors that you had not imagined before.

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5.    A friend who always knew you would be an entrepreneur
Have a friend who knows that you would always be an entrepreneur. Sometimes he/she would always ask how you have progressed and they would not like to hear if you slowed down or quit what you were doing. They will always give you the push to carry on.